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RE: A different spin on 5G. Airports and some radar information I didn't know about.

I have known men that died from smashing into the sides of mountains in wilderness areas. Merely limiting 5G to airport locales will not solve the problem.



Limiting 5G around airports might make problems worse as I assume that pilots calibrate their instruments at airports then assume the calibration is correct throughout the flight.

A technology that messes with instrument readings will be a problem where ever the technology is.

I note that I phrased my words completely backwards. I meant only limiting 5G around airports, as in not broadcasting 5G near airports, but wrote things wrong. Sorry about that. I was trying to make the point that if 5G messes with avionics, it's not advisable anywhere planes fly, because planes fly all over the world, not only around airports, and crash plenty already.

Geez. I need to take a writing class.