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RE: "Trust THE Science", "Do you believe in science", "The Science says...", "The science is settled" - If you know the scientific method these things should have you appalled.

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Thank you for this post.
It's become increasingly clear that propaganda has superseded actual science. Your points are well made and 'science', in many ways, is being reduced to inane slogans to stifle anyone who dares to go against the narrative that is being spun.

Going against the propaganda media machine you will be vilified tarred and feathered as an 'anti-science' or 'conspiracy theorist' for simply questioning 'settled' science - an absurd and ironically anti-scientific position.

The problem with that is that if you actually practice the scientific method you NEVER stop asking questions and challenging. Science is NEVER settled. Consensus is also irrelevant.

Couldn't of said it better.


I'm glad that I managed to frame it well. In my writing style (stream of consciousness) sometimes I falter. :)