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RE: PoB - first post and How to use your Voting Power

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Good points but this (as you highlight Jeff Bezos. Zuckerberg) would mean we attract the broad masses with Hive which I think is still not the case as long as it is too complicated for the typical internet users - just saying keys. Think we are in a niche still with Hive and the tribes even more niche - i however would love to attract the masses that view and consume and show support by their love click.


This support model, where people pay, stake, then slowly tip over time. I see it as probably one of the best deals in entertainment, of all time. All other methods involve the consumer throwing their money away, middlemen taking percentages. A strange thing happens to that token value when even a few hundred thousand slowly trickle in with intent on supporting arts/entertainment/information. It goes up.

Hope you are right and it (whatever it means for some of us) goes up.

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