BeachWednesday Edition 5 Winners - a lot Brain and Skill United

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Contest winners edition 5 - check them out and make a bow for their brain and skill

Thanks everyone again or submitting and many thanks to our judge the lovely @trangbaby for her awesome selection - glad to see a variety of winning folks to spread love, acceptance and some crypto amongst many users.

This time the following users will receive some additional, financially interesting prize aka upvote by our beloved Dan aka @theycallmedan - hope he will also invest into proofofbrain soon.

Check the winners

Please take a look at the great photography skills of our winners and re-visit them frequently. Thanks also again to @dswigle as ongoing sponsor for the sister contest SunThursday!

🥇Winner #1 @bluemoon

🥈Winner #2 @rafaelgreen

🥉Winner #3 @babeltrips

Rules for judging

Given there are so many great submissions the decision for winners to the previous edition champion as the judge like we have it for SunThursday so in this case I would ask our new winner - the great @bluemoon to be the judge for edition no. 6 which is starting soon (next week).

Bit background on the contest / tag

Guys, I decided to re-vitalize my #beachwednesday with an official bi-weekly contest like #SunThursday. It was about time to do so. The guys that know me from pre-blockchain communities are aware of that photography challenge I invented ages ago. I also introduced this to Steem / Hive early 2017 and was thrilled by all the great people using it posting about beaches around the world. At that time it was a fun photography challenge I curated with my votes and engagement - the lovely @lizanomadsoul took it over to curate after 2 years but we hardly had any posts since one year.

Screen Shot 20210224 at 23.43.24.png

Why a contest now?

Given the #SunThursday contest is now running since nearly 6 months with great submissions, a lovely small community and I often get asked how we can reward great photography on the blockchain I decided to also run a little bi-weekly contest for Beach Wednesday

Check the tag #BeachWednesday and jump to 2017

To get a feeling about this please search the tag via "recent" here on Peakd / Hive to see many submissions from 2017-2019. Even there was no prize money involved - many people joined as they love to post for fun. This one as well as my SunThursday and DanceWeekend challenges have their special little places in my heart and will always try to submit posts ongoing (sentimental moments lol - I know!).


I still believe these little tags and micro-communities are fun and can connect many people from different regions - kind of small communities. BeachWednesday is not totally new - even before Steemit and later Hive I hosted this on other platforms. Feel free to keep using the tag and who knows, maybe this will become a Hivemind community (haha, nice one from the past!) soon 😂. I am always delighted to see the great moments and stories you post weekly.

So no prizes - Why should I bother to submit?

Well, as a community we first shall have fun, right? So I hope this contest will drive again some engagement around its niche topic and attract photography junkies (amateurs and professionals) to use this blockchain and this tag to show the beauty of our lovely world.

This contest will have some rules, no Hive prizes for the winner (hope you read on) but some decent votes from @theycallmedan - so the Top 3 will get some vote between 7.5 to 20% by one of the driving forces behind our blockchain - just as a small hint - a 10% vote currently is worth around $4 aka 20 Hive.

Rules for next edition - submissions to start May 12

Please create a post using the tag BeachWednesday showing your own original photography or video work covering the beaches from lakes, oceans etc or write about the topic, short or long stories are also welcomed. The three best submissions will receive their winner upvotes within one day after the winner post.

  • Post photography, video or written content covering the topic BEACH

  • Use the tag #BeachWednesday as your first tag

  • Add link to your submission in the comments on THIS post

  • Consider to "vote&reblog" this post to spread the contest (not mandatory but it might help)

  • Only original (your own) content will qualify


  • Contest submissions will need to be made until April 6, 10am CET to make sure we have enough time to select the winner

  • Decision on the winner will be made by myself for the first edition, might change with a jury later.

What to win (contest will be handled every two weeks)

This is a fun contest where I still am searching for sponsors - for now this is what the top 3 will receive:

1. Prize: 20% Upvote by @theycallmedan - worth around $20+
2. Prize: 15% Upvote by @theycallmedan - worth around $15+
3. Prize: 10% Upvote by @theycallmedan - worth around $10+

Always open for community sponsors

Please comment or DM me if you want to support great photography content creators. Ideally a community or whales join the party so we do not get stuck with small user pocket money only :-).

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Congratulations to @bluemoon, @rafaelgreen and @babletrips for winning the contest and @dswigle and @theycallmedan for supporting this contest.

See you all in the next round 👍

It's a pleasure! Congratulations to @bluemoon @rafeaelgreen and @babletrips!

Thank you, Denise!

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My pleasure!

Thank you! See you in the next round.

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Cheers @bluemoon you certainly will have a great day 👍

This is a great discovery for me. I am new to this platform and was looking to engage in a much fruitful manner with this platform. I will try to submit the photoes when i visit the beaches. Congratulations to @bluemoon, @rafaelgreen and @babletrips for winning the contest and @theycallmedan for supporting this contest.

Thanks! Challenges and contests are the simplest and best ways to get started.

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This is such a great tag! I have loved this since TSU! 8App and then a few others Steemit and Hive. I do believe we have been around for a while, @uwelang! Good luck with this! I had always posted these tags with no prizes, just for the fun of it! ❤️

Congratulations to @bluemoon AND @babletrips, also to all who participated, who made a great effort.
Thanks to @uwelang and the award sponsor. Also to @trangbaby who had a tough job.
I loved participating and will try to be there for the next one 🚀.

Thank you! Congratulations to you too.

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Thanks a lot! It is not false modesty, I was really surprised that I was chosen and it is a great pleasure for me.
Thanks to @trangbaby who judged my entire post and not just a photo because in the spirit of @uwelang, this is not just a photo contest, it's a contest where we have to celebrate the beaches in all forms of expression (writing, photography, or video and even music).
I look forward to judging the next edition, thank you @uwelang for your trust and appreciation, but first of all for proposing us such a pleasant contest.

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Great news my friend, always a pleasure to see your posts - celebrate on!

Thank you!

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nindot ang picture

Houston we have a problem ( - ok guys - @bluemoon and@babeltrips - seems some curators that love our Dan already voted on your posts so I will vote on other content of yours not voted by the man yet or in the comments of the #beachwednesday annnouncement. Just you are aware.

Yes, I know it has happened before and I am sorry that this creates extra problems. I also know that you always solve them.

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Haha yes thank you 🤩🥂

In the meantime I could vote on a different post of @babeltrips

@bluemoon - voting comments does not work - so I need to wait for your next post to give this the deserved boost

There is no problem and no hurry, thank you very much.

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Thank you very much @uwelang 😍 highly appreciate it 🥂

There is no problem and no hurry, thank you very much!

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