US Medical Doctor Claims NY Hospitals Are Refusing To Release New Born Babies If Parents Have Not Had COVID Shots!!

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Seems like every day the overreach of the state and 'healthcare' infrastructure shows itself ever more. Today, Afzal Niaz, a highly cited researcher and Medical Doctor has stated that several hospitals in the New York area are refusing to allow new born babies to be taken home by their parents if the parents have not been injected with experimental COVID shots!


As Dr. Niaz stated in his tweet just hours ago:

He also shared his page on Research Gate to back up his credentials, showing 273 scientific publications he has authored - with numerous of them featuring COVID19 related topics.

There is no additional information available on this story at this time, but provided he is not deleted from twitter, we should be hearing more on this very soon!

The degree to which normal human ethics are being breached by criminals administrators and policy setters in many parts of the world is unprecedented in modern history and I can genuinely only compare it some of the most evil periods in recorded history. Lack of respect of people's rights and human dignity is so extensive that only the least conscious and most in denial will ignore this is happening and continue to rely on or trust 'healthcare' systems in the future.

The bottom line for me is that in all of the time on Earth, little progress has been made - most people are just living out programming that is dysfunctional and counter productive, all while living under the illusion that life is changing significantly and progress is being made. Humanity has always had cycles relating to different issues and where one generation thinks they have solved a societal issue, the next generation tends to undo that change and even make it worse. What we are seeing now is a heavily denied form of both medical apartheid and also a power grab by people using the most sacred needs of people as a lure to use to steal resources and even children! It's hard to imagine much sicker than this.

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