Science Shows COVID19 Vaccines May Increase Transmission & Drive Variants. Cases Often Increase After Vaccine Drives.

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Scientific study has shown that vaccinations which do not prevent transmission, such as is the case with COVID19 shots, can actually cause increased transmission and the evolution and even the creation of new viral strains which are more deadly than the original version. We often see huge spikes of cases of COVID19 recorded after regional vaccination drives - this needs to be understood now.

Given the mounting pressure from governments and individuals to try to either mandate vaccination by law or to otherwise guilt and pressure people into being injected as a way of minimising harm from COVID19, it is essential that we pay attention to all of the details and do not make matters worse out of actions driven by fear.

Given that there is reasonable evidence that COVID19 may have emerged as a result of lab work done in part at the Wuhan virology labs, it is fair to say that we have even greater reason to pay careful attention to how human actions claimed to be 'helping humanity', may once again actually be killing us.

Published in 2015, a study titled: Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens, by an international team of scientists, demonstrated in bird populations how 'leaky' vaccines that do not prevent transmission can be responsible for driving viral mutation and increasing transmission!

anti-disease vaccines (those reducing in-host replication or pathogenicity) have the potential to generate evolution harmful to human and animal well-being;

whatever was responsible for the evolution of more virulent strains in the first place (and there may be many causes), our data show that vaccination is sufficient to maintain hyperpathogenic strains in poultry flocks today. By keeping infected birds alive, vaccination substantially enhances the transmission success and hence spread of virus strains too lethal to persist in unvaccinated populations, which would therefore have been removed by natural selection in the pre-vaccine era.

Source: Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens. - Europe PMC

'Leaky' vaccines is a term used to describe vaccines that only reduce symptoms of a disease but that do not prevent transmission of it to others. The logic being used is that particularly dangerous viruses would tend to kill hosts before they can be passed on to others, but if vaccines are used then they may transmit far more than would otherwise be possible. In addition, this may lead to more virulent strains emerging than would otherwise be possible too.

By preventing death, vaccination greatly increased the infectious period of the most virulent strains, increasing the total amount of virus shed by several orders of magnitude, and increasing it above that of the least virulent strain. Thus, the net effect of vaccination on both host survival rates and daily shedding rates was to vastly increase the amount of virus shed by virulent strains into the environment.

Source: Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens. - Europe PMC

The study even showed that children of the vaccinated Mothers were born infected with the virus

vaccination of laying hens, like the vaccination of offspring, enabled the onward transmission of the hyperpathogenic strain from offspring

Source: Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens. - Europe PMC

Effectively, this means that in an attempt to save the lives of those who are infected with the original COVID19 variant, potentially many more people get infected than would otherwise be the case. Given that 'shedding' of viruses can also occur in other ways, including through exhalation of people who have been vaccinated - it is reasonable to conclude that vaccines have the potential to increase the spread of viruses - particularly COVID19.

The observation that successively more efficacious vaccines have been overcome by successively more virulent viral strains has prompted many MDV specialists to suggest that vaccination might be a key driver

Source: Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens. - Europe PMC

The only valid argument to justifying the use of COVID19 vaccines in this situation is that the vaccines are said to be the only way to prevent death of those who are infected and so even if the transmission is increased as a result, vaccines must still be used. The reality, though, is that a large number of doctors say that certain treatment protocols are highly effective at saving lives of COVID patients - with no vaccines needed.

Our data provide that: by enhancing host survival but not preventing viral shedding, MDV vaccination of hens or offspring greatly prolongs the infectious periods of hyperpathogenic strains, and hence the amount of virus they shed into the environment.

Source: Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens. - Europe PMC

Given that many thousands of people are officially recorded to have died briefly after receiving COVID vaccines and that the figures are likely under-reported, we need to pay close attention. This is a controversial topic and the data is a bit fuzzy, but there is no doubt at all in my mind that many people have died due to receiving the vaccines and this is not really controversial in the sense that people consistently die from many vaccines - hence the billions that have been paid out in compensation over the years already (prior to COVID19).

So when I hear people saying 'oh, the delta variant is so dangerous - it's the unvaccinated people's fault', I sigh. Aside from the reality that the vast majority of people treated as COVID cases are not checked scientifically to find out if they actually have any particular variant or not - so no-one really knows exactly how common 'delta' is - the reality is that vaccination has likely played a role in creating this situation in the first place.

It would not be unreasonable to think that 'delta' is actually just a concept that is being overlaid on top of the side effects of massive vaccination drives.

The study makes clear that it does not prove that vaccination drove the evolution of the virus:

Our data do not demonstrate that vaccination was responsible for the evolution of hyperpathogenic strains of MDV, and we may never know for sure why they evolved in the first place

Source: Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens. - Europe PMC

However, the authors do also state that it is absolutely possible that vaccines and other drugs could indeed be driving viral evolution - it's just that this study didn't prove it 100%:

These cases and our data raise the prospect that a variety of disease mitigation technologies have the potential to drive virulence evolution, including disease-ameliorating drugs [7,47] or genetic enhancements of host resistance [48]. If these technologies prolong infectious periods of hyperpathogenic strains, as we have shown vaccination can, they too could create conditions favouring the emergence of highly lethal strains. This does not mean that such technologies should be avoided, particularly when alternative options are limited.

Source: Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens. - Europe PMC

Regional Vaccination Vs. Case Numbers

A full data analysis of world vaccination rates and case numbers is beyond the scope of this post, but for reference here are some interesting graphs showing both case numbers and vaccination rates for a few regions.

The graphs with black lines come from Twitter user ianmSC, who has been showing that mask mandates simply don't work, according to the case data. Note: This is not surprising since most masks are ineffective at preventing aerosol transmission of virus sized particles and prior to COVID19 no major group advocated their use in such situations for this reason.

The blue and red graphs come from The Bing Covid tracker.


Iceland's cases have shot vertically upwards in July 2021.

The number of people receiving at least one dose of vaccine was highest in June, only several weeks prior.

iceland vaccination rate.jpg


Israel's major spike of cases was in January 2021, moving through to May.


Israel began it's vaccine rollout early, beginning in January 2021 and slowing down in early April. This closely matches the biggest rise in cases in Israel.

israel vaccination rate.jpg


Japan's biggest spike in cases is in Mid July (coinciding with 97% mask wearing compliance).


Japan's vaccine rollout continues to increase gradually, being highest in July - coinciding with the spike in cases.

japan vaccination rate.jpg


Gibraltar experienced a brief, large spike in January 2021 and is now experiencing it's first, large sustained rise in cases during June/July 2021.

gibraltar cases.jpg

Gibraltar allegedly has a 100% vaccination rate as of May. So clearly the vaccines do not prevent transmission!

gibraltar vaccination rate.jpg

UPDATE: 90 Countries Show a Similar Pattern

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, I have been pointed to the work of Lara Rodriguez, who showed (months ago) that at least 90 countries have similar patterns, with cases rising following local vaccination drives. See here for the details.


Given that these vaccines may actually increase transmission speed and the risk of worsening the risk posed by COVID19, they should not really be being pushed as they are. Anyone who is guilting or pressuring others to be vaccinated may have blood on their hands unintentionally.

As we can see in this recent media report, many people are getting sick as a result of coming into contact with vaccinated people:

I was a Covid super-spreader and the guilt is killing me: How Australian socialite gave the Delta strain to SIXTY people in a single weekend despite being fully vaccinated

Focus must be shifted, as I and others have said all along, onto strengthening immunity and health naturally - using balanced/enhanced nutrition, exercise and correct exposure to the elements. Most people do not do this, period. Furthermore, treatment protocols exist which need to be better adopted. While there are voices in the for/against camps for these treatments, the numbers of success are sufficient to warrant high priority exploration of them. They do not pose a risk of increased transmission as far as I am aware.

Whatever the outcome may be of the virus and it's treatment, forcing people to take vaccines that may actually kill them and do harm on a large scale is completely unethical and arguably criminal. Those who do this will not be on the right side of history.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Am i the only one who is scared to take the covid19 vaccination??

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I not take, you are not alone 👌👌👌🍷

No. You are not alone.
We are hundreds, thousands, but most likely - MILLIONS

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No, not at all - many people have intuitive gut feelings telling them to not be vaccinated.

Same along with research

I'm afraid of public toilet seats.
There. I said it.

Definitely not lol many of us who won’t

I am still scared.

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No, lot of us are. But there seems less of a choice since there are not many options of saving ourselves from this deadly virus.

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Correlation does not equal causation. IF the different vaccines for covid-19 do indeed not prevent transmission it still needs to be proven that they are in fact driving evolution of more virulent strains. Showing a graph with some correlation does not prove anything. That is statistics 101.

What the numbers show is that 99% of unvaccinated acount for the majority of the people that need hospitalization so it is still better to get the shot.

I'm not sure if you read the study I quoted here or not, but it is saying that the leaky vaccines tend to increase transmission to unvaccinated people, so your last point is missing the point entirely. We can also look at how it seems to be the case that people who have been vaccinated in the US and who contract COVID after being vaccinated are not being included as COVID cases (recent change in rules) - plus, I think it's correct that in some regions, people who die after having had a single vaccine are being recorded as unvaccinated deaths. So you can see how the statistics are grossly distorted in numerous ways.

I did not state anywhere that this study proves the causation involved - it is meant to fuel further questioning and research that is direly needed.

I'm not sure if you read the study I quoted here or not, but it is saying that the leaky vaccines tend to increase transmission to unvaccinated people

You mentioned that the article that you where quoting failed to find proof that vaccination drove the evolution of the virus that they were studying. In your own words:

The study makes clear that it does not prove that vaccination drove the evolution of the virus.

In other words, you are taking an inconclusive result of a different vaccine type (for a different virus) and interpreting it to mean that taking a vaccine for COVID-19 is possibly dangerous. Your logic is just not solid.

Any medical procedure (that includes vaccination) has risks and benefits. So far I have not seen any peer reviewed study that proves that the risks of vaccinating for covid outwheigh the benefits.

There is no doubt from the data that the risk of vaccinating children and teenagers for COVID outweighs the possible benefit them. The risk of child mortality is tiny and the risk of injury is higher. This is not my opinion, rather it is from official data published by the UK government. Here's a breakdown from the US on this topic:


There are numerous qualified specialists concluding that this study and other data suggests strongly that the patterns seen in 90 countries, where cases rise after vaccination rollouts is something to be alarmed by. This is what I am saying. It is a totally reasonable observation and I find it strange that no-one who is criticising this post has even commented on the glaring data that shows the cases rise after vaccination rollouts.

The nature of the logic used in this study may or may not be accurate. It is open to interpretation to some extent, I agree. In conjunction with the data observed from the COVID vaccine rollouts, this study is something to take into consideration. I have never said 'YOU MUST BELIEVE EVERYTHING I SAY AND TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION NOW'.. I am sharing information that you can do what you want with. I stand by the observation, as do the vast majority of people I have met, that this information is important to bare in mind.

That is good data, are there any similar studies comparing the numbers to the other vaccines for covid (not just the Pfizer vaccine)?


I agree with you @ura-soul

Here is the story of my case after vaccination:

I only got the first dose, I don't plan to continue getting vaccinated.

People are paranoid about the virus.

I explain everything that happened to me and all the costs, which in a country like Venezuela are impossible to cover.

Now I do not know what will happen to my health. I have to return the money to all the people who collaborated with me.

Before the vaccine I was perfectly healthy, without any pre-existing patology.

Oh, I am sad to hear your story - I read your post. I wish I had some good ideas for you that might help you. I think getting compensation will be a challenge for anyone at this point - but maybe even harder in your area of the world.

I suggest joining this telegram group for covid vaccine victims which has over 120,000 members - if you aren't already. They may be able to help you in some practical way, at least with the legal/money aspects.

You could also try crowdfunding on a bigger site that accepts medical cost cases. There are quite a few by now - some people collect good amounts on there to cover medical costs. If you put a good page on a crowdfunding site and provide good evidence, people may help you there. It's likely there will be class action lawsuits against those responsible too, but I haven't seen any yet.

Wishing you well!

Thank you for your advice @ura-soul . We are gradually improving our health. I hope we don't have any other side effects from the vaccine.

I don't think they will pay us anything. I wanted to alert others. I am trying to sell items I have to slowly make the money back. In my country this is complicated by the situation. I will continue to trust in God.

In addition, I have heard from people I know, who were vaccinated, that the medical personnel themselves warned them not to go near electrical outlets. To the surprise the vaccinated person gets metal stuck to the vaccine site. I think it is a deadly experiment ...... But how to prove it?

Now they want to require the vaccination certificate for everything. With passports they even want to mark people who do not get vaccinated. when have they ever seen that? We have the right to decide about our body and what we want.
I see people very asleep or too afraid.

I don't know what can be done. But it looks like a world dictatorship.....

This is a great video

A Canadian also just got them to admit in a court case over a fine they have never isolated the virus.

They did apparently state that they themselves don't have the material requested, but there are numerous studies that claim to have isolated the virus. Whether they have or they haven't - the admittance was only that the health dept. was acting on 'trust' of scientists elsewhere and had not actually accessed the material themselves. It may well turn out that no isolation has ever taken place - it's definitely worth watching to see where it goes.

More regions where this pattern repeats:

Let me add to that Russia where I live :



More deaths after they started the mandatory vaccination in form of asking people to make it if they want to work for someone. Even if that's against the low and the constitution. Also, many regions restricting people from visiting many places without the QR code. So, the vaccination is making the situation worse. More strains will be created that may and even vaccinated people may infect others.

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thanks for sharing - we just need to keep monitoring and sharing the data

i hate the fear tactics they are trying to use. and the average joe that isnt as intelligent believes.

so, we have 119 new cases, but we had 200,000 epople getting tested, some of them waiting up to 3 hours in line...
in their cars ....
with the engine running...

maybe its just me, but, seeing all the masks thrown in gutters... i think id rather the humans just died?
ever thought the planet is trying to cleanse, and we keep parasiting away?

humans are largely unconscious at this point. the only way avoid total destruction is to make the unconscious conscious.

*triggers lyrics from 'once more with feeling' buffy episode - i believe it was her solo - 'going through the motions'

Thanks for putting out data that should be parroted by the Mass Media Authoritarians but still yet they double down on contrary facts and stances on issues just to display the powers they have ever seemingly half of the world, even with massive viewership declines and crazy dislike to like ratios on their own platform of youtube ( that is right, I brought youtube into your thread😆).

Anyways, I just ranted on something similar on Kennyskitchen's post in defense of him or else I'd might go on.

Thanks again!

You are welcome - the house of cards faces an ever stronger storm warning. lol

Hopefully, the storms put out the wildfires that are mysteriously raging along the high speed train route being built in California to Canada

Wait. Are you serious?

the best thing you can do is sit on the computer and ignore everything else :P

one of the problem also was, people tend to think they are superman after taking the vaccine on day 1.. so they start to roaming around and not following the SOP... most of them got infected because they don't actually study how the vaccince actually work

As you can see in the Daily Mail article linked in the OP, double vaccinated people are fully capable of transmitting COVID19.

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great post, can you provide the link to the data?

Which data are you looking for? The study is linked and the graph data is also linked to the COVID tracker on

Im still scared to take it, even the test is more scary.

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While it is important what we take the vaccine, it is also mandatory that we still take all the the social distancing measures and keep the double mask on.

It is true that as more and more population is vaccinated, the number of cases will spike. Reason is simple. Those who are vaccinated will feel free to step out without fear. Even if they won't get badly affected by the virus (due to vaccination), they can still be carriers. And they will then easily transmit the virus to those who are not yet vaccinated.

So ideally, we should enforce the covid safety protocols until the entire population gets vaccinated, which I understand would take a lot of time but what's more important than a healthy life.

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I think you are denying the actual details of what the science is saying here. The study that was quoted here is pointing to the vaccinations, being essentially faulty and badly designed, are powering stronger variants that the vaccines may not protect against. So not only is vaccination driving transmission into people who would otherwise be healthy, but they are potentially pushing the virus into states that will kill those who are vaccinated too. 100% coverage of a fault vaccine is not better than a lower percentage. Think please.

Did you mean, "Think please," or, "Think like me, please"?

I meant 'think please', since from my standpoint there is an absence of thinking taking place and an overt level of repetition without thinking taking place.

But it's clear their response was a form of thought, correct?

holding thoughtforms (noun) and repeating them is not evidence of active thinking as a verb.

How many times did that individual say that to you?

The repetition is not in the number of times spoken in this thread, but in the absence of consideration of the content of the post and any counter narrative evidence. The repetition is of the narrative being spun constantly through mainstream media and government sources. There is a reason why mind control functions through constant repetition and a reason why those under it's spell will tend to just blindly repeat and not question.

Thank you for the update. Scientific are really trying by giving us the update about this stransmiting disease that is coursing vitals issues in the life of people today.

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I found this post interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Why do cases increase or tend to increase after vaccination?

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