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RE: Comparing Death Rates of COVID19 to Influenza & Harm Caused By The Vaccines For Each

in Proof of Brainlast year

I think the best data I have shows that COVID19 is genuinely more challenging to many people than Influenza can be, but not massively so. The average age of death from COVID19 is around the same age as the average age of death from all causes - so basically it is the people who are most likely to die at any moment that have problems with it.

Yes, the response has pushed hundreds of millions into poverty and pushed many others over the edge into suicide, addiction and violence. In my own life, I have only had to deal with the non COVID related fallout from the COVID policies - including violent crime that has surged and people I know have been victims of. We can't control large numbers of people against their will and expect no backlash or negative consequences spiritually.

Unfortunately, we are still in the dark ages in many, many ways. The fact that people generally still haven't learned that 'control of others CAUSES many of the problems that it is thought that the control will solve' and also that 'punishment is not a necessary part of learning' is very disturbing to me - but it's also part of why I work so tirelessly to spread information!