New Study in Nature Confirms High Dose Vitamin D Hugely Improves Inflammation in COVID19 Patients

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A new study published in the Nature Journal, out of India, confirms what many experts have said since almost the beginning of the COVID19 experience, Vitamin D is an essential part of healing COVID19. Somehow this has been heavily denied by a wide variety of alleged 'experts', but maybe that will change now.

Since early 2020, numerous Doctors, researchers and other health experts have clearly stated that high dose Vitamin D and Zinc (in conjunction with other therapies) are key to healing COVID19's array of inter-related symptoms. Serious inflammation is one of the stages of disease that can arise in the more serious COVID19 cases and this new study shows that Vitamin D significantly improves this problem. Magnesium is another nutrient that many have pointed out that we are commonly deficient in and this study highlights it's role in activating Vitamin D.

The reality is that many people are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is actually a hormone generated by our body in response to sunlight exposure and our modern lives, spent inside houses and behind UV filtering glass - wearing clothes - means that many people, even in sunny climates, are deficient.

Vitamin D is known to play a key part in stimulating the Immune system:

Vit.D is known to enhance the production of various anti-microbial peptides by the immune cells and vit.D modulates the immune system according to the internal milieu. It reduces the dysregulated production of self-damaging pro-inflammatory cytokines and promotes the expression of anti-inflammatory cytokines by immune cells. The dynamic role of vit.D can be of immense value in the context of immune dysfunction observed in COVID-19 patients with cytokine storm and acute respiratory distress syndrome
source: Nature

Sadly, despite a wealth of knowledge on the topic, many people have still failed to realise the most basic information about correctly treating COVID19 and how natural processes sometimes need support.

Mortality and morbidity were recorded to be high in patients with significantly elevated inflammatory markers (surrogate markers of COVID-19 severity) such as N/L ratio, CRP, LDH, IL6, Ferritin, D dimer etc. Similarly, mortality and morbidity were also recorded to be high in patients with vit.D deficiency.

Low vit.D level was proposed to be an independent risk factor for acquiring COVID-19 infection, hospitalization and COVID-19 related mortality. Based on the earlier evidence that vit.D could decrease the incidence of flu and other respiratory infections and the observational studies in COVID-19, few hypothesis and recommendations have been published in support of supplementing vit.D to avert the serious consequences of COVID-19.

Kaufman et al. reported that SARS-CoV-2 positivity is strongly and inversely associated with serum vitamin D level and proposed that vitamin D supplementation could reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 disease.

source: Nature

The gist of all of this is that plenty of evidence of all kinds already existed to show that Vitamin D helps COVID19 but this study has reinforced this with a randomised academic test to confirm it.

Not only did the Vitamin D seem to improve inflammation, it has also been shown to speed up the clearing out of the COVID19 Virus:

Early viral clearance in the form of negative RT-PCR after vit.D supplementation was also reported1

source: Nature


It is good that studies are being performed to eventually highlight the necessity of correct nutrition and healthy living. However, the common deficiency in Vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc have been well known since long before COVID19. Those who have independently studied health have known this and promoted this for years. Sadly, the people I learned this from, over 15 years ago, are either non medically trained health experts or Chiropractors (who tend to stay away from synthetic drugs and who are experts in anatomy at much higher levels than average medical Doctors). Both of these groups are exactly the type of people who will routinely be ridiculed by 'real doctors' and the mainstream media, yet they are often shown to be 100% correct by experience and diligent study.

The heavy bias in mass media away from anything vaguely natural (and potentially free) that can improve health in diseased people is well documented. If pharmaceutical companies can make a profit then they'll work with mass media corporations and lobby governments to achieve their goals, often regardless of whether they hurt people in the process. Censorship and speaking in half truths are one of the main means of achieving this heavily denied and heartless goal.

It is sad that it takes such a global event to trigger awareness of what smart people have been saying all along. Perhaps we might start to listen more to voices outside of the mainstream who clearly are years behind many in society when it comes to health and important understandings.

May all know health, heal, balance and evolve.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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The health care system looks for magic guns while missing the obvious.

The study was of high doses. Low doses seem to working as well.

Vitamin D is a steroid that regulates bone growth, the immune system and blood clotting. People with poor immune systems have bad reactions to COVID19.

The dose does not have to be huge. We can get free vitamin D if we just exposed our skin to direct sunlight at noon for a few minutes.

The UVB rays from the sun (these are strongest at noon) converts cholesterol in the skin into Vitamin D3. Our kidneys convert vitamin D3 to D2.

So, a person who gets some direct sun (about 15 minutes) and has a functioning kidney is likely to have the right amount of Vitamin D.

NOTE: free fructose molecules in the kidney destroy vitamin D. High Fructose Corn Syrup, Invert Sugar, Agava nectar and a few other sources have free fructose molecules.

As far as I am aware, the recommended doses of Vitamin D globally are way lower than is actually necessary for full health. In Britain, for example, it is not technically possible to access enough sunlight for full health, even if you are outside every day of the year, fully exposed.

Free fructose is present in fruit, generally, including apples and pears etc.
What sources are you referring to when you say that fructose destroys Vitamin D?

I found this quote:

. Researchers have discovered that when we consume high levels of fructose (in quantities only possible from sweetened beverages and processed foods—we’re not talking about mangoes and apples here!), an enzyme called 24-hydroxylase (which is responsible for degrading vitamin D3) becomes more active, while another enzyme, 1α-hydroxylase (which helps synthesize vitamin D) becomes less active. The result is that our bodies start breaking down more vitamin D while simultaneously creating less of it. And that, in turn, causes calcium regulation to get thrown out of whack, with less calcium making it out of our food and into our bones, teeth, and blood. Our bodies must then release calcium from our skeletal tissue to compensate.

Which is saying that the issue is not so much the presence of free fructose in the kidneys, rather it is very high amounts of fructose (from food scientists unnatural sources) triggering enzymatic changes which affect Vitamin D synthesis. It's good to know the risks associated with junk food, for sure!

I'd be interested to learn if there is a "global" value of vitamin D that can actually be applied to all humans, OR, if each region, country, city, etc. might have their own dosage, due to the unique amounts of sunlight that each area has naturally - and how the native humans who live there respond to the natural environment.

Why does the answer always seem to be that we're all equal, but when we know biologically that we're all very very unique - and that each person has evolved differently over time, based on the genetic sequences of their parents (and their parents before them and so on).

We know so little about how human biology works and even less about how human biological evolution occurs from generation to generation.

We know that Sherpas can live in a low-oxygen, high-altitude environment while maintaining physical strength and not experiencing altitude sickness like the rest of us. But we can't point to why. However, we can all agree that we're all human.

We know that people who have darker skin colors have higher resistance to UV rays. We can point to the why on this one, but there are many different health implications for individuals with dark skin colors vs people with light skin colors. We again, are all human, and all "equal" - but we have varying and unique biological needs.

Healthcare needs to focus on individual health- and stop focusing on the health of the collective.

Unless there is a plan to undergo mass genetic modification and/or genocide, to create a "superior race" of humans who are all alike.................

Darker skinned people are said to be more at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Everyone is absolutely unique but obviously we also share a great deal in common with those whose ancestors were nearby to ours or who are similar in other ways.

A great deal of human form is determined by processes that occur within our unconscious, but this does not need to be this way forever.

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