Looking For Love On The Web? Silicon Valley's Been Cheatin' On Ya! The Hive Web 3.0 Social Networking Eco-System Can Meet Your REAL Needs!

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Social connection is essential to wellbeing, yet unfortunately for many of us, the reality is that our relationships lack the love and support we need. It's exactly the same with social networking sites online - too many of them have grown fat, abusive and controlling - thinking that you'll never leave them because they're so good. Hive is the answer to the nightmare of censorship, limitation and exploitation that Silicon Valley's "Surveillance Capitalism" Websites have weaved into daily life!

For as long as communication has been around, there have been those who sought to shut it down for their own reasons. For years the Silicon Valley tech companies, such as Google and Facebook, have tried to shut down just about any conversation they don't like in the name of (their version of) 'safety' and more recently they have gone as far as censoring expert Doctors, researchers, nurses and scientists in the name of 'health' (again, their own version of what that is).

As a result, more and more people have been feeling uncomfortable with using Facebook, Google and other similar platforms. No longer is it only the edge case thinkers and legitimate head case thinkers that see so clearly the extent of the deceptions used on these sites in order to stifle freedom while trying to appear 'fair' - now it is average parents, teachers, scientists and many others who feel pissed at being so restricted in public communication. History always shows that censorship is done only by tyrants, yet somehow these people continue to try 'just one more time' to repeat the mistakes of the past.

The argument has often been "Well, if you don't like using these sites just go elsewhere - they are private companies and can censor who they like". In some ways this is a fair point, so we need alternatives to these networks that equal or better them - meeting the online social needs of everyone in the process. This is why the Hive blockchain was created, along with the many websites that operate from it's database of social posts, comments and other interactions. While many people credit Hive with having transformed their lives for the better, the community is still relatively new and so there is a major need for people to understand why Hive is so needed - plus why we all need to unite to help build it rather than to continue to empower mega corporations who absolutely do NOT have our best interests in mind.

Fun fact, whether you are reading this post on Peakd.com, Ecency, Hive.blog or any other Hive powered website - you are using the Hive blockchain which stores the text of this post and makes the social networking aspects attached to this post possible.

Silicon Valley is NOT Your Friend

A mountain of evidence of Silicon Valley's malfeasance exists, but perhaps one of the most clear and informative sources of information on this comes from a document that was leaked from Google in 2018 that outlines their deliberate intent to censor the world because 'people have shown they can't be trusted with freedom'! Are these people really your friend?

Friends look out for one another but that doesn't mean one of them declaring themselves to be smarter or 'better' and going as far as duct taping your mouth shut in order to protect you! In Google's case, they declared that people misbehave on the internet and can't be trusted, without noticing that THEY ARE ALSO PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET! They essentially declare themselves superior beings without saying it in so many words. Not only does free speech and health demand that all voices have a chance to be heard, it is also necessary to respect the will of others too. Google makes a mockery of the basics of free will here and Facebook et al are no better in most cases.

First Mover Advantage

An interesting phenomena exists in technology and business - whoever creates the first version of an idea can often stave off competition simply because they were first! Even when their prodcuts or behaviour are hugely questionable, people will often still continue to use them in large numbers. We call this 'first mover advantage' and for a while I thought this was purely based on the competitive advantage these groups had in being able to develop their products first - thus with both momentum and resources behind them that competitors perhaps lack. However, there's much more to this issue which needs to be understood and felt into.

Think about partners who stay married from the age of 18 to 80 - not so common in today's climate but it was more common in previous generations. Were those people really the best people for one another? Did they lack imagination? Or was there something more going on? I'm not wanting to put down the chances of you meeting the perfect person for you at your first attempt, despite there being 8 billion plus people on Earth - but let's be real, the chances are possibly higher that you will be hit by lightning but then develop a super power to harness electricity and then be able to channel it into running a business sitting by the roadside recharging Teslas at a discounted rate!

The first person to 'make moves' on you will likely have a big emotional impact in your mind and personal development, you probably won't forget them. So too is this true with the first social network you used or at least the first one that you were able to experience some form of support group or community through. Facebook achieves this mostly by enabling family groups and real world organisations to communicate - essentially catching a ride with people's own ability to form healthy relationships, without actually doing much from their side to help that process in a way that truly feels good. Feelings DO matter, by the way - contrary to the misguided beliefs of so many 'tech guru' types.

And so it is with Facebook, a social network that routinely censors people, runs illegal experiments on users without their consent and even spends billions deliberately physically torturing and abusing primates in the name of 'research' and profit! Yet somehow the majority of people continue to use these sites and completely ignore epic systems like Hive. Why?

I recall that during the first major bull run in the crypto space, the value of the Steem token was high enough that I was able to earn more from blogging a few hours a day than I could from a professional systems engineering job. Despite this and despite censorship on Facebook, I found it almost impossible to get people to even come and look at Steem's social sites - they were totally engrained in Facebook. I wasn't sure if it was because they lacked intelligence and imagination or if they were just totally hooked in to Facebook. It turns out that while it might be a bit of all of them, the addictive nature of Facebook is both by design and also the result of a phenomena associated with that 'first mover advantage' - which I will call 'imprinting'.

As children we are said to be 'imprinted' onto our parents by a variety of ways, but in essence we become strongly conditioned to connect to them for survival and to have our needs met. This pattern does not just apply to parents. If we feel or believe that we have needs that aren't being met, such as the need for community in an ever more isolating world, we can imprint whoever provides this to us first. For many people, Facebook was their first experience of a large scale social environment online and so they bame VERY attached to it. Just like the woman who married at 18 and after being abused by her husband for a few years, stays with him out of attachment and emotional confusion; Facebook users continue to struggle on in the face of mounting abuse, limiting freedom and absolutely no way of ever even considering being renumerated for all of the time they invest there.

Who Loves Ya Baby?

Facebook and Google don't love, just like an abusive husband doesn't love.

Love respects real needs and lets others be free.

In difficult situation where people are overpowering each other or being anti-social it's natural to want to help the innocent who may be being abused. However, we cannot do this by being abusive ourselves. We don't stop a crazed gunman by shooting randomly at everyone we meet. We also can't expect people to behave just as we want them to without potentially coming off as abusive ourselves. The only real answer that works in all situations is for the victims to be empowered and the perpetrators to evolve. We can't achieve this with censorship and top-down control. We need to stop dealing with the world of effects and instead get to the world of real causes.

It is abundantly clear that Silicon Valley, like corrupt governments who suck endless cash from corporate lobbyists in order to pass policies that are counter productive for most people but mysteriously hugely benefit those corporations withe most money and best connections, are not acting in the best interests of humanity.

We tend to need connection with people and to forge communal bonds but we would NEVER do this normally while a corporate suit stood between us and the other person we were connected to. We would never normally accept or ask for corporate mediation when communicating with others in society, yet that is EXACTLY what we do when use centralised social networks such as Facebook and Youtube etc.

Hive IS DIFFERENT. Hive is a public blockchain that is genuinely based on principles of respect for free will and what can legitimately be pointed to as love. You are free on hive to associate with whoever you like. You are free to learn, to share, to talk, to argue, to heal, to do all the things that people do naturally and to get the result of your actions without corporate control being involved.

Shifting to Web 3.0

Facebook and Youtube are Web 2.0 - they are centralised websites that allow you to create profiles, interact and use tools. Hive is Web 3.0, the next generation based on decentralisation, open source code and blockchain technology. This means YOU are autonomous on the network, you own your account, you own your content and no-one can totally censor you.

Not only that, you even receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency coins when people upvote your posts and comments. With Hive just today having reached a value of $1.13 - higher than it's main competitor Steem, we are now seeing a reality where once again people can even build a career through writing, expressing, coding and sharing from nothing more than Hive reward payouts!

Just try Hive for a few weeks, learn the ropes and find out how different an experience it can be to Facebook. No more endless scrolling of bland, meaningless, repetitive posts. Now you get to see content that is motivated to be unique by the rewards algorithm, doesn't really repeat and which is mostly intelligent and informative. You have entire specialist websites based on Hive such as LeoFinance (Finance focused social network), 3Speak (Youtube replacement) and Splinterlands (NFT based card trading game) - with many more on the way... A whole ecosystem of decentralised experience!

I can't guarantee you will find love on Hive, but I can guarantee that it's the most free and empowering space on the web that I know of and it's freedom and empowerment that are needed before we can really know love.

The Stockholm Syndrome is not Love!

Learn More About Hive

I recently wrote an article that compares Hive to Bitcoin, showing the genius of the proof of brain algorithm that powers Hive - plus how it compares to Bitcoin. You might find it useful in understanding more about Hive in the context of other blockchain technology.

If you want to create an account on hive then please read my user guide for Hive which explains how to get started and how to use the network too.

Finally, check out this nice intro video to Hive, hosted on Hive's video platform - 3speak:

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Over the past year I've come to see most people as sheeple...I did before, but more so now...and fakebook is in the pen with the rest of the herd.

If the herd all ran to another platform they would all do so at once. That probably won't be hive because the gate to this pen is too hard to open.

But in some ways I think that is a good thing...it's like having an an entrance exam, and a requirement to not be a drooling moron!

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Even the so called dating sites are only interested in making money from members and are heavily censored... Any dating app already built on hive yet? 🤔