Israeli COVID Deaths Are Worse After The Shot Rollouts. Huge Spike in Death Immediately After 3rd Shots. 'Trust The Science'.

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Israel Is One of The Most COVID Vaxxed Nations Yet Has More Deaths in 2021 than in 2020. The level of COVID deaths shot up after they rolled out their 3rd shots - similar to so many nations who saw increased deaths after the shots.

As you can see, the number of positive tests and deaths for COVID19 in Israel is dramatically higher in 2021 than was the case in 2020. This is despite 82% of the Israeli population having received at least one shot. This is very clear evidence that the experimental COVID shots are nowhere near as effective as the manufacturers have claimed.

So much evidence points to potentially criminal behaviour involved here that it is difficult to even convey in one post. The leaked contract from Pfizer makes clear how biased the relationship is between governments and the giant pharmaceutical company with a record of receiving giant fines for falsifying scientific data to make their products seem better than they are.

With so many people dying from the shots it is hardly surprising that the amount of deaths attributed to COVID19 is high in Israel. As we can see in the following graph, the big upswing in death occurred just after the 3rd shot was rolled out.

Unfortunately, we remain stuck with the most longstanding epidemic in human history - the epidemic of DENIAL.

No matter how much evidence is presented to many people, they will not changed their viewpoint. No matter how much damage is done by these experimental shots, there will still be large numbers of people calling them a success.

This recent news clip from Australia makes clear that the real desire for some people is to be told things are 'good' even when they know it to be a lie!

The reality is that nothing on earth will improve and we will not evolve from mediocrity to greatness until denial ends. We need to be diligent in ensuring that every thought which we hold to be true is felt into and checked for the presence of denial in order to get closer to actual truth and therefore to health on all levels!

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As sad as we should be for those that seek help and get hurt, we should be more angry at those that harm them they fool into coming to them for help. Informed consent is the crux of the Nuremberg Principles. No one who gets these jabs is informed because the media and authorities are incessantly misrepresenting data and alternatig threats and bribes, and therefore their consent is as fraudulent as the propaganda.

In fact today we are faced with the governments of the world cooperating to genocide their populations through fraudulently coercing submission to experimental genetic therapy that is provably more harmful than the supposed problem it is claimed to fix.

There is only one solution to this problem, and it isn't waving placards at passing limousines, staying home, wearing two masks, or submitting to the deadly jabs. Either we will implement the solution, or we will suffer the consequences of failing to do so.


You are welcome. This is all about our own will and not allowing ourselves to be dominated. Trying to launch a war against faceless corporate psychopaths is about as helpful as a 'war on terror'. The truth is that it is our consent to the systems of control which gives them power - we need to withdraw consent en masse and make the systems irrelevant.
First though, enough people need to realise the depth of the problems they face - which means ending denial.

I really would hate it to become a criminal. I come from a family who had to lie and to steal under a restrictive regime (which I don't see as dishonesty and thievery, but survival). So, covering up - pretending to obey - under the current circumstances is wise when you are not in a position where you are a superior on the job in a company which cannot dismiss you that easily. Trojans are needed. Less obvious actions and soft influences are needed, I would count them as much in as the obvious and aggressive ones.

No matter what the numbers are the big pharma lobbyists will keep pushing this on all of us through these puppets in office.

very likely yes.. though eventually the limits of their reach based on fear and coercion will be found

I used to think that about how much money they could print, seems the fear and the fed notes are never ending.

Numbers are infinite but numbness is not!

Correlation is not causation.

I’m all for body autonomy. You should be able to choose if the shot is right for you. Risk tolerance is unique per individual and the decision of how to mitigate risk should be up to the individual.

Here’s my hypothesis: immunity whether through vaccination or natural is limited by time. I caught Covid at the end of December/Early January. I was just tested for the antibodies yesterday and my results were that I didn’t have many antibodies left. I did not receive the vaccine at least yet. It’ll probably be mandated for me soon.

I know it’s not much more than conjecture due to the sample size but working as a paramedic I see a lot of people that are dealing with Covid. Most hospitalizations I see are either unvaccinated or only received the first shot. I have seen an uptick in the younger population getting sick with this iteration of the virus. Oddly enough, I haven’t seen many with natural immunity reinfected and some recent study I read said that “breakthrough” cases are more likely in vaccinated patients who had only received the first part of the series vs. the naturally immune.

I also feel like a huge part of this are people getting more lackadaisical with hygiene and PPE. They’re tired of being locked up. Hand washing and limited interaction in less ventilated areas are key IMO.

That all being said (since my antibodies are low) my PPE has been basically all that’s defended me from catching the virus again from confirmed Covid positive people.

I do think I’m seeing more cases now vs the first wave but a majority of these people that are going to the hospital were never vaccinated nor did they catch the virus in the first wave.

Coercion is not the answer in any case.

There was a situation where someone in a similar situation to you - caught COVID in December 2020; and tested that Antibodies still existed as recently as a month ago.

Agree with your statement: Coercion is NEVER the answer.

Absolutely. I was kind of let down to find out mine did not last. I should have been fairly consistently exposed. I think this just relies on the individual. A coworker of mine in a similar situation caught Covid a few months after me. She has no signs of any antibodies.

thanks for your considered response here. one reason that natural immunity is more effective than the shots, including even in the short term before the effects of the shots wears off, is that the shots only target the spike protein and not the entire virus. natural immunity targets the whole virus- all its other parts.
however, the situation is much more complicated.
the data clearly shows that immediately after every iteration of shots more people die. the deaths occur within 48 hours of rollout in large numbers, which is entirely consistent with vaccine induced deaths and not possible from the disease itself. If you look at my previous, linked, posts you will find this in over 90 countries. in particular, note the island which had zero covid until the vaccines arrived.

I hope that people can open there eyes and see the reality. Even here in India the people are forced to get vaccinated. Government is not paying the salaries to government employees if there are not vaccinated , they are not even allowed to come to the office if they are not vaccinated.

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I think that in uttar pradesh they used ivermdctin therapy and had better results than the shots. maybe research that if you haven't already.. maybe it will help. ❤

I feel this is a train wreck of senseless deaths and disabling side effects. Two of my friends are very ill from the second shots. God have mercy and stop this madness.

Until everyone rise up with one voice against forced vaccination, the oppression by the worlds governments will continue, no matter what the case may be (if the shots are truly good or bad), the choice to receive them should never be by force!

I have to wonder how much of that is that people who are vaccinated feel empowered to take more exposure risk than unvaccinated?

This is my problem with my job. If I have my staff sanitize like crazy, people will be more comfortable and less cautious. They might blame lack of sanitation when it was their own behavior.

90+ countries show increase in mortality immediately after vaccine rollout. Some small islands had zero deaths or even cases from covid until the vaccines and then immediately experienced deaths. The vaccine injury databases show it is quite possible that the shots have killed more people than COVID19 has in many world regions.

I believe it.

But, of course, they'll blame the unvaccinated for killing them.

The doublespeak is intentional. They act like parents that make decisions based off of google searches.

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Off topic just wanted to give you this link. Another hole they are digging.

Almost all the country suffering from covid19.Just that some country are living with it after being vaccinated

Damn, That's so pathetic.

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