Iconic Sherwood Forest, Home of Robin Hood, Becomes 5G Enabled To Support Augmented Reality & Robotic Dogs!

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Despite Robbin Hood's best intentions it seems that maybe the Sheriff of Nottingham is finally fighting back. Merging the past with the present is an important part of creating a coherent future, but unfortunately, the soulless portion of humanity seems hell bent on mixing in copious amounts of denials in with the 'progress'. Britain's iconic Sherwood Forest now has 5G and robot dogs!

The insane replacement of the natural world and core human nature with as much technology that is capable of surveillance as physically possible continues apace. The idea that an entire forest would become internet enabled would have been satire not so long ago and yet here we are. As the BBC reports: Sherwood Forest set for 5G upgrade and robot dogs!

Sherwood Forest is the legendary home of Robin Hood, who 'stole from the rich to give to the poor' - but unlike authoritarian communist regimes, he didn't then build up an imposing surveillance state to impose his ideas on everyone else. Today's Sherwood Forest is about to be invaded by quite an opposing force to Robin Hood - with high speed internet, augmented reality and robotic dogs being inserted to create some kind of holographic movie set to 'benefit businesses'!

Nottinghamshire county councillor Keith Girling said the 25-month project had the potential to attract "millions" of pounds of tourism trade.

"It's going to draw attention to Nottinghamshire, which has got to be a good thing for investment," he said.

Source: BBC

The robot dog is only described as being used to access areas that are normally difficult to reach - so it isn't clear exactly what purpose it will be used for. I suspect it is perhaps mostly being used to test the technology and sell it on to governments for wider applications in the future. The 5G domination of the natural landscape will enable this, but given the short reach of 5G tech there will likely need to be a ridiculous number of transmitters installed which I suspect strongly will negatively impact the wildlife and trees substantially.

At a time when hundreds of millions of people have been forced into poverty due to COVID19 restrictions and Britain has more people using food banks to access food than ever before - I have to question what the real motives are for converting a forest to run high speed internet! Who exactly is asking for this? I highly doubt a single person from the public even thought of it, let alone asked for it to be setup. Unfortunately, as with other countries, the government and councils tend to be heavily influenced by businesses seeking to direct tax payer money for their own benefit, while dressing it up as 'service to the public'.

No doubt many will see this as a symbolic beginning of a new level of insertion of soul-less technology into public life and they are probably right.

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This makes me wanna cry .........

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It's messed up, yes.. But never underestimate the power of emotional expression - when fear doesn't hold us back, emotions carry out the waves of intention way beyond our expectations!

The authority hopes the stronger signal can be used to offer visitors an augmented reality headset to view an immersive Robin Hood-themed film.

Go to the woods to escape the urban technology jungle and enjoy technology. SMH

Only an 'authority' would dream up the destruction of nature to invite people to explore an anti authoritarian legend.

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