"COVID19 Shots Are A Crime Against Humanity" - US Expert in Virology & Immunology.

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Dr. Ryan Cole MD is a Pathology specialist and operator of a large independent lab in Idaho. He has treated patients for 18 years. He is an expert in virology and immunology. Here he speaks frankly about the health risks associated with the COVID19 shots, the unethical nature of the behaviour of other Doctors, employers and government agencies promoting the shots and how people can protect their rights and retain bodily autonomy if they choose to reject the COVID19 shots.


I posted about Dr. Ryan Cole a few weeks ago as he presented information about COVID19 treatment that contradicted the mainstream narrative and which seriously questioned the safety and trustworthiness of the thinking of government agencies.

In a new interview he goes even further and states the following:**

  • COVID19 shots are untested long term and are classed as 'investigational'.
  • Forcing participation in medical experimentation through causing them to lose their jobs is equivalent to what nazi scientists were hung for in World War 2.
  • Many healthcare workers will quit rather than be injected - despite management threatening them. Healthcare systems will result in massive staff shortages.
  • Delta is a less virulent and dangerous virus. The shots being used for COVID19 are not designed for delta. The shot would not be authorised for use for delta based on statistical results.
  • The Covid19 shots can result in adverse reactions (autoimmune disease) in people who are vaccinated who are already carrying the virus. Also, people who have previously had Covid who receive the vaccine are similarly at risk of injury.
  • Delta variant was transmitted at 7 times higher rate among vaccinated people than unvaccinated people! The vaccines are 'leaky'.
  • Emergency authorisation act in the US for the COVID19 shots states that the shots cannot be used if an alternative treatment exists. This is why Ivermectin is being blocked and discredited.
  • COVID19 shot recipients have lower rates of T Cells, meaning that natural immunity is lowered as a result of the shots. He has seen a huge increase in the cases of certain viruses among shot recipients.
  • 20 times increase in certain types of cancers seen in his patients.
  • Pfizer shot study on animals showed 16% decrease in fertility in rats.
  • Doctors are violating their oath by promoting the shots.
  • Doctors he works with are saving 80-90% of patients using non vaccine protocols for treatment.
  • Doctors are violating their oath by supporting pushing of COVID shots.
  • COVID19 is not a pandemic, cases are at endemic levels.
  • Immune support and natural immunity are the smart path for care. Prevention is better than cure.
  • Chance of Ivermectin NOT having a beneficial effect on COVID19 patients is almost nothing.
  • If the COVID19 shots were put forward for full approval, their performance and injury rate would result in immediate rejection and blockage on usage. This is possibly why they are listed only as for emergency use in the US.
  • COVID19 Shots should not be used for treatment.
  • Children survive COVID19 almost 100%. Vaccinating them is a terrible idea. Heart inflammation is common among young men following vaccination.
  • Universities that are mandating vaccines are acting criminally. It is a violation of all medical ethics and morals.
  • The claim that the delta variant is a 'variant of the unvaccinated' is a lie.
  • The delta variant is basically equivalent to the common cold in the unvaccinated. The delta variant is weaker than the older ones.
  • The vaccinated are developing systems as a result of delta variant MORE than the unvaccinated.
  • High percentage of animals who were vaccinated against SARS CoV1 later died when exposed to a wild variant of the virus.
  • Coronavirus vaccines have a terrible historic safety track record.
  • The use of the COVID19 shots are a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.
  • Natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity. You end up with broader immunity with natural immunity.
  • Underlying health conditions put people at an increased risk of adverse reactions to the shots.
  • Religious exemptions apply to the COVID19 shots due to the inclusion of aborted fetal cells in them (plus if you are vegan due to animal testing).

As you can see, he is not holding back! Given the various other posts from experts I have been sharing recently, plus my own research - I seriously suggest everyone take the time to study the facts here from all sides before deciding your own health destiny!

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Up is down nowadays :D, so it's highly important not to listen to the mainstream narrative and make your own research, like you did.

I know you also mentioned George Malone in another post, but there are now countless doctors speaking out on the dangers of the V, like the frontline doctors, the WHO whistle blower Astrid Stuckelberger, and of course if you haven't yet, join the Telegram group of "the 5th Column"

Mate, order some gluthatione online to get rid off that graphene oxide attacks, if you hang out with people that took the clotshot.

Ahoy! I think you mean Robert Malone - the alleged inventor of mRNA vaccine tech?
I hadn't heard of Astrid, but I just watched an interview with her, thanks for sharing of her - she is definitely someone to amplify too. :)
I just looked for that telegram group but I think it might have been deleted - do you have a link to it?
Graphene Oxide is something I am looking into at the moment, along with some other topics. There's a lot to study before I can draw any conclusions.
Wishing you well!

Yes of course Robert Malone, I will leave my first comment ^^ unedited though haha.

I will share with you the telegram channel on discord (La Quinta Columna). They were the first one to disclose Graphene Oxide in Pfizer sample, as you said I am waiting for more samples to be studied by other people too, that could confirm any claims.

Take care buddy!

hehe, excellent, thanks!

My pleasure

hola realmente<se escucha tanto que sirven, que matan personas, que son experimentales que debe ser decision propia quien se las colque

I've also experienced covid symptoms, the things I feel when pain loss of taste, smell, body pain, mild cough. My current scents are 80%.

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great information!

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I never experience COVID before and I never wish to experience it because I head from the people's that experience it and they testify that it was very deadly experience,and I advices everyone to protect his or her self for been vitine of covid

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Is there another platform that this video is on? It seems YouTube has removed this one. I was really interested in seeing it.

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