Comparing Death Rates of COVID19 to Influenza & Harm Caused By The Vaccines For Each

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Comparison of Infection Fatality Rates (IFR) Between COVID19 and Influenza

There have been numerous posts during COVID19 that have gone viral claiming to compare the death rate from COVID19 to the rate of death caused by Influenza. In general, the ones that went viral either said that COVID19 was similarly dangerous to Influenza or that COVID19 was far more dangerous than Influenza.

Since people like to defer their research to 'fact checkers', here is a page on this subject at entitled:
The lethality of COVID-19 is much higher than the flu; the Biden press corps didn’t say COVID-19 was a hoax

The page here goes into depth to explain how IFR is calculated and why some viral posts early on in the COVID19 saga were misleading when they said that COVID19 was similarly dangerous as Influenza.

The summary is that calculating IFR is not easy and the best we can do is look at a variety of sources of scientific analysis and make a guess based on those.

O’Driscoll and colleagues found a COVID-19 IFR of 0.5% for the USA[1]. In a large review of the available literature, Meyerowitz-Katz and Merone reported an IFR of 0.68% with the lowest IFR being 0.17% and the highest 1.7%[2]. The medical news outlet STAT also mentioned a similar IFR of 0.68% in Arizona. Therefore, it appears that a COVID-19 IFR of 0.1% would sit at the lower end of the range of IFR reported in the literature.

As far as the flu is concerned, the estimation of infections and deaths due to seasonal flu for the past years provides a way to determine the IFR. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 35.5 million people got the flu during the 2018-2019 flu season and 34,200 died from it, which yields an IFR of 0.1%. According to those CDC estimates, the flu IFR ranged from 0.1% to 0.17% from 2014 to 2019.

Therefore, the majority of studies find a COVID-19 IFR that is higher than that of the seasonal flu IFR. The claim that COVID-19 and the seasonal flu have similar IFR is thus an optimistic exaggeration based on cherry-picked data.

So they conclude that the rate of death from infections of COVID19 is perhaps at an average of about 0.68% (Note: This probably doesn't take into consideration that the PCR tests used for assessing COVID19 infection have been identified as hugely flawed by the US Health Departments and many others. The tests actually pick up Influenza cases and label them as COVID19).

The fact checker also concludes that the IFR for Influenza is around 0.1%.

So the IFR for COVID19 is said to be around 7 times higher than that of Influenza.

Possible deaths due to COVID19 or Flu Shots in the US VAERS Database

vaers flu shot deaths 2011-2021

source: VAERS (Medalerts)

Total deaths associated with Flu Shots in the US VAERS Database between 2011 and 2021 = 494.

vaers covid shot deaths 2011-2021

source: VAERS (Medalerts)

Total deaths associated with COVID19 Shots in the US VAERS Database between 2011 and 2021 = 13,967.

CDC flu shot doses 2008-2021



























source: CDC

Total Flu Shot Doses in the US Between 2011 - 2021 = 1534.2 Million or 1.534 Billion.

US COVID19 shot doses total

source: Bing COVID Tracker

Total COVID19 Shot Doses in the US = 410.2 Million.

Number Crunching

Total Flu Shot Doses in the US Between 2011 - 2021 = 1534.2 Million or 1.534 Billion.
Total deaths associated with Flu Shots in the US VAERS Database between 2011 and 2021 = 494.
This gives an average percentage of possible fatalities caused by the flu shots of 0.000032%.

Total COVID19 Shot Doses in the US = 410.2 Million.
Total deaths associated with COVID19 Shots in the US VAERS Database between 2011 and 2021 = 13,967.
This gives an average percentage of possible fatalities caused by the COVID19 shots of 0.0034%.

So the rate of fatalities may be 100 times higher for the COVID19 shots as compared to the flu shots. This means that your chance of dying from a COVID19 shot is possibly around 100 times higher than that of dying from an Influenza shot, based on the VAERS data.

As I have reported in a previous look at VAERS data, it is established by US Government research that VAERS is possibly up to 100 times under-reported - meaning that the actual count of possible deaths may be 100 times higher.

As previously explained, the rate of death after infection from COVID19 is stated as being around 7 times higher than from Influenza. However, the rate of reported deaths connected to the COVID19 shots is around 100 times higher than that of the Influenza shots, which means that there is a huge mismatch between the risk profiles of the two diseases and the associated vaccines.

If 7 people die from COVID19 infection for every 1 person that dies from Influenza infection then it's clear that COVID19 is a more dangerous problem, at present, than Influenza is. Whether this is because of a lack of longstanding adaptation to defend against Influenza or due to a fundamentally more dangerous capacity for harm within SARS CoV2 is debatable.

However, what is perhaps less debatable is that the risk of harm from COVID19 shots appears to be far higher than is the case from Influenza shots. So what should we conclude about the viability of the COVID19 shots when for every 1 person that takes an Influenza shot that dies in a connected way, 100 die from the COVID19 shots in a connected way?

On the surface, I'd say that the risk of harm from mass vaccination outweighs the risk of harm from the disease itself. Is this a reasonable conclusion?

Proponents of vaccination will argue that the data is fuzzy and we should just trust 'their' scientists. However, as previously pointed out many times, Pfizer and the other pharmaceutical companies are simultaneously among both the richest and most heavily fined for criminality corporations in history. They can and do easily manage to warp the statements made by many scientists and politicians in their favour.

Claiming that VAERS isn't a useful source of information is a bogus statement, since it is the primary source of data from the US on this topic and any flaws in VAERS should be similarly present in both the Influenza and the COVID19 data - meaning that any weaknesses should balance out when comparing Influenza data to COVID19 data.

For me personally, the fact that the data shows a 7 times higher risk of death from COVID19 than Flu, but a 100 times higher risk of death from the COVID19 shot than the flu shot, means that statistically, to ensure my own wellbeing I should be far less motivated to get a COVID19 shot than I am to get a flu shot.

Other people, who may be more at risk from COVID19 than I am, might think differently. However, most COVID19 deaths occur in the elderly population and we can see from the VAERS data (above) for COVID19 that equally, most of the deaths attributed to COVID19 shots are also in the elderly. This means that any logic that applies to my age group with regards the safety profile of the COVID19 shots should also apply to elderly people too.

Ultimately, the choice for your own body is yours. However, if people want to try to force others to be injected, they and the courts need to know exactly what is being forced here and who is responsible for the deaths involved.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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13,967/410,200,000 = 0.00003406585365

As a percentage that's 0.0034%. the number you quoted was 100 times larger. There is a huge difference.

The other calculation is 0.0000003219919176 which is 0.000032%

Covid vaccine is safe, and safer than getting covid. Flu vaccine is safer than the covid vaccines for sure but that doesn't mean people shouldn't get the covid vaccine. It is a personal choice

I have an issue with forcing vaccination to be able to do stuff. Vaccination of any kind should be totally voluntary

Ah yes, the precision of the percentages was off in both cases by two decimal places - I have no idea how I managed that - I have corrected it, thanks. However, since both of the calculations were off by the same amount, the conclusion of comparing the two figures remains exactly the same.

The measurement of how safe the COVID19 shots are is mostly based on data from databases like VAERS. As stated in the linked article and substantiated by numerous experts, these database are estimated to be under-reported by a factor of between 40 and 100 times. This means that whatever figures you have likely seen for their safety, you need to multiply the associated deaths and injuries by these numbers. At this scale I definitely would not call them safe.

Calling anything SAFE that is still experimental is foolish. The politicians and pharmaceutical companies producing the products are telling you the products are safe BEFORE they have had a chance to actually prove and conclude that. Furthermore they are actively going out of their way to stop anyone or anything that says otherwise.

The last two times I took a flu shot I got the flu badly within a week. One case within days. I stopped taking the flu shot (more than the decade ago) and I "may" have had the flu twice. Though maybe not even that in that time.

I am fairly certain my family and I had what is being called COVID in January of 2020. It felt like a nasty flu but did have some cyclic behavior that was new and I'd not experienced before. Plus family was tested for flu and pneumonia and both came back negative. This is before the CDC or WHO were saying anything about COVID. I was aware something was out there but it didn't yet have a name because I pay attention to more than just CDC and WHO.

At first I saw COVID as a potential huge threat.

Now I consider it far less of a threat than the flu.

The thing that is horrible and doing massive damage is the RESPONSE to COVID.

The things that have been done using it as an excuse are worse than any illness.

I think the best data I have shows that COVID19 is genuinely more challenging to many people than Influenza can be, but not massively so. The average age of death from COVID19 is around the same age as the average age of death from all causes - so basically it is the people who are most likely to die at any moment that have problems with it.

Yes, the response has pushed hundreds of millions into poverty and pushed many others over the edge into suicide, addiction and violence. In my own life, I have only had to deal with the non COVID related fallout from the COVID policies - including violent crime that has surged and people I know have been victims of. We can't control large numbers of people against their will and expect no backlash or negative consequences spiritually.

Unfortunately, we are still in the dark ages in many, many ways. The fact that people generally still haven't learned that 'control of others CAUSES many of the problems that it is thought that the control will solve' and also that 'punishment is not a necessary part of learning' is very disturbing to me - but it's also part of why I work so tirelessly to spread information!

Wait, are you saying in your analysis that these people died because they had Covid 19 vaccine and no covid but still died? Or do these numbers show that the people who were vaccinated and also had covid?

The VAERS database shows adverse reactions to drugs and vaccines, so yes, many people have died as a result of the shots who did not have COVID19. This is something that continually happens due to vaccines every year, but these new ones are particularly dangerous compared to many others. Typically, new vaccines take many years to develop and safety test, but in the case of these ones they have not even completed their full safety tests - which are due to complete in 2024. Everyone who receives one of these shots is part of the experiment, which is itself something they have not been properly informed of. This means that they have not given informed consent, which in turn is a violation of the Nuremberg code.

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