As The COVID World Order Continues Apace - Study The Lessons Of The Past To Make Sure You Are On The Right Side of History

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The current COVID19 situation is far more political than scientific, yet those involved in pushing oppressive ideologies will often deny this. The similarity of the situation to historically similar ones that led to the rise of horrific authoritarian regimes needs to be understood now if we are to thrive. With careful attention to detail and a willingness to learn, we can create a prosperous and happy future, but the future is bleak for those who continue to blindly trust authority figures with a proven track record of epic lies and exploitation dressed up as greatness and political service!


Authoritarian dictatorships such as Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Communist China/Vietnam/North Korea have/had a tendency to build their repressive regimes in specific ways that have caused the death and torture of millions along the way. The world has not yet recovered from the worst of these infections into the populous and we still have hundreds of millions of people trapped by them even today. We ignore the lessons from these experiences at our peril and yet few people in 'the west', it seems, have put any time at all into studying their legacy and form.

The huge gap between the understanding of many in society and the actual reality of what such authoritarianism means, leaves us at risk of repeating the mistakes of the past. A sad reality is that with 8 billion people alive, there are plenty among us who are potentially going to fall for the strange lure of such authoritarian ideologies. With COVID19 leading to ever more disturbing loss of human rights, it is imperative that we pay close attention to the similarities between our current situation and the circumstances that have led up to the epic scale tragedies of human history associated with the democide and genocides launched from the heartless and authoritarian ideologies that seek to dominate free will. While governments urge us to look out for 'domestic extremists', it is historically more accurate to highlight that those who facilitate centralisation of power and any loss of rights are far more deadly and dangerous than anyone looking to (relatively) extreme solutions (typically to extreme problems they face).

To spell this out in simple terms: We are more at risk from the rise of power crazed governments than we are from just about anything else.

Given that state sponsored mass murder of the state's own people accounts for more death than all pandemics during the last 100 years, what can we learn about the circumstances that led up to these tragedies? How can we prevent them? Fundamentally, are there any similarities between the COVID19 situation and the circumstances that led up to Nazi Germany and similar authoritarian regime nightmares?

I want to take you on a brief thought experiment journey through imaginationland.

The Shape of An Authoritarian Takeover

Typically, the largest authoritarian regimes have taken form through a series of events whereby they both promoted themselves as a solution to a problem and also took action to silence or murder any opposition. The net result of this is that the remaining population both thinks that the regime has something to offer and probably also lacks access to the most important evidence to the contrary, since the people who had that evidence are now dead. The Wikipedia page on Communist Mass Killings makes clear that from China to Russia, Yugoslavia and beyond, communist regimes explicitly target 'intellectuals' for round up and murder, since these people are among those best placed to inspire the population to reject the regime. While we are more than our intellect, without reason we lack the imaginative capacity to highlight the obvious evil that such regimes represent.

In pre war Germany, Adolf Hitler spun a ludicrous story about the ancestry of Germany, combined with explanations for Germany's current failures that led many German 'intellectuals' at that time to be enthralled and caused them to give their unwavering support. Germany was not doing well following World War 1 and the economic costs were very difficult for the population. By shifting the blame for Germany's situation onto Jews and other groups labelled as 'sub humans', Hitler catalysed the anger within the population and directed it in his chosen way (towards war and empire building with himself at the head).

So in Germany, the problems were :

  1. Loss of Self Respect.
  2. Failing Economy.
  3. Unwillingness To Take Responsibility For Their Role In The Creation of Their Problems.

The reaction to the problems were:

  1. Willingness to support 'radical' political ideologies based in fascism and rabid nationalism.
  2. Lots of finger pointing at outside groups as the source of the problems.

The solutions were:

  1. Segregating the population into accepted 'real Germans' and other categories who would later become the oppressors and the oppressed.
  2. Trying to build power and wealth through aggression and war in place of creativity and problem solving.
  3. Willingness to round up large numbers of people, enslave them in camps, steal their wealth and vampire their community in the name of justice.

The communist Bolsheviks in Soviet Russia blamed the Tsar (King) and the aristocracy for the problems of the Russian people and also sought to exterminate with extreme violence the types of people they blamed for their problems. After murdering and exiling the Russian monarchy, the communist revolutionaries set about trying to indoctrinate the population while stealing their resources and sending millions to their deaths for questioning the regime.

Such control of entire populations requires a significant degree of mind control and brainwashing, typically delivered via media outlets, schools and other indoctrination facilities. Those who think freely and question are typically removed. We see this too in communist China in a variety of ways, even today.

Once the mass of the population are convinced that their survival depends on support of the party line, just as in George Orwell's 1984, they will tend to gladly turn in or even kill their neighbours who they perceive to be 'a little bit too free'.

People will typically act in what they think is their own best interests, but once their own will is devalued, they often do the next best thing and act for what seems to be their own interests but which tends to actually be in the interests of only a few who are pulling the strings. So brainwashing and control is always based upon the devaluing of the individual and the idea that only state apparatus and large groups can be trusted. Orwell referred to this as 'groupthink' and today we can see it all around in many society's but not in the form of 'trust the party'. Instead, today's groupthink is in a far more palatable form for pseudo intellectual thinkers that are all too ready to 'trust the science' - never mind that science is literally the process of challenging and questioning assertions - which includes the ability of any individual to challenge long held beliefs about reality and health.

The COVID World Order

So with all this in mind, what do we imagine might come out of the current COVID control grid that is being implemented around the world? Does our current situation take a form that reflects the situations that led up to the terrible regimes of the past that left unspeakable tolls on our ancestors' psyches?

The problem we face, we are told, is a new form of virus (which may well have emerged from deliberate engineering in science labs in Wuhan, China) and that we are all at risk of dying from it if exposed. This immediately triggers our survival drive and the associated fear and anger - plus traumas and pain, that we both seek to avoid internally and also seek to not create more of. In short, a situation like this makes those in fear much more pliable and those who are angry, much more able to be used as controllers of the rest of the population.

The reaction is predictably, that people call for whatever they are led to think will keep them safe. Some call for strict controls on human freedom, some call for vaccines and others call for increased focus on natural health, among other things. The hysteria that is whipped up is sufficient for those in fear to agree to be timid and silent, while informing those with more anger when they see others who are dissenting from the proposed loss of freedom. The recent violence in Melbourne, Australia where police can be seen firing weapons at people seeking to protest their captivity after many months of non consensual control, are a good example of this. Many voices on social media speak up in support of this abuse of power as if there is no other possible action that can be taken. Despite plenty of scientific evidence demonstrating that the lockdowns and control do not create the benefits that some claim, the support for tyrannical violence and oppression continues!

Just like with communist and authoritarian regimes in the past, scientists and thinkers that speak up with valid concerns are censored and ridiculed for political reasons that are totally antithetical to science. Just like in the past, large numbers of the population are happy to see this censorship as they have believed the propaganda that says that these dissenting thinkers are dangerous. Unfortunately, many people are more than capable of living out their intent to overpower others while totally failing to think for themselves to find out whether their frozen viewpoints are actually correct. In short, many people are automatons at this point, programmed to control and not to think or question.

Instead of the fictitious image in Nazi Germany of Jews being enemy number 1 in the struggle for German prosperity and health, in the COVID arena it is the dreaded 'unvaccinated' that are enemy number 1. Those who dare to live as nature intended and to rely on their own body and energy to keep them safe, it is these who must be stripped of rights and essentially ridiculed and shunned. Perhaps they will be forced into the large quarantine and detention camps that are currently being built in England and Australia - it would only take a concerted media campaign to claim that a new variant is particularly dangerous and that it is the unvaccinated who are at fault, before significant percentages of the population, powered by denied rage, would support the forced captivity of those who seek to live naturally.

Can you see how this ancient war against free will continues today, all around? Can you see how it makes no difference whether the splits in society are political or 'scientific', the truth will always be denied and some will always be willing to crush others without a second thought - at least until healing takes place and the real causes of our problems are surfaced in meaningful ways.

We are seeing a continued attempt to demonise anyone who questions the 'political science theatre', even when the claims being made by the politicians are easily proven to be lies. While this may be laughable to some, it is said that many of the Jews in pre war Germany found the actions of the Nazi party to also be laughable until it was too late. We have ample examples in human history of great evil taking presence in society and seeking to dominate others on a grand scale using bogus claims and pseudoscience dressed up as fact. We need to be VERY careful to check all the possible angles on how we ourselves might have fallen for the false narrative, while being utterly convinced we are right.

We are currently also seeing that many groups of doctors and medical experts are trying to speak out against the images being portrayed by political scientists, with several major court cases in play around the world to try to expose wrongdoing - but will they succeed in a system that seems to be thoroughly controlled and where many wealthy people could lose the status, power and respect they crave when they are exposed to have been totally wrong? Only time will tell, but it makes sense for those who choose freedom to consider their options now.

It has always been those who choose freedom who stand up and take the action needed to keep humanity going and so we all need to do that now in every way possible. Not as a blind adherence to a fantasy or ideology of freedom, but in ways that are backed up with reason, logic and understanding that clearly and in every way, negates the narrative of control and domination of free will. The exact form that this takes is up to us but we need to avoid violence as much as possible - since, for one, violence never truly solves any problems and equally importantly, the weapons on this planet that are in the hands of tyrants are sufficient to end the entire planet and they don't really seem to care much for being exposed as who they really are!

Real Solutions

This is a complex situation and so the solutions are multi dimensional. One option is to 'fork the world', in the sense that those who do not want to go along with forcing people to comply with dictates and who choose their own unique, free will destiny path - do so. Not only that, they might refuse to serve those who attempt to enforce control policies, both in terms of not following 'orders' but also refusing to serve them via business services.

We also need to demonstrate real health through making inspired decisions that boost health in tangible ways. It is clear that vaccinated people are dying in large numbers. As I have covered in numerous previous posts, it is clear that 1-2 weeks following COVID19 shot rollouts, most regions experience a dramatic rise in deaths attributed to COVID19 - this video makes the point clearly:

Against such a poor record it is not difficult to demonstrate good health, yet it seems that many continue to deny the truth here - partially due to a failure to understand maths/health and partially due to investment in their own prior life/death/health decisions not being proven to be wrong.

People who see the perilous nature of our current situation for what it is - a very real potential doorway for a new level of authoritarian nightmare, need to unite and work together to create the future they truly need. Pooling of resources and the use of uncensored, decentralised technology such as the Hive blockchain is paramount. It is no coincidence to me that the 'billionaire' from Wuhan, China - Justin Sun - just happened to move in to buy up and censor the Steem blockchain just as COVID19 started. Uncensored communication is powerful. Reality begins in imagination and in thinking/emotion, so being able to limit communication is a primary tool in the arsenal of the psychopathic would-be dictator.

Finally, but absolutely fundamentally, we must enshrine respect for free will in all things that we do. This one decision alone, if done correctly, is enough to turn the tide here. Free will means that you get to do whatever you want to do, as long as you don't overpower the will of others. This creates a dynamic balance that can sustainably ensure the wellbeing of all, provided there is a shared intent to hold the balance points with integrity. Humanity has never yet achieved this, but we have also never had the tools of mass communication that we have today - just one viral post about free will could be all that it takes to inoculate future generations against the very real and ancient plague of heartlessness and the epidemic of denial!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Does Ureka use it's own set of accounts or am I supposed to be able to login with my Hive account and Posting key?

At present, ureka doesn't have blockchain integration. It did work with Steem and I put the code together to convert it to Hive but had to stop due to covid before it went live. At the moment I am considering mothballing the current version and launching a hive powered ureka site and coin - but I have a few other projects to complete first to raise funds.

I fully expect the death jab to set a new record in mass murder within two years

You know here in the USA medical malpractice is a major cause of death. Most Dr's just subscribe pills and never care to follow the job of healthcare. They don't care at all. They became a Dr for the cash not for peoples lives.
What if Dr's had to submit to minimum wage?
I think there would be a shortage forever!

I would love for US healthcare to be transparent. I don't see accountability when things go wrong.

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In Australia, at the shrine of remembrance, government agents open fire with huge rubber bullets capable of serious damage, at a crowd of people with women and children around -for protesting peacefully.

And still the people do not remember the dangers of allowing tyranny to go unchecked.

How many divine messages must the people bear witness to, before they see?

So much is driven by greed anymore.

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