"40% of Autopsied Covid19 Deaths Within 2 Weeks of Vaccination Were Caused BY Vaccine" - Top German Pathologist

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A chief pathologist at a German university has claimed that around 40% of the autopsies he performed on deceased recipients of COVID19 vaccines showed the death to have been caused by COVID19 vaccines and not from other causes. Despite facing criticism from political sources he continues to hold his stance.


Continuing my dive into the ongoing discovery of information surrounding the safety of the experimental COVID19 shots that are currently being given to global populations, I today highlight the testimony of Peter Schirmacher, the director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg.

I have previously reported on the US pathologist and UN/WHO researcher who are among many who have claimed that the COVID19 shots are dangerous or not what they are being promoted as. Please also review my recent article examining whether the COVID19 shots are driving transmission and increasing death rates.

Peter Schirmacher

Peter has made headlines in the last few days for stating that out of 40 autopsies of who died within two weeks of being vaccinated, 30 to 40 percent of them died from the vaccination itself. Perhaps coincidentally, this story arises at the same time it has been reported that more than 23,000 German Doctors have withdrawn from the vaccination program

Schirmacher assumes that 30 to 40 percent of them died from the vaccination. In his opinion, the frequency of fatal consequences of vaccinations is underestimated - a politically explosive statement in times when the vaccination campaign is losing momentum, the delta variant is spreading rapidly and restrictions on non-vaccinated people are being discussed.
source: Ausburger Allgemeine

Originally reported in Ausburger Allgemeine, his claims were met with criticism by some of his peers - however, he stands by them.

Schirmacher insists on his opinion. "My colleagues are definitely wrong because they are not able to assess this specific question competently," he responded. He doesn't want to spread panic and is by no means opposed to vaccinations, says the professor, who says he himself had himself vaccinated against corona .
source: Ausburger Allgemeine

Given that he has published several studies, his work is funded by the German government via taxpayers contributions and he himself was previously included in a top 100 list of powerful pathologists, his opinion is taken seriously.

The state supports the Covid-19 autopsy research of the university pathologies with around 1.8 million euros. Schirmacher heads the autopsy project. The findings of more than 200 autopsies so far have led, among other things, to better treatment and ventilation of Covid sufferers
source: Ausburger Allgemeine

The New American Comments that:

The Federal Association of German Pathologists is also urging more autopsies of vaccinated people. Johannes Friemann, head of the autopsy working group in the association, stressed such a practice is the only way to exclude or prove connections between deaths and vaccinations. Reportedly, the group requested Health Minister Jens Spahn in March to promote the practice, but the response is still pending. The silence from the minister is perceived as unsettling, since the deeper research would help find medical exemptions for taking the vaccines, discover potentially harmful components in vaccines’ formula, allow for improvements to the vaccine in the future, and potentially save thousands of lives. Since the initial data presented by Schirmacher is so troubling, it may be assumed authorities who object to initiating further studies are pursuing some goals that have little connection with medical science or healthcare.

Given that a class action lawsuit has recently been launched in Hawaii that alleged that the true number of deaths among the US vaccinated population is far higher than has been made public, this latest claim from Germany deserves to be taken seriously.

My own investigation into the European database for vaccine injuries is far from conclusive but certainly appears to show in a logical way that it is quite possible that a massive number of injuries from the vaccines are going unreported - the data is simply not well maintained enough for us to know either way with certainty and so reports from pathologists need to be taken all the more seriously as a result.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Just want you to know there are many of us reading your post. I don't support hive or any of the criminals that run this place so we don't say much anymore.

I knew in jan 2020 about event 201 I did my own homework about flu cases before then. I discovered that there was no worldwide excess death from anything. That the flu had disappeared and this new not novel thing was replacing the flu cases. I did this math in jan 2020 with world wide morbidity statistics. The numbers were not adding up to the news stories.

Then I sold a car in march. The Mom of a RN. The Rn came with her mom to get the car, RN from a major hospital around me.

She told me before that this time last year in march 2019 they were in code yellow because of so many people with the flu. That this year march 2020 they had 0 cases. She told we they knew better but were scared. Everything was being called covid.

I then discovered Starlink and that blew me away. It is a weapon not a communication device. It can be used for communication but that is not the intent. Look into MM waves to understand. They are releasing 60 starlink satellites every 2 weeks. When I saw them, there were hundreds. I saw it in April 2020. Its incredible what I saw with my own eyes that night. Starlink is not the only one doing 5G satellites in low earth orbit.

This is all linked to ID2020 And other cattle control programs. Neuralink PROFUSA Just a few it is maddening what they are planning.

Bill Gates MIT

This told me I was correct in my work. I have discovered that this is a plan to reduce the population of mankind. Just wait till the Climate Change Lockdowns begin. Annotated 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Document. Or here
We are in trouble, human kind, the new rule

the end justifies the means

has gained power over all of our lives. Those in control will claim it is for the earths life. They hope for the destruction not the life. They believe it must happen. Complete destruction of everything to get to 0 carbon!

Hi, thanks for sharing. Yes, I am aware of all of this information. There are newspaper headlines from Britain going back to 2018 iirc that show that winter flu had reached levels that were worse than COVID was at the point I looked into it - and yet no-one batted an eyelid. A new threat was engineered it seems.
The problem with a lot of the documentation and even Event 201 and other 'simulations' is that they 'seem' 'normal' if you aren't willing to consider large scale even plots - plus we lack definite proof of the big picture agenda. That being said, the circumstantial evidence is enough for any sane person to remain extremely vigilant.
For those that are unaware, the events of the 911 twin tower destruction coincided with large scale US air force 'simulations' of a very similar form of attack on America - leaving air traffic controllers on that day confused. There have since been numerous examples of 'terror attacks' where simulations either coincided or were very near chronologically and in other ways. When you dive into this deeply it becomes apparent that this is very unlikely to be random.

The fact that they blocked known respiratory drugs, and forced a protocol of Remdesivir a very fatal and toxic drug. This is from Dr Brian Ardis in Texas. As Well that fact that the control and unity of the world companies and governments shows how long this plan has been.

Then the patents april 25 2003
CDC filed for patent #us 7776521B1 Coronavirus isolated from humans
Under 35 USC 101 Nature can not be patented so The corona has to be a bio weapon or the patent is illegal. If corona was manufatured it is a vilolation of treatys and international law.

In May 2007 CDC filed a petition to have the patent for corona kept secret.
Patent for dection of corona filed by cdc in 2007 US 7220852 and a patent for a kit to measure it Patent number US 7776521

Because of this they controlled who could look or work with corona.
I know much more but will leave it here. It is very clear there is a plan to remove all nationalism and begin full fledged top down BS worldwide rule. Just like what happened at steem.
The crooks here should let you know how things will become under this new order. Only the richest crooks get away with the crimes then little guys get slammed for pennies.

Thanks, yes, I am about to post on Brian Ardis and Remdesivir, but it requires quite a lot of reading to look into the trials etc.

If you didn't already, I suggest checking out Dr. David Martin on the history of Coronavirus patents.

I got the three patent numbers from Dr David Martin. I looked them up. they are legit numbers from the US patent office. I think those three matter the most.

Then the patents april 25 2003
CDC filed for patent #us 7776521B1 Coronavirus isolated from humans
Under 35 USC 101 Nature can not be patented so The corona has to be a bio weapon or the patent is illegal. If corona was manufatured it is a vilolation of treatys and international law.
In May 2007 CDC filed a petition to have the patent for corona kept secret.
Patent for dection of corona filed by cdc in 2007 US 7220852 and a patent for a kit to measure it Patent number US 7776521

Something from 2018 I found today https://grolltex.com/the-future-of-graphene-and-5g/

Thanks, yes, graphene oxide is another topic I am looking into.. Way more complicated than the others!

I have been tracking the crimes of the tribe for 40 years. The twin towers was a big eye opener for many.

Lockstep 2010 Rockefeller Foundation/John Hopkins School plan from 2010

Why the hell would a person in the know not be against vaccinations?

Good question. Denial is a hell of a drug!

Somebody please debunk what ura-soul just said above. I don't want to believe it.

Put your muzzle on and submit to the death jab you conspiracy theorist

Posted via proofofbrain.io

It's quite easy to shuffle data around, either accidentally or on purpose, and my educated guess is that many of the vaccine injuries/diseases/deaths are absorbed into the overall Covid-category.

Absolutely, yes - a lot of financial gain to be had by boosting covid figures and making vaccines look safe.. lots of money and status to be lost if things go the other way. This reason alone means the population requires extreme vigilance to be present, but it is not.

In Indonesia, dr Louis Owen said that covid was a fake pandemic. She said that the death was because drug interaction while hospitals were treating the covid patients. PCR test was a devil tools. Vaccination was a business. What then after that? dr louis was caught by Indonesian police officers. However, the police released her after interrogation. I am sure that the court and police officers did not dare bring the case to the trial because dr louis said that she had a scientific argumentation of her statements.

More people in Indonesia do not trust to covid diseases. It is just a flu that will soon recover. Besides that, most death cases in Indonesia were hospitalized covid patients. I trust dr Louis instead of whiology doctors.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Thanks for sharing! Humans have an immune system and white blood cells, but some people are humanity's 'white blood cells' too - they move to repel invading ideas that do harm. We will soon see this in action globally to repel the false ideas that have been inserted into us!

You're doing an incredible job here; where they can't delete it. Keep up the great work, keep reminding us we're not alone; that we're not crazy.

Thankyou - I intend to keep amplifying logic and voices that provide us with the necessary evidence and insight to increase freedom and health for all!

Thank you for this. I'm one of those people debating whether to get vaccinated or not. I recovered from Covid-19 last April and doc/nurses say I don't have to but everyone else, local govt included, seem to think I do, haha.

You are welcome. I am not in a position to provide expert advice, but I have seen numerous experts saying that if you have had COVID then you should have excellent natural immunity. The 'delta' variant is common now, which may not be what you had and so I am not clear how well you will be protected, but the vaccines don't seem to protect against Delta anyway and some experts are saying that the vaccines may actually do harm if the patient is infected with Delta. Wishing you well.

Ya...it's so confusing/frustrating...especially with the travel restrictions based on vaccinations and even brand of vaccination.

Nice. Never forget. Go to ground zero:

Until today - even after 1.5 years nobody could ever isolate a C virus and/or reprodce it.
There is no virus and the vaccines are based to kill a computer simulated fictive lierus.

Focus on solutions instead of problems

The topic of virus isolation is an interesting one I've been learning about but haven't posted on yet. It does indeed seem that there are major problems with the isolation of many viruses that most people are totally unaware of.

If there is no virus. Sure they have „problems“ isolating it.

Like HIV
A friend of mine did research about HIV in Zürich at the university for many years and found out it is caused by drug consume and not a sexual transmittable virus. Media didn’t want to publish anything about it. (I moved 2013 so it was earlier)

If a virgin gets hiv it can’t be a sexual transmittable disease/virus or whatever

The studies are public as far as i know

Are viruses something we should be scared of? Dr Andrew Kaufman claims viruses are exosomes and just the result of toxicity. I agree that it is like the puss of a splinter. The splinter is the problem not the puss!

Injection deaths are being covered up here in new zealand too.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Interesting article. Still, the governments deny the facts about the deadly vaccines.

When you watch Dr David Martin who shows that they have been building a corona spike disease and the vaccine for over 20 years you understand this is about death not life!

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Nice article!

The question I keep on asking my self is does that mean Government have no solution to put full stop to this pandemic disease?

Posted via proofofbrain.io

They can inject their crap wherever they want, but not in my veins... !LUV !BEER !PIZZA

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40 autopsies
30%—40‰ of 40 cases?
Is he talking about maximum 16 people? Have I interpreted the numbers correctly?

To my understanding, yes, you have interpreted the numbers correctly. Autopsies are time consuming and not typically performed in high numbers, as I understand. Such data needs to be understood and explored.

Surely the data must be explored and understood ... But I think two things. First: to demand attention on data that "must be explored and deepened", means to create alarmism unnecessarily ("oh my God look! There are 16 deaths because of vaccine! I told you "they" want to kill population!") ... Second: there are experts (the world scientific community) who have already discussed those numbers, have already calculated them because it is part of the scientific and medical process.
This is my little opinion based on the fact that everyone in life needs to be cared for. And when we are sick we go to the doctor and rely on his knowledge. Because when you are sick you take the medicines that are assigned to you. Without controversy, without conspiracy, without doubts.
Pretending that there is a gigantic plan to kill the world's population (because there are too many of us on the planet and we have to balance consumption and money revenues) is just the usual desire to look at the mysterious plot against us
The plot of the planes of September 11 no one talks about it anymore, the plot of the aliens in area 51 no one talks about it anymore, the plot that there are reptilians among us no one talks about it anymore ...
In two years when the population will be vaccinated and (with a new vision, perhaps, of the world) we will continue to live, no one will talk anymore about microchips and strange deaths from the vaccine.
Because the cases of fatality are always there.
We sared every time a plane falls and 200 people die... We accuse large companies of wanting only profit against us... And then we individually create more deaths ourselves with our cars every day in the world.
What conspiracy are we talking about? We do more damage to each of us daily to ourselves and to the planet.

I don't know why my edit is no working... Some bad typo appeared... I write here the edit.

"You scare us I love every time a plane falls and 200 people die... We accuse large "

We are scared every time a plane falls...