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RE: PoB - first post and How to use your Voting Power

in Proof of Brain7 months ago

I spent several hours last week writing a post for a 'development fund' idea that I had. I ran it by someone (with a long and deep history with Steem and Hive) to get some feedback before posting it and found out that it violates one of the fundamental "THOU SHALT NOTs" that I did not know about -- 'comment farming'.

That's a shame, because what I was proposing would've created a more decentralized approach to funding new development ideas, and would've made it easier for whales using auto-voting bots to focus their curation towards development ideas rather than muddying up the manual-curation waters (something I've written about here and here).

I might still propose the idea, but I will have to craft it as a two-fold proposal -- one to change the outright ban on 'comment farming' for a more nuanced approach and one to explain my original proposal-funding idea.

The 'rules of the community' idea I presented here could address this issue as well. For that matter, we should allow new tribes to establish their own rules such that if someone posts something exclusive to that tribe, it should only be evaluated and adjudicated based on the rules of that tribe -- that is the true spirit of decentralization (imho).

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