What's the best VPN with Russian Servers?

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I'd like to know what's the best VPN with Russian servers so I can watch streaming with quality and minimal buffering.

Not too long ago the Russian government gave an ultimatum to VPN companies: either they share logs and details from customers or stop running servers in the country. Following that decision the most known VPN companies such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN and Surfshark ceased to run Russian servers. So those are out of the question.

So far I've been using FastestVPN but the streams are too slow even though Speedtest shows the connection is over 50MB/s.

I'm not too worried about having my details shared with Mr Putin... I'd just like to be able to watch Geo-blocked content with quality. 😆

If you have any ideas, please share and explain your recommendations.

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Try windscribe 😉

I don't know that one. But it's a bit expensive and it looks like people are having trouble connecting to Russian servers.

This is not very practical and won't work on Android TV.

thats aCanadian one...

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You should look for a online blog in the OpenVPN community, there is probably someone who knows someone who hosts a OpenVPN server for this reason in Russia. This service is free and usually not promoted, also completely decentralized.

For context, some related tech/software

  • OpenVPN (runs on windows, runs on routers)
  • IPFS (Runs on most OS, decentralized file share)
  • CJDNS (Decentralized DNS incase you are being geolocked even when using a VPN)

If you look through communities of those 3 softwares you will likely come across a decentralized solution you won't have to pay for.

Report back here if you find any good fruit in tge underworld lol

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you may try 'Antizapret

Privado is a good one. It is very cheap and fast. They offer I think free 10 GB to test. I used it few times and it is much better than Express VPN.