Hostility means destruction, why and how?

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Violent World

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The cause of the destruction of enmity. Hostility is not good for our lives. Our normal life is damaged and disrupted due to hostility. Enmity serves Evil's purpose to the detriment of both parties.

We all have enemies in our lives. Sometimes we create enemies ourselves by doing wrong things. Or others themselves become our enemies. You will see some people becoming your enemies for no reason.
Again, other people may be your enemies for a variety of reasons. Among these factors is property. Those who want to take away your property illegally are hostile to you. Even if you are an honest person and protest against injustice, you will still have many enemies. But protesting injustice is a good thing. This means that even if you do good deeds, enemies can be created.

There are many enemies around you who are known as friends with you. If you hit them with a small knife in their interest, their mask will be removed. You will see the appearance of their enemies. With a little ingenuity, you can recognize them.
If you pick a good person, they will probably react for a while. Later he will forget everything and try to benefit you. Wish you all the best. But the one who will try to harm you by remembering this little bit for a long time will understand that he is your enemy and bad man.

Bad people are not just rich people who will say I don't care about you. Bad people can also be those who are poor. They will not think about your social importance. They will not worry about their position when they hurt you. Even among the poor people there are rude and bad people.

Hostility is like a drug that is extremely harmful to humans. When a person is addicted to drugs, he has various health risks. Drugs kill people. Playing drugs will be a loss. In the same way, you will and will be harmed if you try to be hostile. It will stop at your expense.

People don't think about the extent of their own loss before making animosity with someone. They think they will benefit. But the amount of damage you do can be much greater than the amount of hostility you do. There is no doubt about it.

There is violence in people's minds. Crime is born out of violence. Any harm to others can be done by a jealous and selfish person. At the same time the jealous person can cause a lot of damage. Going to the jail, you can understand something by looking at the convicted criminals and the convicts who have been sentenced to death.

There are various difficulties in the life of a bad person. People in the society hate them. In fact, bad people are hated, aren't they?

If you look at a bad person, you will see how ugly and ugly their face has become. This is also a kind of punishment.

You will see in the movies, the hero looks very beautiful and it is scary to see the villain because the villain looks horrible. Movies are made according to the psychology of human thought, isn't it?

Peaceful World

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The reasons for the society to be dirty, uninhabitable are enmity, violence and various crimes. If we want to make the society beautiful, we have to separate the society from these. It is not possible to do that completely. So these things have to be reduced.


Enmity is transformed into crime. Crime is transformed into destruction. It is possible to build a beautiful life by forgetting enmity but it is possible to ruin life by enmity. So let us forget enmity and live a beautiful life

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You're right. The villians in movies are always ugly, especially horror movies.

And yes, people go about making enemies without even knowing. Things like this could lead to disharmony.