Brain exercise !! Our brain need some exercise !!

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Let's do some brain exercise . Try to look at the chart and say the colour not the word in 20 seconds. You can play this with your friend or family .


The right brain try to say the colour , but he left brain insist to read the words.

This is another test to our brain . What colour of this shoe ? Is it grey green or white pink?


Let's try another picture ? What is this dress colour? Are you team black blue or white gold?


Ok . This is interesting. When i send the picture to other friend , i can see there is two different answer from them. This actually has become trending tweet before. So, what is the answer ? Ready for the answer or shall we ask more people to answer ?

Click here for the shoe answer

Click here for the dress answer

So , yes . You are right !!!
I hope the picture give you good brain exercise .

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Tricky. 😊

Vans are grey green.

Dress is black blue. 😂

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I see grey green . But the dress is white gold .

Interesting little trick. I do have to really focus to read the colors and not the words...
Grey/Green and Black/blue... But I wish the videos were digging a bit more into the reasons for the brain to pick the different interpretations

Good exercise for our brain .

I tried reading the colours, its actually quite difficult, I did it in 20.5 seconds..
I think the shoe is Grey
the dress to me is blue and black for sure. I don't know how you can see gold and white?

Haha i read it slow and finish 40 second hehe . I know right , why the colour is so different . Lmao

gray green and black blue dress and the colors, going well, until I get to the word Green in black hahahaha it costs a bit to do it thanks for the exercise ...

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Cheers !!! Hehe


I swear I miss out

I kept saying the words instead of the colors the words came with


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Same with me . Omg