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r Akerue, whilst an engaging and almost convincing narrative, your hypothesis is unfortunately flawed."

This utterance alone can land one into fulltime depression
I just hope he finds his eureka moment

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I used this to tie in with the meaning of !Akerue. Mr !akerue is a fictional character. No actual people in the story were harmed in this production ;-) But yes, my wish and hope for him is that when he has time to reflect and hears of Einstein's theories, he will recall that conversation with the man in the corner and remember that it took him 15 years as it had been "relatively complex" :-) I hope he then draws inspiration from that and does a double down on correcting any flaws in his hypothesis so that it may one day be published and deliver him and others that long pursued Eureka moment. The beauty of leaving the story as I did is that the reader is free to imagine any future that they wish for the main character, and all remain valid options. The choice is yours :-)

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