No where is safe (Theft)

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Gone are the days when people have respect for certain places or things, the honor and regard given to those places were on the high level, not now that everything has changed.

I spoke to my friend last two weeks who stays far away from where I stay. Due to that, we hardly see each other but we engage in video calls and chats. We had gisted for more than an hour on phone which later resulted in her coming to visit while she still has the opportunity.

The following week, on a Tuesday morning, i went to book a space for her from the registered bus station that ply where I stay and hers, its like 10-15hours journey. I booked a space for her, called her and sent her necessary information towards the day she would be traveling.
We were communicating very well as regard her traveling, o God! She has not been here since high school. Places and things have changed.

Two days for her to travel, i called her number but it wasn't going through, I called her throughout, i kept on calling, have series of thinking and negative imagination going on on my mind, what could have happened, I frequently asked myself, I called the sister, she told me same story as mine, I was so worried regarding her traveling appointment and everything, the last thing she told me was, she was going to church I was thinking in my head. No family around to check up on her, no friends that I know to help reach her. I got confused and worried of what might have happened. No knowledge about her journey.

I was just resting on my couch this afternoon when I herd my bell sound, i looked through to see who, it's Sunday, I ain't expecting anyone.
I was surprised when I saw my friend in front of my house, I was shocked, because I wouldn't have imagined her knowing her way to my house since these years, things have really changed.

I barely allowed her to enter before I started questioning her about her whereabouts, the sister and I couldn't reach her for days now.

Then, she broke the odd news, after which she told me about her going to a church service, while in a praying session, her phone and some valuables got stolen, i was shocked to hear that kind of a bizarre story, i yelled "even in the church, that's very bad".

We are in the 21st century, yet things and people are getting worse day by day, how on earth will a person go to the church to steal. No immunity for the church and God again. I thought the church is a sacred place, an holy ground , no respect in the house of God.
I could not believe she had to travel without a phone. Let's all be careful, bad people are everywhere
Thank God for life and safe trip. Happy sunday

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Happy Sunday to you and your friend. These days people don’t fear what does not instantly punish them for wrong doing or misconduct. God is patient, and would not instantly destroy instant doers, most times they think they have outsmart God, which is not possible, nemesis will surely catch up no matter how long.

Safe travels back home to your friend, she should be more careful and watchful next time she is in a public environment no matter how sacred.

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I was so surprised when she told me nothing else but that it happened in the church.

Thank you for the comment

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