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RE: The Simulation Hypothesis, Religion, Deism, and Time... (Part 3) - How can you tell?

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I remember a peculiar glitch in GTA5 online, where when a buddy would leave the server while, say in your car, and their avatar would stay and get hijacked by the artificial general intelligence. So then, if you pull over or come to a stop, it would leave. If you wanted, you could follow that avatar of your friend for quite some time, but the moment you took your eyes off of them even for a hot second, or if they got out of the frame, the avatar would up and vanish. It was a weird thing. Pencak Silat looks pretty badass.


Hah... Lot's of glitches out there in the gaming world. The more complicated our games/simulations get the more interesting things seem to arise.

I actually took Kun Tao Silat which is a combination of Pencak Silat, Indonesia version of Shaolin Kung Fu, some boxing, some fencing, etc. An MMA if you will. It was heavily leaning towards the Silat.

I only took it for a year or so. I've taken quite a number of martial arts though something in life always interrupted my training before I got particularly good.

So I know a little bit of a bunch of different styles. Silat did indeed have some of the most interesting.

It has these moves that look like nothing. Yet if you are on the receiving end they are super powerful and blow your mind. A fellow student gave our training the nick name "covert aggressive" and I think he was a person pretty skilled at Wing Chun.

The most devastating stuff in that style is not flashy at all and would make for a very boring movie. When it used on you though it is a mind opener. It makes you consider a lot of things you probably never considered before.

I kind of remember my thoughts that came rapidly the first time it was demonstrated to me.

"Wow! With just a tiny bit more effort he would have sent me sprawling and my leg would be broken badly."

Yet it didn't look like he did much of anything. Some of the follow thru stuff you could even act like what you did was an accident as you further messed the person up.

I'd taken some White Crane Kung Fu, American Kenpo from two different schools, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi Chuan, Qiqong, etc. before I experienced that.

I can say I never experienced anything remotely like it in any of those previous styles. I experienced it within probably 15 minutes of signing up for training in Kun Tao Silat. The moves in question though are common and foundational to Pencak Silat.

I never got as far as all the knife training. I wish I had because that is a big part of that style and could come in handy.

Absolutely amazing, I would have loved taking all those classes!