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RE: The Simulation Hypothesis, Religion, Deism, and Time... (Part 1) - It's no threat.

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Great post, I love exploring simulation theory!
I may have already shown you this, but just in
case I haven't, you may like this collection.


Nice... I will certainly CHECK that out after I finish writing these posts. I have a plan. I want to write it before I add to it. :) I am certain you know what I mean and looking at that I can tell there is a lot to unpack there that certainly will distract me. I look forward to exploring it... Some good stuff. I looked at the first one in the list then started looking at others and told myself I had to stop.

So it'll probably be a number of days. I'll likely space these posts out one a day. I listed how many I plan to do in the outline and I already have an idea what each of them will say.

After I look at your things I'll likely need to add to them. :)

I'm Looking forward to reading them! // ~👌~ //

Feel free to riff off of my posts with your own and tag me if you do. :)