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RE: The Trap of Dogma Lies in Wait for Us All...

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I dub thee a Discordian Pope for the blasphemous catmas'
you've displayed in this post. You should be proud of yourself!


Not the first time I've been pointed in the Discordian direction. :)

The highest insight within Discordianism lay within the law of fives. And the law of fives is mainly just an exercise in quantum thinking or grid hopping. The law showcases the notion that "What the thinker thinks, the prover proves." We are both simultaneously, the thinker and the prover.

And this is kind of in the realm of cognitive bias but shouldn't be viewed that way. The reason for that is because it's impossible to attain an objective perspective. At the very best, we can only get subjectively objective, and that's, um, only close-ish depending on who is doing the measuring.

Eventually, you realize that objective truth cannot get obtained, and that will convey the knowledge that everyone is living in a false but true-ish subjective reality. We are living in a dream world that gets shaped and molded by our unique mathemagicⓀal equations.

And this is our life experience up to the present (gift) moment and beyond. When one experientially internalizes this knowing, they are then liberated to actively shape, mold, and bend reality as they see fit. The trick of the matter is, we do this all the time. We do it unknowingly, and we are doing it, in large part, to our disadvantage.

When we harness this knowledge and do it actively to our benefit, we become the exact opposite of this guy and more. The magick of the whirled is ready and waiting for those adventurous enough to wield it. I hope this helps! I would have made a horrible street magician because I cannot help but reveal the various illusions. Good luck to you! Embrace the delusion (reality) and create your desired illusions.

Robert Anton Wilson was a genius. He has many a great book on audible. I'd recommend starting with 'Prometheus Rising' or the 'Cosmic Trigger I and II.' One clip that I'd love to show you that I think will help showcase his genius is this one. I condensed all of this information as compact as possible just for you, DB!

Release your inner CHAOS MAGE!

Spoon = Reality, and for everyone, reality doesn't even real.
Tis why, many of us have up and decided to make it our own.


Ponder all of the above as catmatically as humanly possible for true liberation. QP

The person that steered me to Principia Discordia was I believe @alchemage if I properly remember his handle. He was responding to some of my posts about magic, ghosts, and the unknown. I shared a lot of my own philosophies I'd developed up to that point.

He pointed out that I was saying a lot of things that paralleled what the Discordians were saying.

Don't blame me! I'm just a mess-enger. :D

Good to see you again, @dwinblood - I had no idea you were posting again. I've been fairly inactive on chain as I'm getting ready to graduate, but I've been focused on developing the @naturalmedicine project with the LOTUS token and our frontend -

After graduation I'll be taking a bit of time to myself, so I'll likely start posting more again. Always love your work!

Good to see you around. I stepped away myself for about two years.

Ahh, yes, alchemage is a fellow pope. I think he
hails (Eris) from the Temple of Appled Thought.
I've noticed you've innate quantum-think ability.

Hail Erin!
Eris is on vacation.

That's it, you're officially
I jest, is that her sister?
If so, I'd tap that too!

I'll take whatever chips I can eat. 🙋
Erin is Eris' forgotten twin who takes her place when Eris gets tired. Only those with eyes can see the difference.

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I have read "Principia Discordia" after someone from my Steemit days steered me in that direction.