Do you know your Brain is also responsible for regulation of Patience...!

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have been scolded by an elder without any mistake of yours.

That's where patience is being tested and people with good brain health can have more patience then any other person.

You might be thinking what is the role of brain in patience.

I am not talking in air but sometime back i read a article that said that there was a recent study that tells that there is a part of brain that is responsible for maintaining patience.

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The study was from one of the universities of Japan if i am not wrong.

Anyways , the important thing is that brain is even responsible for Patience regulation.

Isn't that intresting and a thing to worry at the same time. Medical science is improving by time and coming up with me i studies.

We must not harm our brain in any way and even consult doctors for medical advice.

That's where my article ends , and hey btw don't lose your patience when you are scolded without any mistake.

Good Night.

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This is an amazing fact. We can still train our brain

The truth is that out brain did a lot, I don't just know how God created the brain it is just like the CPU of our body...that is why if a person is being told that he or she is lack of brain, it is a big insult because everyone knows how important it is.. Sharing is new thing with us is to know more about the roles that the brain play and how important it is again

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