Texting over a Quantum Proof Mesh Network

in Proof of Brain2 years ago

This morning I sat down with the Beechat Network (https://beechat.network/) radios, we have been lucky to acquire some of the first units to be tested in the United States.

Learn all about Beechat in our first #TBOT article.

All I had to do was install the Beechat app on our above phones (https://abovephone.com/) and plug in the radios.

The radios were able to recognize each other and after creating an local account for each phone I was able to chat and send small (<100kb files over radio without the assistance of the internet.

Can you envision a world where we use Beechat to stay in touch with local communities? Or even relay messages to other parts of the world?

Even in its Alpha 0.0 stages, we have a working product. This month we will be testing out the mesh networking capabilities by creating our own radio towers with Beechat antennas.

Would you like to purchase a few of these for your community?

Let the Beechat Team know: https://t.me/beechatnetwork2





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