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RE: NFTs - Future of Creativity Or Flash In The Pan Novelty?

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you couldve included the transformative nfts like the eggs on kusamu that hatched into unique artbirds as their ultimate form and use was affected by variable interacting with set guides and if this then that rules written by their Dev mothers. I'm not tech enough to do such a project myself, but as an artist i can see some amazing possible art. I have considered looking to collab with a dev, maybe tomoz..


oh ok, i hadn't heard of that. i guess in principle an NFT could be an entire application or game!

It could - hence the fomo in normie land about ETH smartcontracts etc.
From the Art viewpoint try doing a search on programmable art / NFT there are some dapps experimenting with it now. I loved the idea that you can sell an artwork and it would grow and evolve on its own. Conceptually it raises a few off the wall ideas.

Great, ok - yeah - that's something I might experiment with once I free up more timespace :)

Oh, I see you are in Sydney - So am I at the moment. :)

you may need to stay a while. Gladys isn't taking the despots hat off soon.