Global Elite "Great Reset" - Scary Technology

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Shiny toys, time saving appliances, labour saving, for an efficient society, everyone has one, its the latest model and lets me do so much more.

OK, enough covid coolaid.

Psycho Elites might love their gadgets but the real tech is a thousand years distant from widgets and keyless locks. The tech that will be rolled out is deadlier than we can imagine eg security hound above. (real robots btw)
To see an imagined sec-dog in action, take a look at the Black Mirror short film 'Metalhead', and the robot in the film shown below.


With no humour and in all seriousness, if we allow the elites to turn our country, in fact our world, into a medical dictatorship, it will be tech such as this that will hunt you down for breaking lockdown. This is not sci-fi.
This is our tomorrow if we don't stand up against tyranny today.


Robotic tech is very likely to be far more advanced behind the R&D doors that what is on open display for the public to see.
We must also take into account the vast sums of money the worlds military industrial complex has directed to robotics. Funding dependant on the robots military applications, to track and kill people. I expect the basic model will be linked directly into the covid track and trace system.
Hmmmm.....under consideration it would be even better if a nano tracer is included in the vaccine. We know that tech has been around for years, Pointless to include if the vaccine is in fact a killshot. Not instantly of course, side affects they will blame, or a new variant.


Rather than belabour the above points by going into quite frankly terrifying use of Drone technology, much of which you'd have needed to be in a medical coma to be unaware of as drones are now so mainstream talk of Amazon delivery's by drone is treated as old news.
So to bring the drone danger back to the immediacy it deserves I'll finish with a 10min movie. One I hope all readers will watch, and if events in this film become a reality in a year or two, at least a few of you will be that little bit forewarned.

So sit back, put the screen into cinema mode and fall into the near future with;



Technology is gradually becoming everything now, both industries medicals errands and so much more has gradually replacing human efforts with robots ,and I think this might do more harm than good when it comes to employment is even gradually taking away people's job and at the other hand putting fear among people which is very wrong

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