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RE: "Trust THE Science", "Do you believe in science", "The Science says...", "The science is settled" - If you know the scientific method these things should have you appalled.

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It is so refreshing reading someone who is writing about the scientific method. It frustrates me so much when I chat to really clever people and the repeat the propaganda words of 'consensus' and 'settled'. Yet in all other areas of their professional life the challenge thought and the status quo.

It just baffles me how people do not question more or debate more in this modern world. I do not think anyone actually has the answer, but let's talk about, challenge each other. Even agree to disagree on some topics.

Anyway, huge supporter of the scientific method over here, thank you for sharing.

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Yeah @antisocialist and I are having a big debate/discussion on a post from a couple of days ago. We agree on many things. He calls Capitalism Crapitalism. I am not a fan of Communism. He has asked that I not call it Communism, but to call it anti-socialism. I'm not doing that as I don't consider it historically to have been that.

Yet in all of this. It has been civil, intelligent, and refreshing. We both are friends here on the platform with I'd say mutual respect. Yet this is an area we disagree upon and can debate. I wish the world and people were more like that.

He and I agree in far more areas that we disagree. :)

We both are what I'd call voluntarists. We just have different ideas on how this would be achieved. I am not a fan of communism. He is not a fan of capitalism.

One difference. I don't make up twisted versions of the word when debating it. :)

I did say I could go with Crapitalism if he was doing it to emphasize Cronyism + Capitalism merging because that is a problem. Yet he didn't agree that was his reasoning. I think he just doesn't like it and thus calls it Crapitalism.

To each their own. He is a good and decent guy.

I use crapitalism to emphasize the crap deal I am getting from the trillionaires.

What I am currently offered for staking a major portion of my life to making somebody else richer is not acceptable, it's a crap exchange.
My life is worth more than what is on offer.
To me, anyways.

I glad you caught the mention. :) Or perhaps you just read the replies to my article. I tagged you with @ thinking it might get your attention.

I keep a pretty good eye on those mentions, too often I miss all the fun until days later.

Haha... That is the only mention I made. :)

Here is an interesting point to add to your debate, the word "capitalism" has an origin recorded from 1872, it was used disparagingly by socialists, focusing on the idea that the "concentration of capital in the hands of a few; the power or influence of large capital".

The word had a negative connotation from its inception and among about half the population it will always have a negative connotation.

I very much believe in free trade, free speech and the free exchange of ideas... basically all the things that HIVE offers. I do not really give a title to my beliefs or ideas because they are mine and are unique to me.

The collectivist side of thought, call it communism, socialism, liberalism, whatever -ism you like tends to put big groups of people into neat little boxes, but unfortunately this never works. We are all just individuals who interact with other individuals... if we all remove our tribalism thinking, then suddenly we'll realise that we all have a lot in common and a lot of similarities.

My life motto which has always served me well, treat others as you would like to be treated. Do not try put others in a neatly polarised box, that is pretty much a recipe for disaster. At the end of the day we are all in this together. 😎

I like that. That pretty much describes me as well. Perhaps why I can get along with pretty much anyone if they keep it civil. Also why I like @antisocialist quite a bit. He's a very civil and intelligent guy. I also used the @ sign on the previous comment and this one knowing he'd likely see the mention and tag over here to speak for himself. Which he did. :)

EDIT: I've said a few times that when I refer to capitalism myself I am meaning free trade/market. I am very well aware there are many other views and definitions. Thus, I had to be clear about what it means to me.

However, crony capitalism, or corporate capitalism, or corrupt capitalism those all would fit the label crapitalism in my mind as well.

Crony capitalism is the real plague in this world. If you had to give it an -ism name, fascism is probably the one that fits best.

Yep when Governments and Corporations collude we get Fascism.

The interesting thing is Capitalism itself does not have corporations. Those are additional ideas that get cobbled onto it later.

In fact at one time corporations were only supposed to exist for large but short term projects like building coliseums and such. Things that were too large for a single person to be able to fund.

Citizens United (yes they used words to sucker people back then too) changed that a great deal. It gave corporations more rights than people while simultaneously these artificial constructs do not have the same needs as people.