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I can see that I am getting very well inactive on the blockchain most especially in blogging. This is not something I like but my quite busy life keeps me away.

I am someone who has a goal of building his account but it would very much impossible if I don't get myself active here especially in blogging daily. Seeing that it is 4 days now that I created my last post and that every day seems to draw me further away, I decided to create time to write this article sharing what I have been doing. Asides that, my future blogs would be more of a daily diary from now, sharing and discussing what I do daily. With that, I would be able to achieve daily blogging. So, what have I been doing?

1. Working On A Project From School

Most of the activities that keeps me busy in general is school but right now, I am working on a very small project assignment given from school. The project topic is building an Automatic Street Light Sensor. The Project contains a group of 10 students, in which we would contribute in building and making reports of the project.


The circuit diagram above is what we followed in building the project. The circuit diagram was taken from google from this site: https://circuits-diy.com/amp/automatic-street-light-controller-circuit-using-relays-and-ldr/. So it was first run on proteus to see if the circuit is good to go before we decided to buy the components in building the project.

The components included: A 12v battery, a 12v relay, two npn transistors, 1k and 100k ohmn transistors, LDR sensor, and some connecting wires. After buying these components, we tried it on a breadboard before taking it for soldering on a veroboard.



2. Working on Multiple Assignments

We all know how school is especially with assignments. I may get home from school at evening tired, and still have assignments to do. I would not lie, many of the assignments, if I am not able to do them especially on time, I just copy from a friend and try get the whole idea of the assignments later.

3. Less than 2 weeks to Exams

Right now, I have less than 2 weeks to another exams. I know right, it feels just like yesterday that I wrote one exam and then, I am writing another. My school is actually rushing the session and we are using just two months to cover 12 weeks of lectures then exams comes up after.

Presently, I am having 12 courses this semester with one practical course which makes it 11 exams I would be writing. The truth is out of that 12 courses, there is no single one I have read close to half way. I have a lot to cover and read through in less than 2 weeks before writing the exams.

I totally hope that the exams be postponed to next month but still, I need to prepare well for the exams so that I would not end up failing and worst, getting a carry over on a course.

These are mainly what takes my time but for my weekends, it is totally occupied with church rehearsals. I spend the whole day doing that and the evenings resting or sleeping preparing for the next day.


This is a matter of priority and scale of preference. You will come back after all that is settled. Your project is in no little way a matter of concern that has to be handled with care for better result.
We hope to see you back soon.

Why are your school rushing to get 12 weeks of stuff through within 2 months?

they are behind the school calendar due to corona... So they are trying to meet up with the calendar they had previously set down.

Annoying x)

Hmm here I was wondering where you were? School activities had hold you from Hive and I'm glad you remember to write about what your facing now.

It's nice to hear from you, I hope the exam gets postpone so you could prepare very for it and come out in flying colors.

We hope to hear that you're finally fully back to blogging on Hive. Nice to know you're resting when you should also.

Thanks for sharing this.

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Smile, thanks very much. I have things I still have to do especially the last crossculture contest. Soonest, I would publish the winners post.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to be excited about the result 😂 please do and release result before we gather at your school o

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Goodluck with your exams!

Smile... Good luck with the exam! I know that you can do everything that you want! you can try the D.buzz challenge and to achieve that everyday posting... https://ecency.com/hive-114105/@dbuzz/30-day-challenge-by-dbuzz
I also think to try it!

Although much of our lives are vested in the blockchain we don't live in the blockchain. We don't eat and breath blockchain...

well with the exception of a few

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From project which is already a big time consuming stuff to your series of unending assignments which will continue coming, it is nice to see that you still squeezed out time to make this post although it will become harder to see you here because of your forthcoming exam.

The goodnews is that you can always come in to see how things are going on here.

Prepare well for the exam. GoodLuck Bro

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Quite understandable why you've not been here. Not easy combining both. Best wishes on your forthcoming examination.

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