I will be a horse | what about you?

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Sufferings and obstacles will definitely come but seeing joy in our sufferings is what makes us victorious


It was already due for all living things to give up the ghost haven lived a reasonable year on earth.

Nature wanted to fold and bring forth a better version of herself.

Surprisingly, nature gave all living things a big task of choosing what they will love to be in the better world she would be bringing forth.

The living things [Man, Woman, Fowl, snail, horse and plant] were initially very happy of the chance they were given to choose, sooner or later did they find out that it was indeed a difficult task they have ahead of them.


The living things called a meeting to get help from one another as regards to the difficulties they were having as a result of who they are currently so as to help them make a better decision on who they will be.


With no hesitation, the man advised the rest never to choose man because of the pain he undergoes as the breadwinner of the family. The family looks up to him for security, shelter and other difficult tasks that concerns the family.

He said, indeed, becoming a man is the worst choice you can ever make.



Almost in a rush as she watched the man state his point could not hold herself back and advised others that the Man maybe a difficult choice but choosing to be a woman will be you calling on nature to take you back.

"Why do you say so?", the other living things asked In amazement?

The woman was ready to let the heaven loose and started.

Do you know what it means to be pregnant?

The woman undergoes a suffering of 9months plus and carries another human being in her.

During those months, she lives not only her own life but she also lives the life of the baby yet to be born.

To crown it all, she also assists the Man in all his works but the man cannot assist her in carrying the unborn child for let's say 3months so that she will complete the remaining 6months,
it is just her alone.

Never take Woman as your choice.



Indeed, they have said well with beautiful points why you shouldn't choose what they are currently but then,
do you want to be me?

Do I seem happy for who I am?

Is that what you think?

Do you know what it means to live in fear all the days of your life?

The man and woman are happy whenever they are able to get my kind and devour us like chickens........that we are anyway.

Their joy knows no bound whenever they see our kind dancing in their frying oil; we get to hide away and run as far as our legs could carry us.

Do you also know what it means to watch your child you suffered to hatch gets taken away by the Eagle just because she is hungry?

We shout to the apex of our voices and yet help comes from nowhere and when it comes from humans, it is help in disguise as they are just preparing us to enter their frying oil with time.

Is that who you want to live as??



At the very least, you all could avoid a danger you see approaching you and seek shelter.

Do you know what it means to see a fire burning and yet all you could do is walk as slow as I am even when you are been consumed?,
you cannot increase your pace to avoid the fire.

You get glued to the ground cleaning all the ground, a cleaner who receives no stipend.

To make matters worse, some men and women will still pick us up and take us out of our shell to end our miserable lives.

We aren't living a beautiful life but we also do not wish for it to be ended in such a cruel way.

Make your choice


You think I don't have worries?

How would you feel going to places where you don't want to go?

Places you have no business with!

It is not even the pain of been dragged to the places you don't want to go that is the problem but the fact that you will also carry someone on your own back when they have legs to go on their own, do you think it's funny?
Sometimes, they weigh more than you

Should I also talk about the races I run and top the list, win an award and yet I don't get to enjoy the prize money as it is given to either the man or the woman?

If you find it fun, you are welcomed to take my place.



Should I really open my mouth and speak or perhaps no one wants to be me?

Well, just to remind any of you that wants to be me in the next phase of life that it is not easy to battle with the underworld as a seed, survive the torments and come out victorious above the soil.

On the soil, struggle for the sunlight and many other organic nutrients necessary for survival in the same underground you conquered.

Finally have some fruits to enjoy and it gets plucked out from you without your permission nor consent.
Not as if you will even take part in enjoying the fruit.

As if that is not enough, when I become old and cannot provide many fruits compared to when I was young, I am brutally murdered.

Then sent underneath the pot to burn till I am no more.

Are you okay with such life?


The living things were ten times confused as they were before the meeting, the meeting that was meant to proffer solution ended up causing more harm to them.

Who then would you be if given such opportunity by nature?


  • Stay put and see light in your sufferings because the person you desire to be is happy not because he has it all but because he has seen light in his suffering and is hopeful that it will come to an end one day.

  • Never make your sufferings and predicaments your final destination but rather see it as a route to achieving that which you desire.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Yes, that's exactly what a lot of people don't realize! Very strong!

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Hmmm what a deep lesson to learn from this... Uhmm is it a story? Not sure but that's by the way.

For me, I won't choose horse either... Every person, every creation with it's own worries and problems to face and like you've said, they have found light in it.

I used to say if there was another life, I would want to be a man instead of woman because of what they go through but facing reality... I'd rather be the woman I've been created to live as.

Everything was created for a purpose, we shouldn't forget that too 🙂

Nicely written, I told ya! Well done 🙌

Just an imagination... A fictional imagination actually...I don't know again sef🤣🤣

I just thought of it and wrote it

I'd rather be the woman I've been created to live as.

That's certainly the message actually, it's all hope😍
May we fulfill our purpose too

Nicely written, I told ya! Well done 🙌

Courtesy of my teacher 😃, thanks a lot

Hahaha you must know o
Anyways I got the message and I must commend your thoughts for this 🙂

Well done 😊

Thanks once more 😂

Nice post. Thank you for sharing.


You are welcome
Thanks for reading


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I would be a dog and hope I went to one of the many families that spoil their animals. Thanks for asking.

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