Trading/Crypto Surpasses Social Media

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So I ran across this and got so excited I had to share. Robinhood and Coinbase have claimed the 1 and 2 spots in Apple's app store. I'm not a fan of Robinhood after the Gamestop debacle, and I have mixed feelings about Coinbase, but the fact that they replaced Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat means great things for Hive. When everyone on social media is dabbling in trading or cryptocurrency, or finance in general, it means they'll soon graduate to the ecosystem best suited to merge all of those things together. That's Hive. We have all that in spades AND there's no border to entry. Anyone can earn a few upvotes and start trading or investing. Then they can tell all their followers about it from the same frontend or another of their choice and earn more for it.

Once the masses find out and really start getting interested and invested it's going to be a sight to behold.

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It's nice that there are more people going in there but I just don't see anything that really makes them stand out against their competitors. They are still selling off people's order flow just like all the competitors and their customer service is probably still just as horrible. Not to mention, all the security issues that I have seen reported about how people were logging into their accounts and they lost quite a bit of money.

Who are you referring to?

Robinhood, Webull and all the current US stock trading companies that allow you to trade commission free. Robinhood in particular has not really shown much changes after the places like Fidelity changed to a zero commission model. They all sell your order flow (sometimes scraping pennies or parts of a penny) every time they use your service.

Yeah, I'm not a fan. I'm not happy they are the trading app that hit the too spot. I'm happy that finance and crypto in general are the center of attention, especially considering Hive merges everything in the top 5 into a single user experience.

Thats a really great news if crypto trading apps are surpassing the social media apps as that indicates how much interest is getting generated in crypto currencies

Increased interest in crypto is awesome, but the interest in finance along side it is what is key, I think. At this point there are several cryptos that are relatively safe bets if you just want a place to save. I don't think there's really any doubt now that if you toss some money into BTC and leave it for 5 years you're gonna do better than a traditional savings account. Couple that with with the emergence of defi and suddenly people begin to see they, too, can get into these markets, but the barrier to entry is still too high on Uniswap and the like. Binance Smart Chain is big enough to get a lot of people on board but it has a fairly steep learning curve for the uninitiated. Hive, on the other hand, has a familiar social environment and virtually no barrier to earn a few coins and start trading.

When the damn breaks, and the entire space is flooded with the masses looking to claim their stake, Hive has everything they need to get started and grow.