The abusive relationshop part 2 - Schools.

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The abusive headmistress.

8 am the phone was ringing & my wife answered it. On the other end was a very irate mother.
What was she so fired up about? School.

As some of you know I took my daughter away from indoctrination called school over a year ago.
The lady who phoned is on the same wavelength as us with regards to the current shitshow worldwide. But she left her 2 children at school.

Last night she received via email a message saying all children had to wear a mask on entry to the school (again), in the halls, even the dining room when not eating.
She replied and refused to comply.
When she arrived at school this morning she walked her children inside and all the way to the classrooms.
Many other parents were telling her how brave she was whilst masking their own children.

Now as much as I understand her anger and frustration, my first question to my wife was does she work? And the answer was no. My next question was why does she not do as we do not as we say and home school? I never got an answer to this question.

Below is some text from an article I read last night. Sadly I do not have a link to said article now.


"From April, masks in Germany are compulsory. They are often worn for days or weeks. The Swiss consumer magazine ′ ′ K-Tipp ′ ′ has now investigated how hygiene masks are used.
20 used commuter masks were tested in the study. The result is disturbing as the masks are full of bacteria and mold. This can be explained as follows, air flows through the fibers of the tissue, bacteria and fungi will get stuck in it. Due to humid air, they multiply quickly there.
11 of the 20 tested masks contained information on more than 100,000 bacterial colonies. 3 is even over a million. Staphylococci have been found on 14 of the 20 masks, which can cause pneumonia and encephalitis. Fifteen of the 20 masks also contained mold and yeast fungus which can irritate the respiratory tract and eyes."

This is what they are forcing on children and adults alike.

I have never and will never wear a mask. I have never and will never comply to nonsensical mandates or rules.
We are each obligated to not comply with unjust rules.

Complying only makes it worse in the long term.


Knocking the individuality out one by one.

How parents allow this to be done to their own children is beyond me.
I took my daughter out of school day 1 of insane rules.
Walk 6 feet apart in masks, not allowed to talk to friends. Not allowed outside to play at break times. Not allowed to sit near anyone they know. And on and on it goes.

Masking children is to me child abuse. You are entitled to think otherwise. But not around my child.

Individuality, smiles, laughter, not allowed.
Scientific studies showing masks to be dangerous - NOT allowed.

Trust the nonsensical bought and paid for scientists or else!


You can get a scientist to back your opinion and find results to match anything you want, if you pay them.
I am only surprised people still trust them after this last 2 years.


I did have a chuckle at my wife though, she is very placid and laid back as a rule. Calm and sensitive.

When she heard the headmistress had been rummaging through the children's backpacks and calling them liars when she caught them with no mask in the hallway.

She replied, "if she did that to my daughter I would rip her throat out after spitting in her face."

Like I said, she is not normally like that, or ever before in fact.

She did have a run in with said headmistress last year so there is no love left there.

Pink Floyd springs to mind, hey teachers, leave them kids alone.

Anyway I have taken up enough of your time. Have a superb day and fantastic weekend.

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"Are you circumcised?" I've learned that one startles the questioning human in humane fashion whereas women react better to "when was your last menstrual cycle?"

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Men who wear masks can have menstrual cycles...dont be sexist!

Touché. That was sooo 20th century of me.


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LOL. Like it.

Wow, Very creative and top quality content spot on here.

Bravo👏🏻 veryyyy good.

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You're welcome. It's a pleasure.😎

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Oh wow, That's great to know.

Thanks for putting me on.

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Likewise, don't own a mask. I don't even have children but find myself getting all mama bear seeing other people's masked up kids, and start stomping about muttering "child abuse".

Agreed it is child abuse. I keep doing the bahh bahhh sound, it drives my wife insane, I just can not help myself at times :-)

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