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RE: Tell me more oh experts about how the scientific evidence of generations has been wrong: "FDA: 'Vaccine hesitant' can't use antibody test to prove immunity"

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It is like a big pharma take over via Davos lunatics is it not?


I definitely suspect those are some of the actors driving this. Many others are likely just opportunists taking advantage of the crisis.

The driving force is Davos. I have documented it from 2017 to now, yes you may be correct with the opportunists.
The lot of them earn off our backs, they sicken me.

My conclusion is that there is NO one group, one race, one government that explains all the ills in the world. Though I've encountered lots of people that have their favorite to point at.

I refuse to do that. I will point at ANY of them that I know do it. I don't want to be flanked by those I ignore while I am busy pointing at someone else.

With that said. There are definitely some groups that represent A LOT of the source of the problems. Davos is one. Bilderberg is another one. There are others. Also a lot of these if you make a Venn diagram will have overlap.

What I noticed lately is that WE as humans do try to simplify things into things that are more manageable for our minds to handle. It certainly is easier if we can blame one group.

Yet easy is often not the route to take. I know I still have blind spots. I don't personally want to over focus on one group and trap myself.

I am NOT saying that is what you are doing. We certainly need these people exposed. Yet we need ANYONE we can catch or get information on exposed.

There is also the risk of focusing on a group, and like cockroaches they just scurry to a different group. Perhaps they do so through proxy and because it is different names you don't notice.

We must remain very vigilant. While we are watching them we also need to watch ourselves and make certain we don't get too narrowly focused. They will flank us then.

There is most definitely a lot of opportunism going on as well. Human nature.

EDIT: I know people that blame the Masons. I know people that blame the Jews. I know people that blame the Marxists. I know people that blame the Maoists. I know people that blame the Capitalists.

There are bad actors in all of those. Yet we can also be trapped by generalizations.

When it comes to groups that go outside of governance to impose governance such as Bilderberg, and Davos I am very much against that.

I'm also not a big fan of the United Nations. I've never elected anyone to it. You haven't either.

I am an old ex Jew, my family left it behind after Israel was born, before my birth. My family blame them, the Jews/
I see only people, no matter the coulour, and opportunists.

Makes me laugh though, money backed by nothing is worth the paper it is printed on, NOTHING.
What a world we all accept is truly astounding,

If people fall for money backed by nothing, they fall for anything. Prove me wrong. Look around you, they truly do.

Was it Hitler or gor-balls " the bigger the lie the more that swallow it" 2020 2021

IIRC it was Hitler talking about Jews.

Yep. I've had several friends that were Jews. They were not puppet masters and they were not a fan of the Zionists. Now that is another group I am not a fan of. Zionists.

I don't particularly have a problem with Masons like some people. I know there are corrupt people in the Masons but I've known tons of Masons that were not.

I try not to generalize anyone. Just judge individuals by their actions.