Is technology a blessing or a curse on the human condition

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Science, this word is more or less familiar to everyone. Will not be known or why. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, we stay with science. After waking up in the morning, brush your teeth with toothpaste. From there, science begins. Our life is useless without science. Leaving the fan when it gets hot, getting a touch of peace, taking medicine when you feel sick are all contributions of science.


But is science just a blessing? Or a curse?

Everything has its ups and downs. There is also science. Although it makes daily life much easier, there is no way to ignore the cursed aspects of science. Where science is saving our time, science is making us dependent again. We now rely on technology. It can be said that I am getting lazy. Everyone from small children to adults is now a smartphone lover. No one thinks about how much this smartphone hinders the development of the child's intellect. This smartphone does a lot of damage to the child's mental and physical. When there was not so much technology, children would go out to play. At that time, friendly behavior was formed among the children, the mentality of getting along with each other which is not seen properly at present. Now let's look at the disadvantages of science in young society. Young society is the backbone of a country. But now a group of young people have been involved in various misdeeds due to the contribution of technology. Rape, murder and robbery are common occurrences in the newspaper. Behind these events lies the various contributions of science. Addiction to pornography is taking the young society into darkness.

Is technology a blessing or a curse on the human condition

Science is also responsible for health as a curse. Now the question may arise that the science that makes medicine, the science that heals the sick patient, how can that science be a health risk? Yes, of course. Most of the people who spend most of the day on mobile, laptop screen have eye problems. Obesity is a problem for those who work eight to ten hours a day in the office. Obesity can lead to a variety of life-threatening diseases, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Then it is understood that science is doing good but the disadvantages are not less. So will we give up the use of science and technology? Nah, this is not a solution and this is not possible. The way then? The way is to use science in the right way. Keep children away from smartphones and laptops as much as possible. Those who work in the office take breaks from time to time. Exercise regularly. Building social values ​​in young people. In this way the cursed aspects of science can be saved.


Science and technology have been a source of controversy since ancient times. The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima-Nagasaki must have become a curse on science. But when nuclear fission or reaction is used to generate electricity in a nuclear reactor, it must become environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Long-term as well as a blessing of science. Similar has been the case with mobile phones, especially smartphones. There is no denying that smartphones have brought the whole world into the hands of people. At the same time internet connection. At present the number of internet users in Bangladesh is 11 crore 16 lakh 1 thousand. The number of smartphone users is not less - more than 53.3 million as of 2020. Bangladesh ranks 17th in the world. In most cases, its positive use has been observed in building a digital Bangladesh, but in some cases, its negative use has also been observed.

Technology and Claims: Blessing or Curse?

Excessive use of mobile phones can cause harmful effects and addiction to the body and mind. Damages the eyes. In addition to this, due to the closure of educational institutions for more than a year and a half, a large number of students are addicted to playing video games, tic-tac-toe and various pornographic videos. He is involved in various drug dealing and intoxication including yaba. In militant activities, in gang culture. Even in trafficking in women. Various scams are also going on in e-business in the country.


Lately, juvenile delinquency has increased in the whole country including the capital Dhaka. The matter is making the law enforcement agencies including the intelligence agencies think. Parents are also naturally anxious, panicked and anxious. What do I know, if my own child is involved in some way with the juvenile delinquent gang.

And everyone knows that once a crime is committed, no matter how big or small it is, if one gets more or less involved in the police register, one has to carry the burden of misdeeds and stigma for the rest of one's life. Which becomes a regular responsibility in showing one's face to the society including relatives. Rifat was brutally hacked to death in public by the Nayan Bond group in public in broad daylight in Barguna.

This is not a good sign at all for a developing economy. Juvenile delinquency is on the rise in the country for various reasons. Several groups are active in the capital Dhaka, the port and the commercial city of Chittagong and other parts of the country. These groups also include gang leaders, who are relatively uneducated and bullies. Most of them are associated with Facebook, internet addicts, drug addicts, petty robbers.

The naughty misguided child whose name is written in the police register. The relationship between one group and another is not good at all - mainly focusing on domination and extortion in the area. As a result, fights, quarrels, murders and even the desire for revenge remain. Juvenile subculture is defined as 'gang culture.' This is related to urbanization.

However, even in the developing villages, they often blow horns on the highway at high speed, harass girls of the same age in the morning and afternoon, give offensive status on Facebook, blackmail with pornographic pictures on mobile phones, attack the opponent on the playground, and snatch. So there it is. The reader may remember Oishee's words that her police officer killed his father and mother by mixing poison with coffee in revenge. Or what happened in Chittagong or less? Himadri was killed by his classmates hanging a dog on the roof.

However, mobile phones, computers, Facebook, internet, etc. cannot be blamed for these criminal activities of teenagers. Not just with the police. In this case, the society, the family and the guardians have a special responsibility, especially the parents and siblings. Adolescents can be saved from going astray if they teach their children with proper love and education.


Science is like any tool, it can be used for many purposes. The technology itself is not good or bad, it's the people using it who are good or bad. Some kids still play outside, they are not all addicted to phones. Before phones, there were video games to distract us from real life. Before that, there was television, books, music... all things that can either destroy or enrich our lives, depending on how we use them.

I totally agree with you that science and technology are the cause of our bad symptoms.

science and technology is just like two edge sword, it can be useful to our life, it can also be bad toward our life. It is depends on how we use this kind of human innovation. Also for young kids, the parent should always take a good care of them and directing them so they they can use the science and the technology in a good way.

As long as tech do not collapse and it do not force us to submit to it, im ok with the advancements, the problem is: if we get too dependend but it collapses like the bronce age > dark age?

What if energy generation collapses now, suddently, and we lose ALL tech... What if?