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RE: Israeli COVID Deaths Are Worse After The Shot Rollouts. Huge Spike in Death Immediately After 3rd Shots. 'Trust The Science'.

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I have to wonder how much of that is that people who are vaccinated feel empowered to take more exposure risk than unvaccinated?

This is my problem with my job. If I have my staff sanitize like crazy, people will be more comfortable and less cautious. They might blame lack of sanitation when it was their own behavior.


90+ countries show increase in mortality immediately after vaccine rollout. Some small islands had zero deaths or even cases from covid until the vaccines and then immediately experienced deaths. The vaccine injury databases show it is quite possible that the shots have killed more people than COVID19 has in many world regions.

I believe it.

But, of course, they'll blame the unvaccinated for killing them.

The doublespeak is intentional. They act like parents that make decisions based off of google searches.