XP Pen Artist Pro 15.6 | Drawing Tablet Review

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What's Good Hive

Four months ago, I have been practicing my freehand drawing trying to recall some muscle memories and at the same time doing some digital art on my phone, gaining some confidence for my self, and I'm not gonna lie I'm still not that confident with my art skill and if I rate my self I'm still below average. 🤣


But that's fine, I'm not competing with anyone, but if I do? I only compete with my old self and since my yesterday self sucks ass, only thing I would do about it is to practice and practice and practice and practice.

Even if I reach my full potential, Not that anyone cares but I don't compete with anyone but my self. So who ever sees me as their competition, congrats you already won! 🤣


What's New

Recently, I ordered a new arsenal to up my game even more, just to show dedication for my self and for the hobby I want to hone and of course, I plan to monetize this, just be real here kids. 😏

Because why? because I can and when I can, I do! ha! that's some Peaky blinder shit right there. 😎 Kidding aside, well because why not? I love art, I love creation, I like creating things.

So anyway,

XP Pen Artist Pro 15.6 Tablet



The PackageWhat's in it

My initial reaction was WAIT?! WHAT?! Maybe just the box?? I didn't realize how big this was until it arrived I thought it was just as big as an IPAD. 😅

The ProductProduct Inclusion
XP-PEN Artist Pro 15.6 SpecificationProduct Inclusion
Total Dimension: 443 x 280 x 12.6 mmUser Manual
Workable Area: 344.16 x 193.60 mmBattery-free Stylus Pen
Thickness 11 mm(4) different type of Power Socket
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixelsTable stand
Display Color Gamut 88% NTSC, 120% sRGBCable Cord for Type C, HDMI, USB end
Resolution 5080 LPIDrawing Gloves

Package Inclusion

  • I like the fact that they actually provided (4) Different types of Power sockets, that means they are considerate enough to their customer, so you can use this which ever country you are from.
  • The PA2 Battery-free stylus is pressure sensitive and its penholder has FREE extra nibs at the bottom and the pen holder's cap, can be used as a Pen stand. that's good.
  • The Tablet stand is good since the tablet is so flat so that's definitely a need.
  • They also provided gloves which I personally would say very useful.

Take note

For anyone using a Macbook Air or an older version such as I, make sure that you have a usb port ready with HDMI plug. I had a problem with mine, since I didn't read much of the details of the product and just made the purchase and I did not realized this is needed.314833753_1091029421571200_2368344884261374186_n.jpg

FREE Extra NIBSXP Pen PA2 Battery-free Stylus
  • It's cool to have 8 extra Nibs, but (chicken butt) what worries me is that, it means the nibs can break, and if I break all nine of them, what happens then?
  • It has a warning of Do not Drop. Does that means if I do it's GGWP?

I don't will see on the follow up review (if ever there is hihi 😝)


After setting up the XP Pen Artist PRO on your computer , I still needed to download and install the Software, which is provided on there website and it was pretty much very straight forward. I just had to choose the product model and the installer package, change some setting on my laptop and voalá!

It should take you to the Setting as seeing below, once you open the XP Pen app.

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 6.35.39 PM.pngScreenshot 2022-11-09 at 6.35.55 PM.png
Button Custom Setting
Roller Control Setting
Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 6.35.28 PM.pngScreenshot 2022-11-09 at 6.35.17 PM.png
Screen Setting
Pen Pressure Setting

My Overview

  • The Product cost PhP14,999 that's about USD$255, Pretty much competitive to other product I would say. What's shitty tho was when I was confirming on the Market App where I bought it, the Price changed to less than a PhP1,000 ($20) from my purchased price, I was like "What.. a .. bishh"
  • I think it's a bit large from what I wanted it to be, If I imagine myself in a coffee shop, I probably need a big table and ask the other table "Excuse me, can I use your side of table?"
  • It doesn't have a battery and needs to be plugged all the time, this means this is literally a large drawing board/monitor and it is not a On-the-go type of a tablet.


I will still play around with it a little bit more and test it and hopefully I would be able to do a review about it some more, show the installation process, pen test and some basic drawing tools tutorial if you intend to get a similar one.

What's your thought on this? Do you have a suggestions? Comment down below

If you have reached to finish reading at to this point, that means you are! a reader, and I appreciate you for doing so. special thanks to @demotry for helping me out with the installation process! he is truly THE BEST! 😀

And, I'm out!

"The cost of being wrong, is LESS than the cost of doing nothing."



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Expensive.. but I think it's a good purchase for you since you'll really be using it.
So with that price, you don't really need to mind.
It will become expensive only when you're just collecting it for dust 😂
Anyways, looking forward to your works created from this one.
Sadly, you can't go to a coffee shop to draw with this big one

heyy thurrr ^^ It is true, everything will be an expense if left unused. 😅 yuhh it would be better it if was handy, i really didn't expect it was this big 🤣 oh wells, but i do plan to aim for Ipad Pro for a specific goal i have, but I'll make sure this tablet would have an ROI of +300% and a lot of art hihi. thanks for dropping by! ✨

PS: I remember you saying something about dark mode, so I wrote this on Dark mode. it's so hard for me 🤣 Probably because of my stigmatism switching back now. 🤣 !PIZZA


Stay Awesome! Let's Be LEGENDARY!

Looking forward to what you'll be creating! sana may hiveph banner din dyan
Was also planning to buy Ipad Pro but IDK what usecase it will be, I mean unlike you, I'm not an artist. 😂
Dust collector siguro hahaha

It looks nice with the dark mode and all that 😂
Dark mode ftw!

Haha wala naman sila pake nakaka sepanx langang hirap kasi ng kulay ng Philippines wala di gumagana imagination ko 🤣🤣🤣

take your time~ lalabas din mga ideas soon!

That's a huge one!
You really need to work in a coffee shop with bigger tables if you want to use it outdoors 😂
Make the most out of it so you can buy a handy one.

I know 😩 that means I cannot roam around and do this stuff! I feel like taking this out in public I would hear side comment like
'Ha! Nerd!' or 'Show off!' 🤣 or use it as a pick up line haha I'm kidding. oh wells, this means dedication and that's a good thing. looking forward to create stuff for my self ☺️

Thanks for being here C! C you around 😏 (God I wish we can use our nitros here. LOL)

✨ Stay awesome! Let's Be legendary! ✨

I didn't realize how big this was until it arrived I thought it was just as big as an IPAD. 😅

Hmm, I am pretty sure this is an indicated size in the description. Maybe you just overlooked it.

This is a nice investment for your artsy gig. I will not buy an expensive one like this tho as a cheapskate HAHA! Enjoy your new toy!

I'm sure it is and I am 110% I didn't read it totally 🤣 you should see me buy a basketball shoes in a mall. check the price > ask > fit > buy > bounce 😅

All I can do now is to make this sell alot! haha if not, it'll just be a lesson haha. thanks for dropping by! 😀

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Even if I reach my full potential, Not that anyone cares but I don't compete with anyone but my self.

In most that I do, I don't really give a darn if anyone cares, myself matters.
so yeah Cheers on that @sensiblecast and !PIZZA 😊

Oh and enjoy your new toy!

Hi thurr! yuuhh I learned that the hard way. 🥲 but all is well, it was all a lesson given, and needed to be learned. 🙃 thanks for dropping by! have some !PIZZA for yourself! 🍕

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It's so nice to see these brands in the market that are being competitive now. Before, it was only Wacom and it was expensive haha. Great to have these cheaper but really good options. :D I really like the battery-free stylus that they have now it's so convenient.

The nibs look a bit fragile, they're so thin :o but might feel good with doing the details. Do they go in the stylus when. you press down? I like that sensation and kinda miss that feeling lol. I'm also waiting for my Huion to arrive but apparently they don't have that sensation anymore. Just plain stiff like a pencil 😂

heyy thurr! ^^ i know! they have this cheap stuff now, this is a good thing for the beginners such as I! Yeah! I have a heavy hand, pressing the nibs on the screen got me so worried, 🤣 so far it's not breaking haha! If it does, I have 8 more to break. the pressure sensitivity is adjustable too which is good im tryna play around it a little bit more, i wanna test the accuracy of it.

Honestly, I'm weirded out with the 'feel' in terms of the nibs touching the screen its like I'm striding the screen on a ice skating ring, or maybe I'm still not used to it. I'll make a review of after 1 week of using it. I'm starting to notice some faulty stuff about it. nevertheless, all is well! Looking forward to see your Huion!

Thank's for being here!

✨ Stay awesome! Let's Be legendary! ✨

Haha I hope it doesn’t break easily! Would be quite a hassle to order nibs every few months :/

Ahh I also read some comments about the ice skating feel. So it kinda feels like paper yeah? I would prefer it than writing on glass which makes it so slippery when drawing although more friction feels a bit weird at first - you’ll feel like you’re gonna scratch the screen hahah.

Enjoy your new toy and looking forward to art you make with it. Hopefully those issues are just minor ones, would be so much hassle to return it back or sometthing :<

Oh i got it wrong haha, i mean something like when your striding your pen on the surface of a laptop or glass, but its more of fear of breaking the nibs, but earlier i think im starting to get the hang of it, less fear than before haha! I saw your works btw, yerrr soo good!!! 😱😱😱 Making this as my inspiration! Hihi, and also i like your curls 😊 we're team kulot hihi ✊

I wish I have a gadget like that

You should save one and then get one! :)