The Red Hen - NEW NFT ART

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We continue to have fun on the farm and distort reality a bit. We continue to publish our Art Work in #daVinciGalleryNFT Who buy these tokens will be supporting our project that consists of creating educational content about agriculture and the agricultural sector.

That is why in most of our arts there is the presence of farm animals (like this chicken), vegetables, wildlife or landscapes...

Although we also like to play with abstract forms. Check out our new #NFT:

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Seriously on a second thought I thought the hen was a live picture not knowing it was an act sincerely you are good at what you do drawing, if this is an act then I must tell you you need to continue because you are doing a great job wow such a nice drawing it looks so real

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it's actually a photo, we add manually adjusted filters to make it look like a painting. It is photographic art.