MY TOP 5 MOST USED ONLINE PLATFORMS || Showcasing my talent in Infographic Designing

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It's no denying that we've depended so much on Online Platforms. As the World Wide Web continues to improve, so as humanity.

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It's so important to check our online status to know if our usage is still healthy for our body, mentally and physically. Are you an avid user of Facebook? Google? Netflix? or even Hive?

Upon seeing this blog, it's your time to check your usage so you can note the things you should do to maximize your usage and achieve efficient results!

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As a fulfillment on one of my school projects, I've checked my Top 5 Online Platforms, and we're about to discover if I'm a productive person, lol.

Note: The infographics you'll see are done by me using Canva and Photoshop. I passed it to my professor as my project for her subject's requirement. 🤍

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As stated in the picture, Online Platforms like Social Media have been a part of my life, especially during my puberty and adulting stages.

There's no denying that it brings our communication to another level. For instance, when I was eight, seeing my dad from Saudi through Skype was such a one-in-a-million experience as it doesn't frequently happen during that time, and it requires so many resources (money, internet, and computer.)

But looking to where we are now, I can just call my dad using the Messenger app any time of the day. Awesome, right?

Well, lets' wait and see as Online Platforms brings us to another development a few years from now. Are you excited about that? For me, I'm not quite sure. Online Platforms like Netflix urge me to procrastinate by binge-watching instead of studying, lol. Well, it's not Netflix's fault; it's mine.

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What are my Top 5 platforms?
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These are My Top 5 platforms:

1. Google
As my online class kicks in, and since I started pursuing freelancing, I've never been away from my laptop, lol. I'm not kidding when I said that I sleep beside my laptop almost all of the time!

2. Hive
I've been in Hive for a month now. Sadly, I've been inactive for the past few days. Pardon my action as major quizzes hit me simultaneously :< To be honest, I'm writing this coz I don't want to idle for too long. This week, we have upcoming major quizzes again. :<

3. Facebook
Well, I only use Facebook to check classroom group chats. Also, I share some news-worthy posts as the 2022 Election is fast approaching.

4. Discord
Lol, until my laptop is on, I'm on discord. So, add me up! (sellennee#0508) Let's talk about interesting things! As long as it's moral and legal, hehe.

5. Twitter
Like most of us, I share my emotional breakdowns on Twitter hehe. But then, most of the time, I usually delete it after a few minutes, lmao.

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Do I spend much time?

If you asked my brain if I spend so much time in front of my laptop, it would yell at you and angrily say, "Omg, she doesn't even sleep!"

how frequent.png

I use my laptop every day. The word 'weekend' hasn't been added to my vocabulary yet. Above is the summary of how I spend my day with my Top 5 Online Platforms.

So, this would answer my question earlier. Is my routine healthy for me?

Absolutely not!

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Why do I still use them?

Online Platform 2.png

Online Platform 3.png

Knowing that I'm with my laptop for an average of 20 hours per day, it's not healthy. Absolutely!

But why do I still use them? What's the trade-off for me?

Well, as shown in the pictures, I study and freelance at the same time. I need them for my studies and work, especially Google, and of course, Hive, too! Blogging in Hive helps me pursue my passion in journalism (but more on writing.) Also, I'm saving up for my sibling's future, hehe.

Our neighbors have been telling me to sleep well because my acne breakouts are becoming worse even after two years since it started.

Then I answered, "It's okay to have acne and acne spots for now. Once I'm rich, I can do a laser treatment." 🤣 Am I wrong tho?

Just kidding, I wanna have a healthy sleeping habit too. But, constant reading and studying are needed for my course, sighs.

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Now that you've reached here, it's your time to analyze your hours of using Online Platforms as radiation is terrible for our bodies. Do we have the same routine?

I'm glad that my teachers asked us to do this activity. I had the opportunity to look back on my daily activities. Thus, it made me realize that I have to change my routine.

Do you have a specific routine that could help me out? Let me know! Also, do you like my designs, or nah? And of course,

Have a lovely day!

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:P what do u mean.. doesn't everyone have a similar routine and spend at least 8 hrs a day online?? i'm glad u are joining me in this lifestyle..

Right! Internet and soc med are really great inventions to link people around the world, and almost all people use them. I really have massive respect for people who are online less than 8 hours, grabe. But, I'm glad too that I'm not alone in this lifestyle, lol. It took me ages to reply here coz of schoolwork, omg, sorry. 🤍🤍

no worries.. it's all good. :)

We have quite different routines, the moment I wake up, I usually scroll through instagram and check out stories then I check my messenger account for internship-related messages. I spend less time on twitter as compared to instagram and facebook. Have a lovely day Joselle 🤗

Oh! I usually scroll through insta too just to watch KPOP related content, lol 🤣 Have a lovely day too! It took me ages to reply here coz of schoolwork, omg. 🤍🤍

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Thank you so muchhhh!🤍🤍

You're welcome @sellennee, great achievement 😊🌹
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Already done @hivebuzz! Sorry for the late support, hehe. I'm still learning about how to distribute support on Hive day by day. Have a great day! 🤍🤍

The visual aids in your blogs are super amazing as always! I really can't imagine how you could do this in a single day, especially with your course which is super hard to pass. I have a hard time minimizing the number of hours I spend on Facebook jeez. Anyways, what freelancing job are you currently doing?

Thank you so muchhhh 🤍🤍 It took me hours to finish these. I think, 6 hours? T^T It took me months too before I drifted from Facebook. A year ago, I share memes every day, and I usually share funny content 3-10 times a day, lmao.

Regarding freelancing, currently, I do virtual assistance and social media management. Sometimes, I have clients for copy editing, too, hehe.

Woah, that's a lot of time.

Wow, that's nice. Can't imagine being able to work, studying, and blogging at the same time.

It was really hard to balance time at the start, but if you have the vision of wanting ur dad to be back home, bigla na lang talagang magfu-fuel 'yung sipag, HAHHAHA. Thank you so much for reading here! Kinda sad that I can't execute this total support with the community coz of school worked, grabe.

That's nice! I hope your dad comes home for good. Laban sa school works!

Love the visual aids. I don't think I have the patience to do that. ahhahahah. Great post Joselle. I hope you've been doing great with your exams!

Thank you very muchh! 🤍🤍 I've been doing good on my exams but Accounting T^T I barely pass po on that subject, grabe talaga, omg.

My least favorite subject. Is that your major?

Yes po, it's a major. Actually, we have 4 accounting subjects. I'm good with the 3 except Intermediate Accounting.

What's worse is our prof has a hate(?) relationship with girls, hays. He easily gets mad when girls answer wrong on recits kaya ang ending, I can't volunteer to answer coz I'm afraid to be shouted at. + His sarcasm can make me cry too HAHAHHAA

One time, my girl classmate uses her calculator during recit, then my prof heard it. Then he sarcastically questioned my classmate, bakit daw po gumamit eh hindi niya pa raw po pinako-compute T^T

OMG. Thats very sexist. And he's very inconsiderate. He could atleast be more lenient especially these times. Grabe nmn cya.

True po, it kinda annoys me that he's very considerate when my male classmates did badly in recit, tapos 'pag sa main, andali mainis, haha T^T According din po sa seniors namin, ganun talaga sya :<<

He's the reason why our education system is toxic and sexism is still rampant in our society.

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