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The POB Word of the Week Contest for EGO is ongoing! So you still have time to enter your article for a chance at winning POB!

The contest accepts all entries of any topic related to the Word of the Week. Whether you're a creative writer or a financial genius if your topic can be related to a WOTW, enter now!

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WOTW Contest

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@Calumam is the creator of the Word of the Week Contest and this week's entry. Every week he presents a new word and challenges the community to write articles about it. The articles submitted by the community get evaluated against a grading rubric @Calumam created.

It's a challenge of a different sort on both the evaluation side and the content creator side. He attempts to bring consistency, formality, and objectivity to a usually subjective process. It is a fascinating experiment. We're still hammering out the bases for the grading criteria. So please be patient with us.

Whether you win a place or not among the top contestants, we're all winners in this competition. In addition, authors get increased exposure in the community and some extra voting rewards in the process.

There are some important issues to discuss related to participation in the community and HIVE in general.

Community Behaviors

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Some of the first indications of plagiarism are quotes and images in an article the author doesn't reference. Expect to receive downvotes if someone believes your ideas, photos, and comments came from somewhere else. Save yourself the trouble and make sure you communicate that what you present is either your creation or someone else's.

All articles in the POB-WOTW contest are checked for plagiarism as part of the contest's basic screening.

Voting & Engaging

Everyone has the right to upvote or downvote as they choose. So someone could upvote your post by $40 just as likely as they can decide to remove that vote. More often than not, however, there is a reason behind it.

  • If you receive a DV without reason, feel free to ask. If you don't like the answer, move on with your day. Some explanations will be kinder than others.
  • Be courteous to each other. It goes a long way in how people will perceive and treat you.
  • Downvotes, like upvotes, are a part of the system. Use them wisely.


If you participate in the contest please use the #POB-WOTW tag. If you are not participating in the contest, please do not use it. We have a lot of posts to review and don't want to skip over any entries...again.

On the Lookout

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We're looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Until then, and after, have a blessed week.

Current Entries

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

The following people listed below are already participating in the contest. Please support and engage the authors below.

Let me know if you have entered an article into the contest and don't see your name on the list:

@akinwumi294Our ego is not needed
@antonymThe Psychology of My Ego - WOTW
@charcoalbuffetMoney, Big Egos, and Big Responsibilities
@clicmasterA trip called Ego, you decide if you do it long or short!
@clixmoneyHealthy Egoism is Needed
@danikyThe Psychological Irony and Abuse of a Man's Ego
@darmst5339Ego or Alter Ego - Who are you today?
@drairinagl7A great ego classifies us as mere mortals, and a pressing situation vindicates us.
@dwayne16Our ego is needed (POB Word Of The Week : EGO )
@dwixerEgo (proof-of-brain weekly challenge)
@genepopWhat the ego produces in some people, in my beloved Latin America!
@josediccusHow Overly Or Underly Egotistic Should You Be? (POB WOTW)
@lerkfrendA Tale of Two Egos (and a god named Ego)
@maribelnWho am I? The Ego Lives With Me. / ¿Quién soy yo? El ego vive conmigo.
@riverflowsDissolution & Disentanglement in The Forest : Musings on Ego [Proof of Brain Challenge]
@romirspcSometimes Being EGO-TISTICAL Can Destroy You (POB Word Of The Week : EGO #8)
@savagetobiThe presence of my “Ego” psychology.
@sheila23A self-destructive ego/word of the week in POB
@sofs-suMy Take on Ego - The word of the week
@stickupboyspob-wotw - Ego and why we don't have one, we lost it under a mask.
@stortebekerProof of Brain Word Challenge - I, Me, and My Ego
@thomashnblumHang on to your Ego - POB Word of the Week#008
@trucklife-familyDriven by Ego


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey.

If you like this article, please consider upvoting and following @scholaris!

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we have a chance just to believe in our community
long live POB

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Thanks for the list of participants. Makes identification easier and helps increase interaction. It is good to be able to read the writings of colleagues ... to get to know them better, to learn, to follow them in the first place.

"Whether you're a creative writer or a financial genius" ... we must admit that many (now I mean me) do not fall into this category but I hope to write a financial genius, from the point of view of the ego excessively swollen.

This month I turn four years old in Steem / Hive. I've never used downvote, I don't like it because it paves the way for abuse. I think it's more correct ... ignoring!

I didn't get on your list because I posted later. I think one effect of publishing this list of participants will be that most will post as soon as possible to be mentioned. I'll try to do that. Thank you for this initiative!

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You're welcome on that list. It was the result of missing two contestants over the last two weeks. And, given your entry, I worked. I'm glad you were able to add something to the contest.

I've read about the abuse of a downvote, but in terms of my participation in the contest, I like using it as a tool. I started with the basics first.

  • If I find evidence, for instance, of possible plagiarism then I'll downvote and leave a pretty courteous message as a means to notify. In two cases, the writer's actually edited their post and responded as courteously as I did. So, I removed the DV.
  • In another case, I received a colorful response or someone became argumentative about how what they did was correct. The result was that I did NOT remove that downvote.

I can't speak for the abuse of others, but I can definitely control myself. If someone's post has other problems I won't downvote, I just won't vote.

I'd like to keep making posts like this one as a heads up. I think I'll start on Tuesday for next week's post to try and give people more time.

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Well, it means that I did not understand that you mean breaking the rules and plagiarism, that is, appropriating someone else's work. In this case, yes, you are right. I was referring to downvotes in general, I saw a few campaigns that destroyed and I'm not sure they were right.

I'm still new at this so I start with the obvious regarding plagiarism. It's universally condemned on the blockchain so there's less resistance to the concept when I downvote. I also won't DV without an opportunity for correcting the issue.

In general? I'm still figuring out that part myself. When I learn more, I may DV more, but I'll still add the opportunity to remove it.

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Of course, this is a normal attitude to be able to fix a possible mistake.

It's working pretty well so far.

The whole concept of "ask nicely get a nice response" seems to be working well. Everyone I've DV'd in the contest adjusted their posts and I removed the DV. Only one person hasn't responded. I will not assume whether they care or not. And this is just one contest. I can't imagine what groups like Hive Watchers have to go through.

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This is great, some understood, others were scared, others did not know they were wrong. It is important to be able to identify the "professional plagiarists"!

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The number of people posting each day is increasing, more competition for me :D
But honestly, there is so much quality content, and looking at others people's perspectives, one gets great exposure too. Great work @calumam

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Quality content indeed. It appears that as each week progresses, the posts get more sophisticated. It's impressive.

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24 posts in just three days. Maybe we will cross the 50 post mark this week. That will be a nice two month milestone.

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Really? That would be quite awesome. I hope we can make it.

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Thank you for the update @scholaris

We really need to scream at those folks who abuse the pob-wotw tag, I hope that everyone gets to read this so they can be well informed about the rules

Oh right, I will just reblog this to help other folks see this too

My God! I am yet to send in my entry, I hope that it is not my EGo that is standing in the

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Yeah, I can imagine the frustration some had when their posts weren't recorded. It's not frustrating to see non-WOTW posts, but it could get distracting. I don't want to miss anyone's post.

You had me laughing for a bit on your last statement about Ego. That was a good one.

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It's not frustrating to see non-WOTW posts, but it could get distracting.

Yes I agree that it could be distracting

You had me laughing for a bit on your last statement about Ego. That was a good one.

hehhehe...don't mind me, I like using the word of the week in almost everything I am saying this week. I think I am trying to keep myself in check. So I can utilize the positive aspect of Ego in my dealings with other humans, and not the negative one

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I don't see my name. '-'

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Nice. No problem. Thank you for bringing up your concern.

I created this post 6/2/21 4:24 PM. Your post The ego that I know was created on 6/3/21 at 1:06 AM per HIVE SQL.

I have your entry recorded!

Edit: I had your entry recorded shortly after you posted the article.

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I can see it now. Thank you for explain.

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You are very welcome!

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I've just posted mine right now, @scholaris.

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Awesome. I'll make sure it's entered!

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Thanks, @scholaris.

So far, no pob upvotes (from big whales) on my contest post (which worries me because this edition of the contest ends tomorrow). =/

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Sorry about that occurence. Hopefully, they will jump on soon!

Your entry is recorded!

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Thank you so much, good sire. :)

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You're very welcome!

Hi @scholaris I participate in the contest.

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Your entry is recorded!

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I am new can anybody tell me what is meaning of POB-WOTW?

It means word of the week.

Thank you so much

You are very welcome!

POB means proof of brain

Nice report. I really enjoy the contest. ☺

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I’m glad you do. I felt the report was necessary as people either put entries after the window closed or their entry was missed.

I feel we’ve corrected the issues with missing entries this week. And only 3 or 4 entries were posted late.