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RE: I Now Have Speechelo Pro for AI Voices

in Proof of Brain6 months ago

I took a look at Speechelo after reading your article. It seems to be pretty convenient. Do you use it for content creation? I've been looking at a way to convert text to speech and the program seems really easy to use.


I started using Speechelo recently. I just posted a video today on 3Speak of text written by ChatGPT narrated by one of the Speechelo voices. Over the next week or so I will have Speechelo narrate some of my old posts with different voices and posts those videos to 3Speak also. That should give you an idea of what text to speec generated by a beginning Speechelo user is like.

The app is like a Windows notepad so you can copy text and paste it into the app. Once a Speechelo voice is chosen the artificial intelligence does it's best to adjust the proper inflection of the voice "reading" the text to make it sound more human. There is also a button to manually add a pause to the text if a word needs to be emphasized or if a pause would be more natural in human speech.

It has a few drawbacks like very short preview of the voice reading what is pasted in the app. There could be 4,000 words or more but at most the preview might only read the first two sentences.

In about a week or so after I have more experience making a few more videos with Speechelo I can make a more detailed post about using the app.