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The chaotic POB Word of the Week Contest continues! The contest concludes at midnight Sunday!

Unleash your creativity!

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Where is @Calumam?!?

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@Calumam is the creator of the Word of the Week Contest and this week's entry. Where is he?

Is he skiing in the alps?
Has he abandoned the project?

His last cryptic post gave no clarity on this week's challenge. The POB-WOTW tag has fallen to 8th place. Failures abound, and drama persists throughout the community. It must surely be the end of Proof of Brain...or,

Is it the beginning of a new chapter?
Silence across the community came when @Calumam failed to deliver the game.
All who wanted to play a part were all left wandering in the dark.

Until the Etymological warrior, @ashleykalila, found her path and shed light upon the community. Unwilling to wait upon those to tell her the rules, she made her own. She stood against uncertainty and said:

"The word of the week is whatever I want it to be."

Five measly entries turned into six. Now there are 17. It's time, HIVE. It's time, POB. Open your minds to creativity. Pick YOUR WOTW. Make YOUR entry into the contest. Show the world that you have the power to choose your own view and present it!

You are not winners in this competition. You are not losers to some rules that tell us how we must perform.


We know you have what it takes.
JOIN US for this week's WOTW!

The word is YOURS TO CHOOSE!

Please stay tuned for a word from our sponsors.


Community Behaviors

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We check every article for it. No exceptions.

  • Provide references for work that is not your own. This includes text, as well as images.
  • Please do not argue against accusations of plagiarism. If necessary, we will collaborate with various groups like Hive Watchers to validate our observations.
  • We're judging your content, not your character. Correct the issues and behaviors revealed. Engage with the community to see what went wrong and how you can resolve the issue.

Voting & Engaging

The right to upvote and downvote is a system law. You are entitled to inquire as to why someone UV'd, or DV'd your content. Please be courteous, and it should be returned in kind.

Use your rights wisely.

Thank you for reading this special message.


Current Entries

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Thank you to the following people listed below that are already participating in the contest. Please let me know if you have entered an article into the contest and don't see your name on the list:

@akinwumi294Why does teenagers smoke?
@leprechaunBrave Problems with New Front End
@ashleykalilaPOB Word Of The Week #010 : ???
@benmagChampions in personality phase One
@por500bolos¡Monday! ...a day of PoH.
@thomashnblumThe Whale Island Theater - POB Word of the Week:#010
@memeisfunWeird things for me this week in pob
@small1axeExo ! exo ! ,..... Ohee ! ohee !
@maribelnHow outrageous to know that we were rich and did not know it?
@josediccusTo What Degree Can You Measure Your Level Of Exoticity?
@dwixerPOB word of the week #10 Exotic places in Nigeria
@feyifavorHow things are run here... POB-WOTW
@darmst5339pob-wotw - Exotic or Native

Are you on this list?
Are you disqualified and don't know it?
Let's talk about it in the comments!


On the Lookout

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We're looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Until then, and after, have a blessed week.

Have you entered the contest yet?
Hurry, before it's too late!



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Are you interested in seeing how WOTW entries are graded? Now's your chance. Follow along the grading process by viewing our new POB WOTW: Merit System (Public).

Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey.

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Someone said the wotw is exotic based Cal's last post

True. Last week's post said that this week's post would have exotic as the WOTW. That was the approach I originally took until Ashely changed the rules with her post. We didn't see that one coming. So, if this week's post was so open to interpretation, who were we to ignore Ashley's commitment to her entry?

haha fair enough!

My interpretation of the WOTW is that it isn't just a contest. I feel like it's also an experiment, unofficially at least. Every time I look at the merit system I wonder, can we actually move a community to judge and tailor their own standards?

And then I read each entry. How the content changes each week to climb further in the charts. And I read how people enjoy the challenge and wait on the next week to see what will come next. It's impressive for sure.

Be on the look always,it is very important to give everything thing in a life a chance before it becomes to late,having a failed end result after giving thing a try does not means it will not come out good when you try again.just act now before it is too late

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Apologies for the delayed response. It's been quite a week for me. I agree it's important to take a chance. I've missed some in my life. You're certainly correct about failure. Eventually you'll be successful if you're both lucky and smart about it.

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Lovely! Many have been eagerly waiting to hear from Calumam and know what is happening because truth be told many loves participating in the WOTW challenge.
Many don't even do it for the rewards and thanks to @ashleykalila for proving this fact.

She just didn't wait for calumam or anyone to give her the WOTW, but she made her choice and look, others followed.
We can equally do whatever it is that pleases us, we just have to decide on our own.

PS: Don't you think with this, some people might abuse the use of POB-WOTW tag? Since its on individual choices to create their own word for the week.
Does it even matter? Since there will be no winner nor loser.
Any consequences for abusing the tag even when there really isn't any competition?

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Good day! Normally, yes, there would be a penalty that amounts to DQ from future contests depending on the amount of tag abuse per entry. So, we would still check the article for plagiarism, but we wouldn't count the score.

We get tag abuse all the time. I honestly don't know how to stop it so I query a list once or twice a day and just DQ an entry that's unrelated.

Except for this week. The rules are different this time. Perhaps they will change next week.

Honestly, who knows? Calumam is not a predictable person lol.

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Yeah, I also noticed the abuse of tag. That's the more reason I was wondering what will happen this week with no rules. More room for more abuses lol

But we wait patiently and see what the unpredictable dude will do lol

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You and who is taking this chances?

Me? I doubt

If our beloved @calumam went to the moon why did he go without all of us ? 😅😅

Now I have to choose what to write for the race on my own😓

Gosh, I am not used to this kind of lifestyle .....hehehehe

That is a lie.......doing the opposite of what I am told is who I am 😁

Laughing wickedly 😂😂😂😂

The chaotic week is on!! I will be here watching till the end

Smiles micheviously 😸

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Which chances? Hehehehehe.
Looks like someone just got herself something to fill the system with tons of emojis😏

Now better be used to it. Don't wait for someone to give you what to write about.
Use your brain miss 😂🤪
Or should I rather tell you what to write about?

Maybe I can give you a word for this week. How about Mischievous? Looks like you even spelt yours wrongly😂😂
Okay bye! Lol

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Looks like someone just got herself something to fill the system with tons of emojis😏

Imagine the stress of typing too much taken off my back.......sweeeeettttt😂

Maybe I can give you a word for this week. How about Mischievous? Looks like you even spelt yours wrongly

😂😂😂😂. Oh shit! I have to right this wrong then, by writing on the word, mischievous

Thank God, I am not the only one acting all mischievous around here, @calumam is displaying some too 👀🏃

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Oh spelling. All words are made up anyway. :)

All words are made up anyway. :)

Oops.....caught, red-handed 🙆

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I guess it is lol

We aim to entertain. I look forward to reading about your journey.

I hope to entertain you as you read through, thank you

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Hi @sholaris Very well done all of you, I feel like my name should be on that list, that's why I was present with my post this week which has been very strange for the word of the participation

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I've got your entry recorded. You're good to go. We started pulling names off of the database a couple of weeks back when people noted their entries were missing. I also like to do this update post as a means of verifying people are aware of the contest.

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Where is @Calumam?!?

I have no idea and think this is a hide-and-seek thing? Hehehe!

From Calmum's last post, 'exotic' is the wotw and I am sticking to it. My choice 🙂.

I see my post is not included in the table above. I wrote mine like more two days ago.

Thank you, @scholaris! 🙂

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Thank you for letting me know. I will make sure it’s there.

This week indeed looks like a fun week ,where its free for everyone to get crazy with their choice of word. If I sleep on this , Ill regret it for sure. Thanks for the motivation @scholaris

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Cal makes things pretty interesting. I couldn't help but join the contest.

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And just when I was awaiting the contest or challenge for this week, i heard calumam suddenly disappeared.
I can't find him anywhere and it makes me sad.
I don't know what is really going on but i trust all is well.
As for this week, since we are opportune to make our choice of the WOTW, I guess its a cool thing.

Though I wish I joined earlier but I am still glad I am here and still sticking around.
I will challenge myself to it, and feel good about whatever it is I put up lol.
After all this is not a competition hehehhee.
Thanks scholaris for this, I am sure now everyone will rest their mind and start work.
But i truly wish calcumam will be back from exile sooner or later ;)

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It’s a very cool thing to have a change of pace. And everyone could use a break from time to time. Look forward to experiencing your entry.

Sure :)

Maybe I decided to not be clear as well if I'm participating in it or not when I wrote this : The word of the journey is ''WE''. ☺

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Good to know. I’ll make sure your entry is recorded


You're very welcome.

Etymological warrior 😂😂😂
Looooove it!!!
I did feel like a rebellious pioneer writing that post, having no clue what could happen!

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I was like, "Go Ashley!". And then I was like, "Well, crap that's gonna be a lot of articles. Go, Ashley!" lol
You did well.

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I believe @Calumam was just trying some kind of test to see if people would basically remember the fact that he gave out the word of the week in his past previous posts. I would also love to talk about what I want like Ashley lol but then I'll like to see the final verdict of @Calumam on this strange outcome to the word of the week.

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I feel it was quite similar to a test. Only Calumam truly knows.

Thanks for the mention, @scholaris. I honestly went into a state of "I don't care", I haven't received many votes in the Word of the week posts anyway, and in this particular case, faced with the "mystery of the magic word" I decided to simply make a tale about this great theater of the whales, and all our effort in search of leftovers, crumbs of gold. I'll keep putting my content together, writing all the time, and not worrying so much about pleasing with the "best text".

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You’ve got the right attitude. I can’t focus on something like that personally. It happens or it doesn’t. When I write STEM articles I enjoy it, but I won’t always get paid well for it either.

What I’ll do is try to market the article around and see if it catches. It hasn’t yet, but as I compare what I do to others I find myself either tailoring my approach or trying another avenue. Remember, themarkymark says that it takes time and engagement.

He doesn’t say that it takes only one approach. Sometimes you must try many. Success is nothing without the failures it takes to achieve it.

That's strange. I did enter a word for WOTW but don't see my article here. Maybe you just missed it. We posted at about the same time.

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No issues. I likely did the data download before you posted. I’ll make sure your entry is recorded. This is why I do the updates. To make sure everyone’s entry gets tracked.

Thank you

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Haha. I thought WOTW is 'exotic'. It was mentioned in his last week's WOTW announcement.

After going through this week's post, I thought @calumam was trying one of those weird social experiments like has done before. I couldn't take part in the last week, so I might as well choose the same word for this week. Let's see what I come up with. :)

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The WOTW was as you stated. We felt that in this week's post it was subject to interpretation. We were still waiting for an exotic entry until @ashleykhalila was like, "I do what I want fools!". Lol, I gest. When her post came out, and based on this week's article, it became better to let things run for the week.

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In the week of Outrageous, he said next week's word would be exotic. I know I'm not the only one who read that...There should be no surprise that it is the word if people are following protocol...just saying...I haven't entered yet, but may. I have to think on it.

No worries. I totally understand. No reason not to follow the protocol. This week's posting shook things up quite a bit.

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:) No doubt...It'll be interesting to hear the point behind it...

I feel part of the point was to deliver a message. The message being to think for yourself. No guidelines, no drama, no conditions on the word. I feel the effect was a lack of organization, understanding, and misdirection.

Eventually, people took notice. ashleykhalila, for example, took matters into her own hands while other people followed. Others, followed the guidelines of the week prior. Either position, in the case of this week, became acceptable. The contest runner, instead, became a contest participant. People evaluating the articles were met with a challenge also. Instead of becoming habituated on one word, now they needed to adapt to every word introduced.

It's making for an interesting contest.

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I took part in the last week pob-wotw contest but I don't know if my post was recognize. @scholaris Pls, I will like to know if my entry was recorded.

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I'll check.

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I have your entry recorded on 6/17/2021 @ 20:28 hours. You're good to go.

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Okay sir, thanks

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You're very welcome.

Can you please tell me, if I can take part in the contest by adding the # pob-wowt tag to my post published 5 days ago?

Posted via

Interesting. I see the tag, but I don't see your entry. I have it recorded now. Thanks for letting me know.

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Thank you very much for the notification.

You're welcome @scholaris, thanks for your constant motivation 😊👍

That sporting event looks rather dangerous.

Yeah, right? I couldn't find out where that image was taken from. Athletes are hard core.

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Another great (and useful post) about what's going on here in this community, @scholaris.

P.S.: You forgot to add my entry to WOTW contest. Here is the link:

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I’ve got your entry recorded. Thanks for the backup

No worries. Thanks!

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