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RE: The Domino Effect On My Day

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I've learned to work with chaotic schedules. It's a part of my routine. In fact, when I look at a schedule, I know that it's a schedule with potential failure. I've rarely had projects with even supremely scheduled activities NOT have one hiccup or another. You just never know. I like to think that one failure of ours is that when we plan, we forget to plan for failure. Giving yourself some margin to breath is a way to minimize stresses on you when unplanned events occur.

Thank you for sharing.

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Very insightful! You are absolutely right —we forget to plan for failure because who would think of that? We always want to succeed... I have become so dependent on my well-ordered schedule that a slight shift just messes up my day. Maybe I needed this little shake-up to put things right. Hehe.

I appreciate your visit and insightful comment. 🙂

You're very welcome. Yeah, you're correct. No one thinks about this stuff unless they're constantly deal with interruptions, distractions, and time pressures. And so, a plan becomes a model for our reality. Take care.