Human Forgot Its Origin 👣|| Are we really Concerned About Earth Day?🌎||

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We Know that about celebration of Earth Day (22nd April each year) World Environment Day (June 5th Every Year). Every Countries promise every year to control Green House gases and Polythene usage in The Platform like United Nation .

Nature is one of the beautiful Creation in this planet where we live and breath but Have you noticed How the Government act seriously about saving our earth ? I don't Think so they are quite working towards stopping or controlling these issue which is getting worse every day .

As per present survey by Environmental Scientist ,We have lost 30% of our Earth Glacier in the last 50 years and in this speed ,Our Earth will be looking like Dead planet in next 200 years if we Don't stop or find alternative resources of energy and Polythene .

Earth is dimming due to climate change

France’s highest mountain is shrinking due to climate change


The above picture i drew and connected it to global concern where i am blaming directly to human mankind who just forgot their origin i mean they are the one blindly destroying the earth resources by producing carbon gases and polythene materials .

I was reading some of the post on and i found one of the picture which i would credit for reference picture for my sketch . Human since born 3.5 billion years ago , Always tried to full-fill its need and produced convenient product like polythene but forgot the nature and become so selfish ,can't bother what are they doing .

I have seen people throw the polythene and other rubbish particles to river ,ocean which directly harm other creatures and even our earth . People look getting habitual of all where government also can not help much because they are adopted new which easy and fast and that is litter to their surroundings.

There are no use to celebrate Earth Day or Environment unless we learn every day at-least how to keep your area cleaned and pledge to not use plastic product .
Green house gases polluting the air where as plastic materials polluting the water .Hey ! Human Can you go back to your Origin and restart your evolution again since you already fuc*ed the Mother Nature and Earth .

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