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Seems so logical. We are so conditioned. Throat infections are us cleaning and also our body showing us that we feel we are unable to say something. This option makes so much sense We are always ingesting germs and it is the state of our body that determines if they go on to cause disease. People who eat quality food & look after themselves physically & spiritually remain healthy. When I go the lurgy I was down and feeling sorry for myself. Now I am unbitten around people who are they are getting it I am not Ummm. I am healthy mentally and physically πŸ™πŸ½

Yes, this one runs deep. So many times I've seen evidence of it in our own home when one of us has the snivels, yet does not pass it on to anyone else in the house. Which one would expect if it were contagious, coz we hug & kiss a lot ;)

All the best to you brother!

A bit of a false dichotomy there. The truth is somewhere in between. "Germ" is kind of a vague term that encompasses a variety of things including but not limited to viruses. Not all germs are harmful but exposure to certain germs can make one sick. The healthier you are, the more able your body is to resist potentially harmful germs. If you have a poorly functioning immune system then normally harmless germs might kill you. There might also be other characteristics that make you more or less resistant. There are some germs that even the healthiest people may have difficulty resisting. Exposure to some germs can help your body (immune system) build up resistance to them. But it can be a bit of a catch-22 depending on the germ we are talking about. I don't want to expose myself to viruses that cause hemmorhagic fever no matter how healthy I might be or because surviving it MIGHT increase my resistance to it. I'm sure Native Americans would have preferred to have never been exposed to smallpox.

Sometimes it isn't the germ that kills you but your immune system's reaction. A fever that bakes your brain...or what we are seeing with COVID and the COVID vaccine with myocarditis which is caused by an immune system reaction in some cases to the disease and in some cases to the vaccine.

There's no doubt that health plays a major role. For instance, I have known of a few people who have died from COVID (unvaccinated so I don't think that can be blamed). However, in each of those cases they were significantly overweight.

The funniest part of this joke is not that viruses aren't contagious but that covid doesn't exist at all. You may perhaps know that covid-19 was never isolated and therefore cannot be tested for? Indeed, when we get a covid test, what we are actually testing for is genetic material which we are told somehow relates to covid. Yet there is no evidence for this connection.

People die all the time. Only now they are dying with a positive test result, which makes covid seem like a thing. Am sorry for the loss of your friends. I also have an overweight friend who died recently, just before the covid saga started. Had he died more recently you can be sure cause of death would have gone down as covid (because there are financial incentives for this), despite cause of death so obviously relating to lifestyle choices and as mentioned on the cover of The Contagion Myth, the ever more toxic environment we are surrounded by.

Certainly the immune system is the core of our body's defence mechanism and when I say "people who eat quality food & look after themselves" what we are really talking about is keeping the immune system strong. The unfortunate problem with our current reality is that toxic environment most people are not even aware of. How many people are aware of their nearest 5G tower? Or how many people are aware of the root canals & amalgam fillings in their mouth which are slowly killing them? Or what about the shit they spray in the air above our heads every day which so evidently makes its way into our food? Many factors at play (most of which people are simply not aware of) yet all of them are weakening our immune system. So, it seems to me that if exposure to certain germs makes us sick, no matter how healthy we may believe ourselves to be, this likely still relates to a weakened immune system and lack of health due to toxins and undesirable frequencies.

I don't understand the claim that the virus has not been isolated. There are several examples of that having happened and even a complete genetic sequence of different variants of the virus. I guess it could all be lies but what is the evidence of that? I mean this is research that has been done by people who are experts in this stuff as far as I can tell. On the other hand, the claim that it has never been isolated, as far as I can tell, came from one guy. (complete genome) (another complete genome) (yet another) (pictures of the virus)

If the information in the links above cannot be taken as evidence, then what can?

If the information in the links above cannot be taken as evidence, then what can?

You raise a really good point with this question. And all I can say in response is that the people behind the centralised institutions who provide the data upon which all covid measures are based have a lot to gain from maintaining the narrative. Indeed, billions have been generated in the last few years and this money has filtered down the chain to anyone who has a large following and tows the narrative line.

Whereas on the other hand we have a collection of doctors who are clearly telling us the data is inaccurate and by holding on to their narrative, rather than making a ton of money they are for the most part being ostracised and struck off. While some of them have now written books, I can't see much financial motivation beyond this.

So in the end what we have are two groups of doctors who give opposite advice and it is up to us to decipher which group is telling the truth. The group connected to an entity which has a huge amount to gain from their narrative or the group who risk everything by speaking their truth?

I believe Andrew Kaufman is one of those doctors who speaks his truth with very little to gain from it. In this interview he addresses the statements of a mainstream doctor, specifically in relation to the subject of virus isolation.


I hear what you are saying but it's not like all of this is coming from the CDC or drug companies. Some is coming from universities and other organizations. In my experience, for the most part, scientists themselves are not particularly political when it comes to their work (though politicians certainly twist the results in misleading ways for their own purposes).

Every doctor who has seriously studied this is part of some institution as not many individuals would have the resources for the proper equipment and personnel to do the necessary work. Dr. Kaufman is a psychiatrist with a B.S. in Molecular Biology. Is he really more qualified to speak on these issues than any of the people in the above links? I don't see how.

I can't really prove all the people in the above studies aren't's difficult to prove a negative anyway. But I've seen no proof that they are and I don't really see any reason to give Dr. Kaufman's claims any more credit. I'm sure the notoriety he is getting makes for some economic opportunities for him as well. He could also just believe what he is saying. But that doesn't make him right.

Economic incentive alone isn't generally a good enough reason not to trust someone. After all, most people have economic incentive for the work that they do or they would have to be doing something else. But I don't believe doctors and scientists generally spend all that time, money and effort to get advanced training in their fields just so they can go out and make crap up. Of course there are always dishonest people but it's hard to believe the vast majority of doctors and scientists are lying (about the very existence of a virus no less)...or completely wrong. It's far easier to believe someone like Dr. Kaufman, who would seem to have quite a bit less training and experience in this particular field, is wrong.

Excellently written Sam!

Hey there fellow Magi! How you doing brother?

Hope this doesn't sound weird but despite our relatively brief interactions you enter my mind quite regularly! Perhaps because I am still reading the excellent book you recommended.

Hey man, no homo LOL!!!!

Doin relatively fine here, workin on life and fucking up the system on a daily basis. Figured I'd come back onto Hive and try out a new video project, which seems to be going quite well!

I mainly focus my energies on my odysee channel where i talk about things like common law, law, legal fiction, not paying council tax, fucking up the system etc. You can check it out here . I try to keep things here on Hive light hearted, as i know the community here are more into their bloggings, entertainment and light topics.

How have you been? Seems you've been keeping busy!

BTW could you remind me what book i recommended? I forget!

Your odysee page looks like a great resource. I will share it in a few telegram groups if you don't mind. Some friends of mine may benefit from your knowledge.

Probably a good call keeping things lighthearted here. I try to but sometimes a subject will stir me up so much I cannot help but write a quite post about it. Kinda like an energetic release mechanism.

I've been keeping very busy thanks. Learning to trade mostly this winter. I find it incredibly interesting and rewarding.

Let me give you a clue for the book. The first chapter taught me how the simplest of things like an electrified bell system on a door can indicate to the willing mind the identity and mood of each unseen visitor who is about to arrive at their home ;)

Ring any bells?

Ahh The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic! An excellent book man you have great taste!

I am humbled that you are sharing my videos via telegram. We are in this fight together my brother.

You know, have you thought about starting your own odysee channel for your more heavier duty content?

Be safe my brother and keep well! I'm about to make a cuppa!

I do have a bunch of different Odysee channels as it happens but I use them more as a resource for others than anything else. In truth it has been a long time since I posted there but you may perhaps find some useful stuff in this one:

My main advice relating to books is to collect as many useful ones as you can, storing them on a small device like a tablet or phone with large memory capacity. Devices like this can easily be charged with basic solar so all these books will be accessible even in the event of a long term power outage. (computers & laptops are much harder to power with basic solar).

Let's see how things go on hive. Having been here for six years now I am reluctant to leave. But as you and I both know, change is the only constant on this great playground, and if something ain't working right the logical solution is to fix it or use something else.

Good advice there my friend!

The virus myth is strong in the indoctrinated...very strong!


The significance of that scene takes on a new light!

Gonna have to rewatch the first Matrix again.

Its my all time fav movie

Just watched 4, it was ok, some good bits and better than 3, but nothing comes close to 1

4 was a waste of my time man.

I liked the way it tried to mock itself at times, that partly
redeamed it for me, but 3 i really hated

Currently rewatching John Wick. Now that saga has never dissapointed.

Guns. Suits. Gold coins. Style. Nice fight scenes. The Mafia styled society. Killing 3 people with a pencil. Nice.

Sounds like something Yoda would say ;)

Appreciate your support over on vyb. The site feels a bit clunky after getting used to this place, but I am okay about letting go if it comes to it.


Look who has a friend today!



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Sorry to hear about your downvotes Sam - this should not be allowed.

Really well-written - thank you for this, @samstonehill! YES YES YES - germ theory was disproved AT THE TIME IT WAS PROPONED - and yet the agenda was pushed soooo successsfuly to get generations and generations of folks to obsess about cleaning, sterlising and not touching Nature, for mortal terror of being 'aatacked' by little invisible things floating around everywhere...

It is UTTERLY INCREDIBLE that we are still in this mental distortion - and therefore have been groomed perfectly for the infection aspect of the current depopulation drive.

The mainstream is absolutely crumbling, and the narrative has failed on multiple (possibly all!) fronts - did we need this kick in the teeth to make us grow? I get a strong sense of our having to have something so very tangibly evil and unnatural, before we'll recognise what we're actively participating in.

It's great to have the sanity of our communities here on Hive, to keep us balanced and empowered, eh!

Blessings and Gratitude to all!