The covid jab is magnetic: what does it mean?

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In the last few weeks more and more people have been seen sticking small magnets to their arms in the area where they received the jab. When I first heard about this I assumed it was a hoax, some kind magic trick which could create the effect. However, last night I took the time to watch this video compilation of people around the world demonstrating it and I am now relatively convinced this is an authentic phenomena.

Something in that jab is magnetic.

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 23.22.09.png

Most people are using these small magnets.

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 23.59.07.png

But the larger ones work too.

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 23.21.02.png

A lot of people out there seem genuinely excited by their new skill.

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 23.21.27.png

A skill which goes beyond magnets.

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 23.29.25.png

Those who have been jabbed twice can hold two items!

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 00.00.08.png

This lady is able to stick her phone to her arm. I suppose this could at least be useful??!!

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 23.26.26.png

So, there you have it. All the above screenshots are from the video which also has a part 1 & 2 by the way. That's five hours worth of people sticking metal objects to their arms, in case you are in need of further persuasion.

Cool new party trick

The thing which disturbed me the most watching all these people was how casual they were about it. Rather than concerned, most of them were either excited by it or completely without opinion. They were however very quick to express their gratitude for the jab because now they consider themselves "safe" & "fully protected".

Having a metal device in my arm would personally freak me out a bit and I would seek to remove the foreign object immediately.

It has been put there without consent because people wouldn't agree if they had been asked!

Small magnets to become illegal?

Interesting to note the NHS are currently calling for a ban on the sale of "small toy magnets". This story made the headlines a week ago. source

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 10.51.53.png

They say it is to stop little children from swallowing them. Apparently 65 kids in the last 3 years have required surgery because they swallowed more than one.

Does that sound like a good reason to call for a total ban on small "toy" magnets? Not so sure.

And are these two stories connected?

Am curious to get feedback from any of you out there who have received the jab. Do you have magnetic arms now? Or is this all just a clever hoax? Do please let us know in the comments!

What do you think it is?

Tracking device?

Many thanks to TimTruth on the LBRY blockchain for the video compilation which I would personally say helps us confirm the authenticity of what is now being referred to as the magnet challenge or magnetgate.

Love & Light everyone 🌱


I'm in the same boat as you. Not interested and if something like this happened to me, I'd want it removed as well. I can't believe how many people think this is neat...and not extremely alarming. As small as they can make things now, who knows what they are putting in those shots. Thanks for sharing this as i had no clue it was a thing. Sending love to you and your family brother.🤗🤗🤗🤗

Hello there! How is life in the woods? I must admit I've not checked your blog for a while.

Yes, it is hard to understand how people can do this to themselves. They are very scared and very are trusting. Harder still to understand the lack of concern around this phenomena. Perhaps the jab has some kind of mind control tech which helps people accept it? Wouldn't surprise me at all.

Thankfully people like you and I won't be a part of that experiment ;)

All the best to you & your family!

Me either...very scarey how easily the sheeple are led to their slaughter! Patriots... never ever surrender to tyrants, bullies or insane agends!

Having a metal device in my arm would personally freak me out a bit and I would seek to remove the foreign object immediately.

Their arm is literally became magnetic? And by injecting who knows what into their bodies as a part of a human experiment. I would also freak out. Not a bit. Much.

What do you think it is?

Tracking device?

Maybe all three (and maybe even something more) combined? Who knows?

Their arm is literally became magnetic?

Some videos displayed a larger area of magnetism than the jab site alone, so it seems like the area gets bigger over time, but hard to say for sure based on these films.

Certainly, these people are part of an experiment and last time I checked, it isn't wise to do experimental drugs! "Just say no" is the best approach here ;)

Who knows what it will be? What I do know is that people are amused if they play with their bodies, as you say, I would be extremely concerned.

Yes, I saw their amusement in this film. It seemed unnatural & misplaced to me.

I am grateful we are still permitted access to websites like this where people like us can stay informed & talk calmly about what is happening in the world.

All the best to you.

Excellent find there. And from 2016! Yes, this could well explain the strangely relaxed attitude of the people who are discovering themselves to be magnetic.

Being magnetized will be the least of these morons problems, just give it time for all the other shit to kick in...but at least they will die safe from the imaginary pandemic....

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I am sorry for them but the world is currently experiencing a giant intelligence test and the price of failure is expensive.

Still... happy days for the rest of us who will inherit the earth!

That's the thing, who knows, we have no idea. How can people inject this into themselves, it's crazy. I have seen videos also and folk think it is funny, really!!! Lets see what happens next xxxxxx

I would love to believe it is just a magic trick (as someone suggested here) but I'm gonna need to see some strong evidence of that before I retract this post. If it were just a trick I suppose this would explain why no one is freaking out about it???

Yeah, I do love this crazy ride and it is exciting to see what comes next! I am still betting on an alien invasion ;)

O'Ggggg ,.. 5G ?
Where i could imagine many thing's up to a remote kill switch to burn or fry .
Reasons to pass on that shot . ;-)

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Another delightful possibility there.

Happy days ;)

No medical procedure should make a person magnetic. Period. What is the TRUE purpose of this experimental injection?

As hard as it is to stomach I believe the true purpose is to dramatically reduce the population and control those who remain. And this can be a depressing thought without a spiritual practice. All the best to you brother 🙏

My best guess is infertility.

A zippo lighter stuck to her arm one hour after a pfizer injection.

Appreciate you pointing me towards this.

She seems authentic.

Though completely mad of course, going back to get the second shot soon! It is amazing to me what fear will drive people to do.

The chip could be a form of device that can be used to control their brains,i do not want to try such magnet..

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I am grateful that we do at least still have a choice.

Yes we do have a choice to make our own decisions

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There's plenty of legit questions to ask but this is not one of them. Even if something magnetic was injected with the vaccines, it would be tiny to fit in the needle, and it could not generate the force necessary to hold a small magnet (let alone a phone) through the skin. There's also been plenty of videos of people showing how they faked the magnetic effect

Some fakes don't mean they're all fakes.
A lot of respected doctors have noted this phenomenon.
It doesn't happen in everybody who is injected.
Very small metal particles in liquid are magnetic. There are also clear liquids that are magnetic. We can't assume the only potential source of the magnetism is a chunk of metal.

I guess you're talking about ferrofluids. The magnetic particles are only a small portion of the liquid (to avoid them clumping together) and it would require a significant magnetic field to attract them through the skin. Most likely more than what a simple fridge magnet produces, let alone a non-magnetic object like the fork or the phone. And the effect would then be the same for everybody anyways.
I am genuinely interested to see these respected doctors observations. But I only ever saw random people clearly just trying to go viral on TikTok or some other similar platforms (and a number of them admitting being surprised anybody believed their joke). If you found anything more, please point me to it.

I used to be a magician at one time in my life and this trick seems difficult to achieve with all these random metal objects which appear to display clear evidence of magnetism at times, even appearing to push away from the arm when the polarity is reversed. So how is it that 1000s of people are suddenly such great magicians? Please point me to a convincing video where someone explains how this is done.

And many thanks for pitching in here! I do appreciate & respect all opinions.

The only video I still have the link is this one: I haven't bookmarked the others, but most of them were just saying they prepared the trick off camera (for instance with sticky residue on their arms).
For most small objects, you don't even need that, it is quite easy, just with natural skin oils and friction. As a kid, one common trick is to hang a spoon on the nose, or beer caps on the face. For larger objects, with the elbow angle, or off-camera preparation, I believe this can be achieved as well.

I wonder if the magnetic particles might be in the body already? And the contents of the jab somehow attract all of them to jab site? Just a thought.

Iron, in your hemoglobin

Right! Crazy times.

Sorry for the delay, I wasn't very active these days. If magnetic particles were in the body, you would still need a significant field at the jab site to attract them, and again that would mean something bigger than anything that can go through the needle in my opinion. Plus, if they attract random metal object, that means they stay magnetized, which is very rare (yes I know it was achieved a couple years ago, but if I remember correctly it required to use a fancy 3d printing-like method to create the droplets with nano particles)

Anyone who falls for this has failed the #proofofbrain test. Defies the laws of physics. Force of microscopic magnet vs. force of gravity. Gravity wins every time. Just more dis-information being created for evil intent.

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Could you please point me to a video in which it is explained how they create this effect? No one has yet been able to do this for me. Someone mentioned saliva or a sticky substance of some kind, but it is easy to disprove that theory by watching the video linked in this post.

I'm sure there are a mix of tricks being employed. The lick trick probably explains some of them, but most of them look to have something rammed up in their armpit (a strong magnet most likely) so that when they put the magnet on their arm it sticks. Notice how they keep their arms tight against their body. Haven't seen one where they pick their arm up afterwards and show that they don't have something under their arm. Again, you don't need a video to understand it isn't physically possible. Use your mind, not your eyes. Every magic trick relies on your eyes fooling you into believing what you see.

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I like your thinking but there are plenty of examples in the film which don't fit what you are suggesting. 26:47 is a pretty good one. You can see their arm moving enough to know they are not holding a high powered magnet in their armpit. And many of these people really don't seem like the kind of folk who would be interested in intentionally creating fear & confusion amongst the masses? Or indeed care about boosting their tiktok profile.

And what about the "Not on the BEEB" documentary team who are selecting strangers to demonstrate this on as they walk down a river? Are you suggesting the presenter of this documentary team is actually a magician? And they are faking the whole thing for publicity?

I just don't buy that. And I am determined now to find a jabbed person to try this on! There is only one way to be 100% sure about this...

Girlfriend works at the hospital and got the vaccine pretty early. Been trying to get magnets and random metal objects to stick to her arm.

Nothing seems to hold, pretty disappointed to be honest..

Will test again after I get mine

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Very much appreciate you checking this out for us. I can also confirm I know someone who didn't turn magnetic. And yes, I was also a bit disappointed! But I still struggle to see how this can be a hoax?

No problem! Well, guess there's many ways to trick this setup. Many also later admitted they did it for fun and never expected anyone to fall for it.

Any specific one you're having trouble with? The magnet under the armpit is obviously not applicable to all, that's a given. Unless they glued the magnet there hehe

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Not sure about no sticky stuff, I did however get to stick my phone to my arm just now with the silicon case.. what makes it stick is the slight backward angle which creates more friction/resistance. When she puts the phone lower it slides right of but even just a little bit of stickiness from the silicon case, sweat or something similar will help make it stick.

Note, I have not been vaccinated so it shouldn't stick.. well unless it's from years ago hehe

Anyway it's not magnetic stickiness it's just when I position it that way it stays and that happens to be near top of the shoulder.

Some scary comments on there though, calling for violence and all that. Personally I'm not buying the whole conspiracy train of thought and think it's kind of sad seeing the polarization and pitted against each other one more stubborn than the next.

Seems people are having a hard time to accept that not everyone shares the same opinion and to respect those who don't share theirs.

Anyway back to the magneto super power: I'll try again after vaccine, my year is almost up here. If it does turn magnetic I'm sure I'll have a change of opinion. If it doesn't, I'm sure many will say I'm being mind controlled like the vaxtard I am :-P

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Thanks again for trying to help me with this but I remain unconvinced it is a trick for a number of reasons.

How do they get the items to stick to the injections site but not to other areas, without adjusting the angle of their arm? If they were using sticky stuff it would stick wherever they placed it.

And how do the magnets so clearly display a force which pushes them away from the arm when the polarity is reversed? Sometimes you can see them jumping around, trying to find their natural polarity. I just don't see how this can be faked.

My own mother disregarded my advice to take it but I will never consider her a vaxtard. We all do what we want in the end.

Actually holding the elbow out a little bit (debunking the whole super neodymium magnet in armpit theory) helps a LOT because it puts the shoulder in an even more favourable angle, phone was almost vertical just now and not dropping hehe.

Best done after training 🧐

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Hard to imagine how all of these people suddenly decided to train themselves us to the point where they could film this so convincingly. I understand most people in the world are struggling to make ends meet at this time, so they likely have more important things to do than learning magic.

Oh dear, i have just noticed my PC is plugged into the wall, I have seen how dangerous electricity is I must caution people on the dangers of einstein and encourage all to stop using these dangerous machines. SOmeone could get hurt, I will proceed to city hall and demand all computers are immediately turned off.

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Not so sure about that comparison. But thank you for your thoughts.

I think i will want to agree with you on this...@phusionphil

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Are we going to be mutant?

"We"? Does that mean you received the vax?

If so can you please tell us if you have a magnetic arm now????

No, i have not mutated. The teaspoon is nit sticking on to my arm. Keeps falling off.

Thank you for letting us know. I really appreciate that.

And I am pleased to learn this is not affecting everyone!

Sabrina tested her mother yesterday and yep, she hasn't mutated either.

You're welcome.

scary stuff man...

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so many innocent people too..

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Their crime was ignorance. But I am still sorry for them.

This isn’t right. Eighties or nighties movies of trackers in arms is coming to mind

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Sounds about right. All part of the transhumanist agenda.


Hey Cuddlekitten! All good in the hood?

@samstonehill, before I made this comment I looked through the older comments to see if anyone confirmed taking the vaccine and having this new super power, but no one has confirmed it yet. I'm usually slow in making these kind of decisions about believing stuff in videos but it is still quite scary. Like wtf?

Well, let me hold my peace for now. One thing, though, is certain: the Corona vaccine is about the most questionable thing in the medical world right now. And from my research I've concluded it is more dangerous than the coronavirus. I'm also never taking it.

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@nevies it is a good thing to have a choice to take it not

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Very true @makayana

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Two people have confirmed now they took it and did not become magnetic. I can also confirm someone I know took it and they also did not become magnetic. So, we can at least say it doesn't happen to everyone.

I can also confirm: I was getting curious, so the past few days, I asked quite a few people that I knew were vaccinated to test this for me, and none of them were magnetic

Appreciated. The mystery thickens!

Damn. Its really crazy. Hope this party trick doesn't turn into a parting treat.

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This is disturbing. Both the magnetism and, perhaps worse, the nonchalance about it.

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It can be disturbing certainly. I recommend some kind of daily spiritual practice at this time for those of us who are burdened with the truth.

Is this a desperate attempt by people to become a mutant to be part of the X-Men team or something like that? Haha!

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Magnetic arms isn't a very useful skill ;)

This guardian article is a few years old so that tells you how much further they could have gone with this technology.
"Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance."
Could this be the so-called 'spike protein' they say comes from the 'virus' that they never isolated. It's called an 'in silico' gene sequence. If their theory works this protein will be mass produced by your own cells after being injected with it. This would explain the magnetism.

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Someone else also dropped that article here. It is a possibility for sure. Especially when they were telling us this in 2016! Plenty of time to further perfect that technology...

Many thanks :)

I have no magnets, nothing sticks to my arm! but then I'm a VAMPIRE ~ So not surprising really!

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Now that would be very interesting indeed!

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wow I've just seen this (what looks like) censorship on here! Funny thing is tho all it does is make someone like me curious to see why someone is trying to shut you up. What exactly did you do to have this veil of invisibility thrown over you?

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My main issue is that this is the first time I've read a discussion about this phenomena. Have you seen comments disappear? If so, they can probably be recovered somehow.

I've seen Tim's videos and I keep looking for tricks, but it seems reasonable to me that, with all the cutting edge nano-science that is going into this injection, they may have included some magneto proteins with the assumption it'd be harmless. This may be something they can use later on by applying an external field. If the particles are distributed about the body, then a single magnet would not find them.

When we get to those who have to work with these test subjects, they'll probably have to be pragmatic, like the Red Cross stopping convalescent plasma donations because those who have taken the injection can not donate even if they've recovered from COVID-19. Maybe we'll have some complications with MRI use.

It is difficult, looking through the enormous quantity of convincing films from so many different countries to believe that all these people are simply great magicians. I used to be a professional magician but do not think I could do this trick as effectively as most of them.

I learned about the Red Cross no longer accepting convalescent plasma donations just yesterday, which to me seems like pretty conclusive evidence that the blood of the vaccinated has something undesirable in it!

That is a really good point with the MRI. Looking forward to hearing reports from any vaccinated person who uses one...

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Sorry to hear your situation. Start a new account?

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Well, I salute your attitude. And now that I know your situation I promise to check your comments if I ever see you here again ;)

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