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RE: Does Our Happiness Really Depend On Our Genes? (pob-wotw)

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Great to see an entry from you @alekst7 I always love it when I see you are in the mix...why? Because your writing makes me that bit happier😊I always learn something when I read YOU! This was a fascinating piece. It's like the old "nature/nurture" argument, except there is no real debate on the facts and there is also here the triad which includes SELF-ACTUALISATION! !LUV this. Although you show us at first a vision whereby it appears that we are stuck with a predetermined inherited genetic setting when it comes to happiness, we then realise through further studies that almost half of the input to happiness is what we make for ourselves. We are truly masters of our own destiny. It makes me believe that we should be going back to re-examine all old nature/nurture discussions which tend to view who we are and what we are capable of in the light of either a predetermined disposition to something or influenced by external forces. The power of the self, our own inquiring and intelligent minds. The resilience of individual human spirit, the intensity of passion and desire, and the application of fortitude and strength of spirit, deserve to take their place in the spotlight. !PIZZA. I wish you all the very best in the contest. In my view, you deserve to do very well ;-)


Thank you very much, I am glad that I was able to be useful to you in some way. I am very flattered by praise from such a Master as you) Your "Shadow of Light" is just a masterpiece, worthy of the best awards)

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🙏You flatter me ...we all just do our thing. Sometimes creativity flows, other times we have to nudge it a little...or a lot! lols. From where I stand, I am in awe of your writing. It never leaves me feeling .. just ok... I always get something meaningful from it. It's all relative and about perspective I guess. Sometimes we are just too close to our own writing to see the value we have in it🙏💗 so ... just lols accept you did a fab job here with your article ha ha, at least for what I got out of it, and I'm rooting for you! !LUV !PIZZA