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RE: The Trap of Dogma Lies in Wait for Us All...

in Proof of Brain4 months ago

Interesting post.

A tendency towards simplification may indeed be a factor in the creation of dogma in one's mind.

Interestingly I just wrote a giant post on words, labels, and absolutes. I didn't approach it from this exact angle, but I detect some similarities in our thinking anyway, and quite synchronous timing, I'd say.

Just curious... have you ever read any Wittgenstein? He explored a lot of similar concepts.

Anyway, I appreciate this thought-provoking post, may we all improve in recognizing our cognitive dissonance, elevate our use of absolutes, and handle dogma in better and better ways.

Thanks for sharing! 🙏


Nope. I have not read any Wittgenstein.

Most of this has just been observation, internal dialogs with myself, and iteration.

I am absolutely certain it has formed through interaction with people as well. Yet I can't point out any one source.

I also can be inspired by dialog with people here and that plants the seed. Then I start stream of consciousness writing and sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn't. :)

Appreciate the comment. I'll have a look at your post.

All good, observation and internal iteration is great. And I respect your 'stream of consciousness' process. Thanks again for sharing, and see you over there! 😁