Possible causes If your car's engine begins to lose power

Damaged Car Engine


If the engine of your car has a strange sound, loses strength, the spark plugs fill with oil and also blue smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe, there are serious problems with the car's engine.

In general, when the car passes oil in the engine it is because a piston is damaged or the chamber where it makes its movement has a scratch or fissure and the oil escapes there.

If you have some of these symptoms in your car it is preferable not to use it so as not to continue damaging the engine and take it to your mechanic if you do not know much about car mechanics, but if you have knowledge and can do it yourself then you should disassemble the engine of your car to disassemble it and get to the damaged pistons and see the severity of the failure.

Recessed spark plugs



When our engine fills the spark plugs with oil, it is a bad symptom for our car, and we must act quickly before the damage is greater.

With technical knowledge or the help of a mechanic, the engine is disassembled to see the damage to the chamber and pistons. (You have to be very careful about disassembling to know where each detached piece goes and put it back in its correct place).


You also have to have a guide and know well how to reposition the timing chain so as not to misalign the motor's timing. There are vehicles that have signage and others do not.



Disassembled the chamber and the pre-chamber we can observe and access part of the pistons and thus observe the damage that has occurred.


Here we can clearly observe the wear on the chamber, the product of a scratch made by the piston pin, which when rubbing against the chamber wall made this undercut and that is where the oil pressure leaks, which brings us a series of Negative repercussions for our engine, such as plugged spark plug, loss of pressure in compression, blue smoke, and a possible rupture of the engine block.



Once the fault was diagnosed, the engine block was completely disassembled, either to change it or to take it to the grinding machine and correct the undercut in the chamber and reassemble and change the necessary parts to start the engine.


It is important to have knowledge in mechanics for this and to have the advice of a specialized mechanic.

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Its a tough task that you have done easily as shown in the photos and it certainly need more knowledge about car engine to do this. good post

Thanks friend. Indeed, if we are mechanics, we must be advised by one

The pictures you used in this article were excellent and clear and clarified the words! Great post my friend. I will give you a follow and see what else you've been up to :-)

That takes some confidence to try and a lot of expertise to succeed in doing.

It is correct, but once you do it, you have the experience to continue doing it, but mainly, attention and memory is the main thing.

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Fantastic lesson from this post. With this idea i should be able to do some self mechanical work on my car instead of wasting money calling the mechanic to come and fix it. I will try this out this weekend

Well, you should still have the help of someone to guide you, and the necessary tools

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