Pob-Photography: My Work Tools

Two Quality Multimeters

Photo taken Samsung A01

I remember not more than a year ago that I completely lost my work tools, I was the victim of a theft of materials and work tools that made me stop the field of electronics for a while.

It seemed to me after this it was impossible to get back at least half of what I had, and it was very difficult to get a good digital multimeter in my hands again.

But thank God for my effort and hard work, now I not only have a good quality digital multimeter, but I also have two (2).

Photo taken Samsung A01

In order to respond to failures and be effective in solving problems in the electronic field, it is very important to have the appropriate measurement tools, in order to precisely find the problems within an electrical or electronic system.

In this photograph you can see my two great work tools, with which I solve many types of problems in the electronic and electrical field and of any other type that may arise.

Thank you all and greetings to my good friends at POB.

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